Grade Four Eco Exhibition!

Today was the grade four Eco Exhibition!

This special event was a celebration of the knowledge gained and work completed this term during our “Eco Warriors” inquiry topic.

Eco Warriors

Usually our school gym looks like this…


During our Eco Exhibition today, it looked like this…


And then this!



Each student had a stall containing their inquiry work from the term. Students each chose an environmental issue to investigate and a lot of their work focussed on their individual issues. Work samples at the Eco Exhibition included:

  • A persuasive text
  • A picture story book
  • A mascot
  • A “facts and figures” poster
  • A homework task from earlier in the term
  • A slideshow

Nearly every class at BHPS visited the Eco Exhibition, and it was fantastic to see so many parents attend as well. As students, parents and teachers walked around the exhibition, the grade four students shared the knowledge they had learned, discussed environmental issues facing our planet and showed off their fantastic pieces of work.


Miss Jordan is very proud of all the grade four students for their hard work during our “Eco Warriors” inquiry topic and the enthusiasm they displayed today at the Eco Exhibition!


What did you enjoy about the Eco Exhibition?

What skills did you need to demonstrate to engage people in conversation during the exhibition?

Were there any particular stalls that impressed you?

Can you share some facts you learnt during our Eco Warriors unit of work?

10 thoughts on “Grade Four Eco Exhibition!

    • Hi Alex

      I had a great time at the eco expedition I was partners with chorlotte I had so much fun.

      I learnt lost what did you learn?

      From Rex

    • Hi Alex,

      I had a great time at the Eco exhibition too. I sore your stand it looked amazing. By the end my legs got really sore but it was worth it.

      From Donny

  1. To 4B,

    I really enjoyed the eco exhibition and I thought that it was a great idea. My topic was zero waste and my mascot was zorro. But the mascot I made in art was only his head. Ginger was on same table as me and my Mum and brother came to the exhibition.

    From Dalton

  2. Hi miss Jordan and class

    The Eco exabitoin was outstanding it was good how we all got to look at each other’s and how we put in so much effort to get them finished.

    My partner was ebony.

    From Toby

  3. Hi 4B,

    I thought the Eco Exhibition was amazing, I didn’t have any persific favourite stools because they all were to good! I didn’t really get a chance to go visit the other stools.

    At first I was very anxious about talking to people at the exhibition, but as I got used to it I felt more confident.
    From Jeremy

  4. Dear 4B,
    I had a absolutely perfect time at the Eco exhibition and think I had a nice stall. The person that shared a table with me was Jarrah. Her mascot was called winter whale and mine was called endangered elephant. Our stall was full of shells, sea decorations, table cloths and our work of corse. All of the sea related things were there because Jarrah was so thoughtful and came up with the idea of bringing decorations. A lot of people commented on our stall so I think we did a great job and that Jarrah’s idea may have worked! I loved going around and seeing everyone else’s work. My favourite one in perticular was probably Flynn H’s. He had his homework task to lour us in. His song was about toxic stew, doggy poop! It was very funny! The fact that always sticks in my mind that I have learnt over this term is that there are around 17,000 endangered animal species and it REALY impresses me.
    What stall impressed you? What facts have you learnt? Did any of your family members come to visit?
    From your classmate, Rachel!

  5. Hi 4B,

    I loved the Eco exirption it was fun seeing our works there were lots if good once to.

    Which on was your favrite?
    My favrite would be Jemma’s and Rachael.
    Did you love the Eco exirption?
    Because I did.


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