We’re Back For Term Four!

We are back for our final school term for 2015.

We had a very hot day to begin our term!



We are looking forward to a very busy term, with some significant events including:

  • Bike Ed
  • Grade Four Camp
  • School Concert

We began the term with a busy day, including our first concert practice session, P.E with Mrs Sing and Music with Mr Robbo.

To reflect on their school holidays, students had to think of one specific activity or experience they enjoyed during the two week break. Students were required to write three interesting clues that described or explained the activity without using really obvious words. It was quite challenging! Students then drew a picture of their holiday memory to go alongside their clues.

Read each student’s holiday clues below. After each page of clues you will see the drawn picture with the answer!


 What did you think of the holiday clues?

What writing skills were required for this task?

What are you looking forward to this term?

What do you like doing on hot days?

17 thoughts on “We’re Back For Term Four!

  1. Dear 4b

    The holiday guessing game was really fun I could guess Jarrah’s, Ebony’s, Rex’s, Teds and Jema’s.

    In the holidays I also tipped a triple canoe over with Rex and two other people.

    From Toby

  2. Hi 4B

    Those holiday clues were great some of them really rotated my mind.
    They were very very descriptive but not to hard.

    See if you can figure mine out?

    From Rex

  3. To 4B and miss Jordan,
    I have had a spectacular holidays. One of my highlights was going to Sorrento for the day with my grandparents.

    I also liked going to the calisthenics compotition witch I loved so mutch, I chose to write about it. We did a n awesome job and came an amazing 1st place overall. We were known as back to back champions. In case you didn’t know, calisthenics is a dance club that is all around Australia. We have lots of different age groups and some of our items are, (twisting rods, spinning clubs, free arm witch you have to be flexible to do.)

    Even though the sentences that we did were only three lines long, it took a whole hour and 5 minutes to complete! Pluss a picture. I really enjoyed myself while reading them and some sentences gave everything away, and some were impose blue to guesse.

    On hot days, I love to sit in front of the air conditioning and eat icecream, or if one of my friends is available, we either go the indoor pool or play at their pool “if they have one that is.”

    This term I am very excited for bike ed and the school concert. Our theme for the concert is night of the mueseum. Our grade is doing the lion king, 4A (the grade next door are doing their dance to the song ice ice baby and they are dressing up as peinguins. But I am not so sure what 4C are doing.

    What has been your highlight of the holidays? What do you do on hot days? From your classmate, Rachel!

  4. We loved your spring break guessing game. It was so fun to play with the class! I can tell that your class had a fun break. We hope you guys have so much fun in school. Happy birthday Jarrah!
    Ms. Pjura’s Class

    • Hi Mis.Pjura and class,
      I was just wondering where you live and what is your classes favourite activity. Mine is P.E (Phisecal Education) and our art classes we have weekly. Do you have a class blog? This blog is our teacher’s, Miss Jordan, she mostly posts weekly. It is a great way to communicate between students, teachers and the puplic to find out what the class is doing. My name is Ted and I sometimes wonder if there’s any other people called Ted.

  5. Hi 4B and Miss Jordan,
    On the holidays I went to Merimbula in New South Whales it was quit windy, wet and cold.
    In Merimbula we went to a place called Top Fun in Top Fun there are lots of different games but my favourite was the basketball shoot out.

    I think the holiday clues were great it looked like people had a great two week break.

    From Summer.

  6. Dear Miss Jordan and others,

    I am still in holiday mode, (sleepy). I had a great time in Port Fairy but it wasn’t very hot so it was hard for me to put up with a 35 degree first day back at school.

    On Monday, when I went to the beach after school it shore was warm but the water was freezing.

    From Donny

  7. To 4B,

    I enjoyed doing the holiday clues. I looked through the slideshow and got Tom’s, Summers’s, Ginger’s, Rex’s, Alex’s, Ted’s and Flynn’s(Flynn S) correct. I hope we can do something similar agian one time.

    From Dalton

  8. Hi 4B,

    I thought that the guessing game was very entertaining, the clues were interesting but not to obvious.

    This term I’m really looking forward to doing bike ed and grade four camp.

    From Jeremy

  9. Hi Four B,
    I’ve worked out what the answers are for: Jarrah’s = Somebody’s birthday?
    Val = Going over a jump on a motorbike?
    Jema = Jumping into the sea?
    Donovan = Going on a long drive?
    Rex = Going on a motorbike jump?
    Alex = On a trampoline?
    Jeremy = Swiming in the ocean?
    Flynn. H = Watch

  10. Hi 4B
    I enjoyed working out the hoilday guessing game I got Jarrahs,Jemma’s ,and Jeremy’s and a couple of other ones. Sounds like every one had a great hoilday.
    Can you guess what I did ?
    What else did you do?

  11. dear 4B,
    all of the holiday quiqes were really good and of couse all of the pictures! some of the events were really cool, alot of peaple from our class went motor biking!

    i love going to the beach on hot days, i am really looking forward to camp this term!

    from your class mate jarrah

  12. Dear Miss Jordan,
    I’m on the edge of my seat, just counting down the hours until camp. The first day of camp is a very big day for me. Can you guess? It involves me a lot and balloons and presents are always scattered carelessly around the house. Try and leave a comment to guess what day it is!

    On hot days I usually take a trip that ends very late at night to the beach. If I can’t do that then I usually just go outside and run laps around a sprinkler shooting water at me until I am wet through and extremely tired.

    The holiday clues were very mind bending! I managed to guess a handful but many clues were so descriptive they slipped through my fingers like water. I noticed that quite a few people did motorbike riding as their answer.

    Goodbye for now,

  13. Hi miss Jordan and 4B,

    Well done on everyone with there holiday clues I saw that there was a lot of motorbike riding.

    The thing that I do on hot days is either go to the beach or sitting in my room eating in an icey pole with the fan on.

    The thing I’m most looking forward to in term 4 is MATHS, maths is my favourite subject I know specifically all my times tables up to 10×10.

    From Kody,
    See you tommorow 😉

  14. Dear 4B

    I had an absolutely amazing holiday my top three favourite parts were: Going up the Burj Khalifa in Dubai, going on an amazing safari tour in Sri Lanka and seeing family. Thx to those people that took time to look at my blog to see what I was doing that day.

    I can’t wait for grade 4 camp and the sports day considering I missed out on Athletics which is a bit of a bummer. I was really exited to see my friends when I got back.

    Holidays are great, but home is the best place of all… na, holidays are the best! (Jokes).

    From 4B student, Rocker.

  15. Hi 4b,
    these are my answers:
    Jarah= birthday party,
    Val= going over a jump on some sort of bike.
    Jema= jumping off a cliff?
    Donny= driving somewhere?
    Rex= moterbike riding,
    Alex= jumping at Super Tramp
    Jeremy= the beach
    Flynn h= playing tennis
    Toby= going in a cave,
    Sarah= a food shop
    Rachel= dancing finals
    Summer= fishing
    Ebony= the Melbourne show
    Flynn S= a beach at Ocean Grove
    Charlie= going on a farm and and to a forest.

    I have only answered the ones I can geuss at so if yours is not on there well done they were pretty hard.
    I hope you guys and girls enjoyed your holidays as much as I did.
    See ya later alligaters

  16. Hi. Miss Jordan and 4B,

    We really enjoyed the poetry and the holiday clues puzzles. Keep up the creative work.

    From Hague

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