Grade Four Camp!

We have just had a fantastic three days at our

Grade four camp

On Monday 2nd November, we boarded the bus, full of excitement about what was ahead. We soon arrived at Camp Wilkin in Anglesea on the Great Ocean Road.


Anglesea is a coastal town, with a population of about 3500. It is a very popular tourist destination, particularly in summer as there are beaches and other outdoor recreational activities to be enjoyed.

Here is the route we took from Barwon Heads to Anglesea.

BHPS to Camp Wilkin


Everyone enjoyed staying in the camp cabins and meal times in the dining hall were lots of fun. There were many on-site activities at camp which provided fun and memorable experiences for all students.


We had eight fun and challenging rotations to complete:

  • Rock climbing wall
  • Initiatives
  • Leap of Faith
  • Bike riding
  • Archery
  • Flying Fox
  • Low Ropes Course
  • Orienteering.

The Leap of Faith is a very popular activity at Camp Wilkin and is a highlight for most students! The Leap of Faith involves climbing up a 7.6 metre pole while harnessed, arriving at a small platform and jumping to reach a red buoy. It certainly gets the adrenaline pumping! Below are two photos Mr Haslam took from the ground.

Here is a 30 second video of Rex doing the Leap of Faith!

Some of our other activities included:

  • Night walk
  • Disco
  • Beach activities
  • Basketball, volleyball and soccer games
  • Free time on the playground, trampoline and chess board
  • Playing in the games room
  • Observing the many kangaroos that frequent Camp Wilkin at all times of the day!


Here is a video containing a selection of photos from Camp Wilkin. Enjoy!


We had a wonderful time on camp and enjoyed all of the new experiences!


A very BIG thank you to our terrific helpers, Mr Haslam, Mrs Shiels, Miss Reilly, Anita, Simon, Danni and Caroline!

What did you enjoy most about our Anglesea camp?

What was your favourite rotation activity?

Did you succeed in overcoming any challenges while on camp?

Have you ever been on a school camp before?

If you could go on a school camp somewhere, where would you like to go?


13 thoughts on “Grade Four Camp!

  1. Hi Miss Jordan

    Thanks for the post. I know what an effort it is to keep up with blogging but you can be sure that all your efforts are much appreciated in our household.

    We are lucky to get such an instant insight into the wonderful experiences our children have been having, which makes our conversations with them about the camp all the richer.

    Funnily, I’ve been on a camp as a child but never as a teacher (beyond a grade 2 sleep over). Personally , I am looking forward to one day going on a camp as a teacher …and I think Lake Como in Northern Italy would be an ideal destination……however, I think I’ll have to settle for somewhere a little closer to home. Rocker highly recommends this camp ‘the best ever’ he told me, so maybe if I ever make it up into the grade 3/4s my first camp could be Camp Wilkins!

    Thanks to you and all the other teachers and parents for giving up their time to look after all the kids and give them such a great experience.

    Kind regards

  2. Thank you Miss Jordan for these amazing pics of the grade 4 camp. Just seeing the smiles on their faces says it all.

    Ebony has shared all the fun and exciting things she did on camp with me, infact she didn’t stop talking about it for at least 2 hours flat out…and I know she is going to look back on this is many years to come with fond memories.

    Thank you to all the teachers and support staff who helped to create an amazing experience and memory for the kids.



    • Dear Miss Jordan

      I had an AMAZING time on camp, it was the BEST camp I have every been to!

      Camp Wilkin is in Anglesea on the great ocean road. When I got home I told my mum EVERYTHING about camp Wilkin.

      My favourite activity was the leap of faith because it’s fun and frightening. When I got to the top of the pole I was shivering and fear was in every angle on my legs.

