Our Poetry Study

This week, we started a poetry study in our writing lessons.

Students have participated in “poetry immersion” all week. This means we read lots of poems and analysed how they are written. Students observed the mood of different poems and the writing craft that is used.

We discussed what we sometimes see in poems. Here are some of our thoughts:

  • Humour
  • Emotions or feelings
  • Rhyming
  • Rhythm
  • Repeated words or phrases
  • Descriptive language
  • Similes
  • Metaphors
  • “Show me, don’t tell me”
  • A message or moral
  • A twist

We also focussed on how figurative language is used in poetry. We investigated six different kinds of figurative language:

  • Alliteration
  • Metaphor
  • Similie
  • Hyperbole (hy-per-bol-ee)
  • Personification
  • Onomatopoeia (on-o-mat-o-pia)

Figurative Language

Some of these types of figurative language were new to the students and they enjoyed learning the new vocabulary. Learning how to say hyperbole and onomatopoeia was a challenge!


Today, students used the knowledge they have gained about the art of poetry to write their own poems. First, we went outside and observed the environment around us. Students took notes of the things they could see, hear, smell and feel.

We then used these observations as inspiration for our poetry. Everyone did an amazing job! You can read all of the poems in the slideshow below. Click the full screen icon to view the poems properly. Enjoy!


What do you think of the poems?

Can you find any examples of figurative language in the poems?

What have you learnt about poetry so far?

14 thoughts on “Our Poetry Study

  1. Hi Grade 4b

    What fabulous poetry you have written. I really enjoyed reading your poems. It’s lovely that you were able to use the natural environment to inspire your writing.
    Thanks for sharing

    James (Rocker’s dad)

  2. I absolutely love poetry, and thought the class observations were fantastic. Strangely yesterday in England it was National poetry day. I listened to so many of my favourites .
    Thank you all keep up the good work and I hope you always love and explore poetry. Rockers Grandma in England.

  3. Hi 4B,
    I have made up a poem of my own.

    In a pot in my garden
    By the pond with the fishes
    Is a flower that seems to like
    Spreading lots of wishes.

    I came across it yesterday
    I’d not seen it there before
    And now I wonder how it got here
    Where people can’t ignore.

    The pot is golden brown
    The stem is thick and green
    The flower’s lots of colours
    Like a rainbow to be seen.

    It sits there looking pretty
    Shining when it’s touched
    And letting people know
    About their wishes, very hushed.


    • To Jayla,
      Thank you for giving up your time and writing that poem. I thought it was very sweet and hope you are having a wonderfull holiday and we will see you when you get back! Where are you? From Rachel!

    • Hi jayla,

      The clas is surprised that you made a poem.

      What I loved about your poem is I like the first paragraph and you have a smile, do you even know what a smile? If you don’t you can always look on this blog. There’s more than a smile about six including the smile.

      Can’t wait till you get back. I think miss Jordan should put on the slide show with our poems well every one can See your poem.

      Are you having a good time on holidays?

      Best bud,

  4. To 4B,

    I like doing poetry and it is very fun to do. I want to do some rhyming poems because those are also fun to do but it can be annoying when you can’t think of a word to rhyme.

    I liked Jema’s because it has some rhyming and I also liked Ted’s because it had a lot of repetitive text in it.

    From Dalton

  5. Hi 4b,
    everyone’s poems were really good but the one that poped out at me was… Alex’s, I loved how he described the wasp.
    I hope your are all enjoying the poetry study,
    because I sure am.

  6. Hey miss Jordan,

    I loved everyone’s poem I epically like jarrahs
    Becouse the last sentence said, her legs are as fine as needles,
    I think everyone did great jobs and hard work on their poems.
    I think all of 4b should give them self a pat on the back,
    From your happy student charlie,

  7. Dear 4B,

    I would have never thought that poetry is so entertaining I would love to do more and I think one day some people in this grade should be poets.

    And also I think it’s great that even when on holidays Jayla still went to the effort of writing her own poem.

    From Flynn s

    It’s amazing how you can get so much writing just on one topic about nature and how they were all so different

  8. To 4B and miss Jordan,
    Poetry is one of my favourite writing crafts. I like it because there are no rules. That’s what miss Jordan always says. I have really enjoyed making the poems and we were very lucky to have such a beautiful day for getting all of the information about the garden. I also enjoyed reading them. My favourites and the ones that realy jumped out to me were Jema’s, Jarrah’s, and dalton’s. But they were all lovely. I liked Jarrah’s because she was really extending on the one thing, (the butterfly) and it was very descriptive. I liked Jema’s because it just realy jumped out to me and it is the same with dalton’s.
    I can’t wait to write another one! From Rachel.

  9. Dear, miss Jordan

    That sounds like a lot of fun, I wish we could do that maybe i could ask my teacher if we could do that? I hope you guys have fun doing that!

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