National eSmart Week

This week is national eSmart Week.


BHPS is an eSmart school, which means we promote the smart, safe and responsible use of information and technology.

eSmart was developed by The Alannah and Madeline Foundation and it aims to create positive, respectful and inclusive cultures which reduce bullying and cyberbullying, and increases online safety.

To recognise eSmart Week, all senior grades in the school worked with a junior grade in a multi-age activity to promote safe internet use. 4B were matched with 1A, and they enjoyed learning more about esafety from the Zippep’s Astro Circus app.

Zippep app

Students also had to make an iPromise to show they understand the importance of being safe and responsible online.

Here are some photos from our session with the 1A students.


How can you be safe online?

What tips would you give others about being responsible on the internet?

What did you and your 1A buddy enjoy about the session?


6 thoughts on “National eSmart Week

    • Hi Tom,

      I had a great time working with the grade ones my buddy was Miller we both had a great time playing on zippes Astro circus.

      There are lots of good photos taken. I also learnt a lot about eSmart myself.

      From Donny

  1. To 4B,
    I had a great time at eSmart hour and my buddy and I had a few laughs whitch made it even better! My favourite part would probably be when we got to play the app, “Zippep’s astrocircus.” It was a very fun game and I enjoyed it a lot! A way to be safe online is to go on appropriate websites.

    What did you enjoy most? From Rachel!

  2. Dear 4B,

    Working with the grade Ones was great it was good to be able to help the grade ones read, write, draw and learn about safety online while having lodes of fun.

    My buddie was Austin Jeremy was also helping Austin with me, mine didn’t turn out so well because I forgot my password but luckily Jeremy saved the day with his ipad so Austin still had a good time

    From Flynn

  3. Dear class,

    I loved the eSmart week.

    On tusday I had a grade one buddy and we had to use a app called astroucircus it was about safety online and butting your nickname in instead of the full name because they can get the facts about it.

    Your buddy,

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