Monster Global Project With Mrs Yollis’ Class!

We have just completed a fun global project with Mrs Yollis’ third grade class in Los Angeles, California.

Mrs Yollis and her class have a blog, just like we do!

Mrs Yollis blog

This is how the project worked:

1. Students in 4B were matched up with a partner in Mrs Yollis’ class.

2. All students drew a picture of a monster.

3. Next, the students wrote a detailed description of their own monster.

4. The two classes shared their writing via Google Drive (but didn’t swap their pictures).

5. The students had to draw their partner’s monster using the details in the written description.

6. We compared the original drawing to the drawing our partner made of the monster!

The results:

The results of the project were so interesting! Here is the writing that the 4B students prepared along with their picture and the picture that their partner in Mrs Yollis’ class prepared.



We learnt:

  • Writing needs to be very clear and detailed for someone to generate the same mental image that you started with.
  • Writing is an excellent way to help people create a mental image when it is done well.
  • When you leave details out of your writing, people can’t read your mind to imagine what you were thinking.
  • Good readers create mental images when they’re reading.
  • Working together with other classes is fun!

Be sure to check out the post on Mrs Yollis’ blog to see the results of our students drawing the directions from her students!


What did you enjoy about this project?

After reading our descriptions, did our monsters look the way you imagined?

What did you notice about the drawings from your American buddies?

Have you got any tips for writing good descriptions?

8 thoughts on “Monster Global Project With Mrs Yollis’ Class!

  1. Hi 4B,
    This activity is too much fun. Seriously. How am I supposed to get any work done when I’m busy making monster pictures in my mind then flipping the page to see how similar and dissimilar my interpretation is. Seems I’m always close but different – monsters then are just like people. Anyway enough procrastination, I’m getting back to work…as soon as I can get a mental fix on skin coloured legs seven centimetres apart. Whose skin are we talking about? Details…

  2. Hi 4B,
    I realy like the monster project.
    I liked creating it and describing it.
    What was your monster look like kody?
    From your pupil,

  3. Hello Alex,
    My monster looked like a pumpkin it’s name is pump-King.

    What did your monster look like Alex?

    The monster that Ari looked like mine but it’s face was a bit down.

    From Kody 🙂

  4. Dear 4B,
    I enjoyed this project a lot! When Miss Jordan said we would be drawn monsters I was really confused. Is it educational to draw monsters? She explained what we were going to do and I understood it more. I enjoyed creating the monsters. I had a lot of ideas but finally settled on Bloodshed, the deadliest monster in this galaxy and all the others!

    It certainly didn’t look exactly like the monster I originally created! Stella did a wonderful job. I blame myself for not explaining that Bloodshed looks cute and cuddly but is actually very deadly. It was hard to explain the ghost-like body shape, but I did my best!

    Stella’s monster was really fantastic! Her monster was Ella The Red Butterfly. Stella used lots of descriptive words and I had to look up some of her words sometimes! Scallop had a lot of meanings but I decided on the knitting/sewing pattern. It baffled me that Ella The Red Butterfly had no wings! She was just as good though.

    My tips are :
    • Descripe every single part of your monster in intricate detail.
    • State the obvious. If it is shaped like a pumpkin and is really obvious, still put that in there.

    This project was a creative way to weave art into writing. I encourage teachers to teach this fun activity to their pupils!

    Bye for now,

  5. Hi 4B
    I enjoyed the monster project it was really fun. My partner Maddie did a great job at drawing my monster. I’m shore other people enjoyed this monster activitie.

    My partner Maddie got most of it correct the colours the head the mouth was perfect same whith nose and body. The only thing is she forgot to put the curve on the top that look a bit like a drink tap.

    When I drawed her monster it was similar but a couple of thing were incorrect but we both did an amazing job on our monster.

    I would love to do it again.
    From Maddie

  6. Hi 4B,

    I thought that the monster project was very fun, and I also thought that Toby’s partner did a fantastic job of drawing from his description.

    My partner Rayhan did a good job of reading my description and drawing the monster, but my drawing from his description looked so different to his. But I thought everyone else did a good job.

    From Jeremy

  7. Hi 4B,

    I really enjoyed doing the global project with Mrs Yollis’ class. My partner was named Abby and for a grade 3 she was using some very interesting, descriptive and challenging words. And the thought of doing the activity with people miles and miles away is really interesting.

  8. Dear Mrs. Jordan and her class,

    I am from Mrs. Yollis’s classroom and I really loved this project! The monster project helped me realize how important it is to be specific when you discribe something. For example, I wasn’t specific when I didn’t tell Ginger what way the diagonal line across my monster’s body was, so she didn’t get it right ( because I wasn’t specific). Suprisingly, a lot of people made that error.
    I really loved this project because it used my favorite subjects : drawing, writting, measuring.
    Thank you for participating in this fun project,

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