      By Ebony

  3. Hi 4B,
    I relly liked the flying fox and the bike ride.
    At my old school we went to forst ege camp.
    I would like to go to Anglesea camp with my family.
    Where whole you like to go on a camp trip?
    I relly liked Anglesea camp I liked the kangaroos on the grass. I also liked the rock wall.
    From Alex

  4. Hello Rocker,
    I had the greatest time of my life at camp wilkin and so glad I was in a cabin with you and Flynn.
    By the way at the flying fox I fell out of the carridge after I hit the tyres at the tree and from Emma’s perspective she said I looked like an ape hanging there. I couldn’t agree more…
    I especially enjoyed Flynn’s signature move, (the flying fish).
    From your friend, Tom

  5. Dear 4B,

    I have got so much to say but I am just going to narrow it down. The highlight of the camp for me and I’m sure for others was the leap of faith, the leap of faith was a 7.6m pole that you climb up and then you have to take a leap and try and hit a red boy I jumped three times and hit the boy twice and I am proud of that.

    Another highlight was the disco i had lots of fun and we all had some pretty funky moves.

    The games room was a room with a pool table two ping pong tables and some air hockey and more the games room was were we spent most free time and I could not stop playing ping pong.

    From Flynn s

  6. Ha 4B,

    What I enjoyed most of all is the night walk.
    My fravrite rotation is the climbing wall.
    Yes I did susseed the activity and because ng good in my Capen.
    Yes I haves stead at school camp 3 and 2

  7. Dear 4B,
    I enjoyed everything immensely at Camp Wilkin, so it is hard to pick out what I like best. I would say that the Leap Of Faith and the Flying Fox were my favourite. I liked the Flying Fox because if went at break-neck pase and I enjoyed hitting the tyres and curving up in the air before coming back down to Earth. The Leap Of Faith was nerve-racking. People called out from below, “Don’t look down!” But I looked down anyway. Mr Haslam was snapping away furiously with his camera and the camp instructor bellowed out orders. My heart was pounding fast against my rib cage. I jumped and hit the red buoy! If was really fun.

    Yes, I have been on school camp before. I went to Grade 2 camp, Grade 3 camp and now Grade 4 camp. All the camps were really memorable and I am looking forward to Grade 5 camp.


  8. Hi 4B,

    My favourite activity at camp would have to be the Leap of Faith, my group got two turns at jumping which was good. At camp I actually overcame my fear of heights by doing the Leap of Faith, I felt quite proud of myself.

    In my opinion I think that this camp was much better than last years, and it could be the best in primary school?

    From your classmate,

  9. Dear 4B,

    I had a great time at camp. Camp Wilkin has lots of fun things to do. I enjoyed everything there.

    My favourite activity was the leap of faith and the flying fox.

    I have been on two other camps with school. In grade two we went to Queenscliff. In grade three we went to Anglesea. All the camps I have been on have been really fun.

    If I got to chose where we went for a school camp I would go to America, Thailand or Bali.

    From Charlotte!

  10. Wow you all look as if you had a fantastic time.
    Those who did the leap of faith were very brave. When you go on a camp with friends away from home , it makes friendships so special. Also well done to those who’s camping was the first time away without family it’s a big step.
    Lots of tired but happy children. Thank you to teachers and all who helped . Rockers grandma. U.K.

  11. Dear Grade Four
    It looks like you had a lot of fun at Camp Wilkin.

    The jump by Alex was awesome! We couldn’t believe our eyes! We wished we were there, especially when we saw the photo of the kangaroos. We don´t have kangaroos in Spain unfortunately.

    So far, we have never been on a school camp but in January, we are going away with the school for the first time. We are going to Granada to see an exhibition about Egyptian mummies because our topic next term is Ancient Egypt.

    Have you studied about Ancient Egypt in your class?

    Best regards
    Year Three, BSM

  12. Hi 4B,
    I love camp Wilkin. I enjoy all of activitys at camp but my two favourite activitys were the leap of faith and flying fox.

    If I had to choose where to go for a school camp I would choose America or Bali. No I have not been on a school camp before because I have always been away when I have had school camp.

    From Lottie

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