BHPS Performing Arts Night

Last night, the 4B students starred in the BHPS Performing Arts Night!

The grade three and four classes have been working with a dance teacher for several weeks, learning routines for a variety of songs related to animal movies.

There were penguins, lions, sharks, bears, birds and dinosaurs galore backstage!

The grade five and six students have been working alongside our music teachers, Mr and Mrs Robertson, to prepare for the night, and they performed a variety of catchy songs.

Tonight, the prep, grade one and grade two students will be the star attractions in our final performing arts night.


Last night, 4B performed to two songs from The Lion King, The Lion Sleeps Tonight and I Just Can’t Wait To Be King.


This is what the students in 4B usually look like…


Last night, they looked like this!

Lion Group Photo

The ferocious 4B lions tried to scare Miss Jordan!

Lion Group Photo 2


Here is a collection of photos of the 4B lions!


Miss Jordan was so proud of all of the 4B students for their sensational performance!

They were fabulous lions!


What did you enjoy about performing in front of an audience?

How did you feel prior to performing?

Do you have a favourite part of our routine?


12 thoughts on “BHPS Performing Arts Night

  1. To 4B,

    I had so much fun on the concert night. I loved doing the dance and I wish that it went for longer. I can’t wait until we get to have another proforming arts night which would be in two years time when I am in grade 6. After the performance I played monopoly and watched some Shrek 2 in Miss Cambell’s room. Tonight I am going to see the Prep-2 performance because my little brother is in it. Henis doing Uptown Funk and he is coming as superman.

    From Dalton

  2. Hi 4B,

    I thought that the concert was really fun! To be honest I think we had one of the best songs and dance routine. My favourite part of the dance would have to be when each person got to do the their own solo.

    I wasn’t that nervous about the concert, actually I got sad when it was all over. But I still had lots of fun.

  3. Dear class,
    I couldn’t wait for the moment I could get on stage and do my jester dance.
    All I can say is the other grades may have had the better songs for example, ” ice ice baby”.
    But I think we really did great and I was quite sad when we went off stage, because I felt like dancing more.

    When we arrived back at Ms Campbell’s classroom I pulled my monopoly game out straight away and sure enough, more and more people were begging to play.

    Had a great time at the concert! 🙂
    – Tom

  4. Hi 4B,
    The feeling I had standing back stage was part nervous part expected and a little bit of mock braveness. Just to keep me going.

    The concert was a hit it when off so well and a stack of fun as well! Another part of the night that I remember was Ted and I standing next to each other at the head of the line try not to trample on the wires!

  5. Hello miss Jordan and 4B,

    The concert was amazing I can’t stop thinking about it.

    I definitely enjoyed about performing in front of a huge audience. It was hard to see my family but I edventually did. 🙂

    ROAR you again tomorrow,
    By Kody

  6. The concert sounds fantastic, how I wish I could have seen you all perform. I just love the music from the Lion King, it makes you want to dance.
    Well done 4b, I hope school does a lot more music and performance, it’s such a joy for children and parents. Hard work for teachers but well worth it.
    Next time we are in Australia I do hope we will see a performance.
    Rockers Grandma Maggie

  7. Hi 4B
    I had so much fun on Wednesday!!
    you guys looked amazing, all dressed up.
    I really wished it went for longer, it felt really short, and it’s quite a while until we do another concert!
    my favourite part of my dance was when we formed a dance circle, and we did our solos.
    I loved our theme, “night of the museum”.
    from Neisha in 4A

  8. Dear Miss Jordan and 4B,

    Ahhhh! Golly, you guys were giving me goose- bumps while i was reading! Congratulations! It sounds like you guys had a lot of fun at your concert performance.

    There are a lot of similarities and differences at my new school, for instance, we don’t have one on one iPads, we don’t have a gym, but what we do have is cooking classes. Some similarities we share are, they both have (very) nice teachers, we both have a library and we both have teachers called Mrs Jordan! (except you are Miss!)

    I recently went to Sydney for a school extra curricular program which involves thinking outside the box and acting skills (Tournament of the Minds). I believe we competed against each other at the regional finals. Well anyway we won that one so we went all the way up to Melbourne to Latrobe University to compete in that one and then much to our delight we won! So we were off to Sydney to compete in the NATIONAL finals. Unfortunately (but not surprisingly) we didn’t win that one! But we came 4th out of nine teams including our own, which in reality is pretty good. We really enjoyed the experience.

    I heard you did a program called seal the loop. I don’t know much about that program because we don’t do it. Can you please tell me some things about it?

    I really miss you all and hope to see you soon!
    See you later, alligators!
    Caitlin 😉

  9. Dear miss Jordan and 4B,

    The concert was so amazing, looking out to all those people was thrilling but it was so great, for some odd reason I wasn’t nervous on the night but I was during the whole school practice.

    I think the night at a museum was a good theme that we all got an animal to it on we were the lions dancing to the lion king.

    I’ll See you soon,
    From Flynn.

  10. Dear 4B,
    The Performing Arts Night was amazing! It was a very memorable experience and it was really, REALLY fun.

    My favourite song was I Just Can’t Wait To Be King, because I got to be King Simba and because we did solo parts. It was really fun performing. I felt more nervous waiting backstage than when I was performing. When our songs finished I felt quite sad. All those weeks, practicing and practicing, and when we actually performed it only took about five minutes! All the other performances were amazing, my favourites must be … 4B and 4A! The choreography was perfect for all of the 3s and 4s.

    A big round of applause for Bec Fairey, the choreographer and dance teacher of the Grade 3 and Grade 4!


  11. Dear 4B,

    That night was so exiting as a museum would be if everything was awake, and that night everything was awake penguins, lions, sharks and many others.

    Why I loved that night was because every body was happy and it was fun.

    By Val

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