What Is The Best Book You Have Read This Year?

In 4B, the student participate in Reader’s Workshop each day.

Part of Reader’s Workshop involves independent reading. During independent reading, students spend time practising reading strategies with a “good fit” book of their choice.


We have also read several class novels this year and we’ve also read plenty of mentor texts during writing. A mentor text helps us to to see what good writers do to create interesting stories. And of course, we have also read many picture story books during our weekly library sessions.


Miss Jordan loves to read and usually has a novel on the go at home. She also enjoys picture story books, particularly those with a message. Her favourite picture story book this year was The Stone Lion by Margaret Wild.

The Stone Lion

Here is a YouTube reading of the book. Hopefully you enjoy it as much as Miss Jordan and 4B did!


When Miss Jordan was in primary school, her favourite books were written by Enid Blyton, Roald Dahl and Graeme Base. Those authors are still popular today!


What is the best book that you have read this year?

Please include some details about the best book you have read this year. You could include information such as:

  • The genre
  • The plot
  • The characters
  • The writing craft that was used
  • Why you loved the book so much!

We look forward to hearing about your favourite read this year!

17 thoughts on “What Is The Best Book You Have Read This Year?

  1. Hi 4B,

    I have lots of favourite books like lord of the ring and the Hobbit, but my favourite this year would be Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire.

    The genre is fantasy. The characters are Harry Potter, Ron Weasley, Hermione Granger, Voldemort and professor Albus Dumbledore.

    I loved the book because of the genre and the plot.
    What is your favourite book?
    From Flynn

  2. To 4B and miss Jordan,
    I love reading. This year, I have perticularly liked reading the Alice Miranda siries and right now I am reading Alice Miranda at sea. It is an adventure book and they are in the queens boat and there are stolen jewels, bad wether and other fin things!

    My favourite picture story book was the stone lion too this year!

    Favourite author is rauld dauhl.

    From Rachel!!!

  3. Hi 4b,
    My favourite book was a series called skullduggery pleasant. That is a detective, sorcerer, warrior, Oh yes, and dead. Is an action Mild violence comedy and adventure perfect for the average young teen. The world of magic is full of torture and death lodes of dead mysteries yet to be solved. So be as scared as you like its skullduggery pleasant.

    By Val.

  4. Hi 4B,
    I would have to say that my favourite series is… Brother Band!

    Brother Band is an amazing series about a boy named Hal. He was bullied as a kid and as he got older he formed a brother band and went on fighting experdions around the Scandinavian world. Such a good book!

    My second favourite series is Rangers apprentice!

    Will is the main character and he was an orfern that lived in what they called a ward when he was older he was lucky enough to be chosen to be a Rangers apprentice fighting morths wargards and lots of other things.

    Well there two terrific series from John Flanagan. What’s your favourite book I would like to hear from you so just reply.

  5. Dear miss Jordan and 4B,
    My favourite book this year has to be the little Woden horse it is a story about a a toy macker who falls in love with his creation which comes to life, but soon he became poor so the kind Woden horse went of to try and find foutuine for his master, and ends up going on all kinds of amazing adventures, returning after many years to master with Ruby’s and lots of treasur!
    I loved reading it and would recommend reading it.
    From jarrah

  6. Dear 4/B

    I would say Wings Of Fire is one of the best books I have read it’s by Tui T.Sutherland. This book has the best interning word in it, the book is also very parwasive, and dragon right there intring powerfull faroches creatures that fly.

    There are 4 books you can collect,the book is about fire deferent types of dragons the are friends and they all have to go to war to end this bad dragonet.

    The book is amazing you’ll want to read it for hours and hours.

    By Ebony

  7. Hi 4B

    My favourite series of books would have to be Harry Potter, I really like this book because the characters all have their own unique personality. My second favourite book is Big Nate on a Roll and the treehouse series by Andy Griffiths.

    My favourite genre of books is fantasy and adventure, I hope I can find another series of books that are like the Harry Potter series.

    From Jeremy

    My second favourite book is

  8. To 4B,

    My favourite book that we have read in class this year is The One and Only Ivan and the independent reading book I have been reading is The Hobbit which is written by J.R.R Tolkein. The Hobbit book that I have is the illustrated edition. I want the Lord of the Rings books for christmas. The Lord of the Rings books are also written by J.R.R Tolkein. My favourite genres are Fantasy and Science Fiction.

    From Dalton

  9. Hi 4B and Miss Jordan,
    I have really enjoyed reading the Kaboom kid series. It is about a boy called Davey Warner he gets into lots of trouble and spends a lot of his time playing cricket.

    It is a very exiting book and I would recommend it for lots of people.

    What is your favourite book? Why?
    From Summer


  10. Hi 4b,
    I don’t have a favourite book, but my favourite series are… the Harry Potter series. The main characters are Harry, Ron, Hermione, Lord Voldemort, and Albus Dumbledore.
    The genre was fantasy mixed with a bit of comedy and adventure.
    I found an idiom in the book but it had a twist in it, it was… “it’s no use crying over spilt potion”.
    Well thats all from me,

    • Hi Em,
      My favourite series is Harry Potter to! My favourite book in there must be the Deathly Hallows. J.K Rowling is such an amazing author! Thank you for introducing me to this wonderful series.

      The genre is fantasy, magic and adventure. The plot is different in every book, but in the Deathly Hallows Lord Voldemort is getting more powerful. It is not safe so Harry and his friends are on the run, trying to destroy horcruxes. Will they overpower Voldemort? Will they survive? Read Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows to find out.

      I love this book because I love magic and Harry Potter is all about magic! It is an amazing series. I am now reading this series for the third time. J.K Rowling has also written Tales Of Beedle The Bard, Quidditch Through The Ages and Marvellous Beasts and Where to Find Them.

      Which is your favourite book from the series?

  11. Dear 4B and Miss Jordan,

    My favourite book that I have read this year is Anna Flowers. It is about a girl called Anna Flowers. Her life is perfect until her mum dies and she has to move far away. She starts playing netball with her new school.

    It is written by Eloise Southby-Halbish and David Lawrence.

    It is a great book and I recommend it to people who like netball.

    From Charlotte!

  12. Hi 4B,

    My favourite book, or series that I have read this year was the Alex Rider series. I know that a few people in our grade have read this such as Kody and Tom.

    The genre is spy and mystery, I like that type of genre because sometimes you actually forget to breathe. Anthony Horowitz writes the book so well that you really feel for the characters and their emotions. The overall storyline is that Alex has been recruited by the M.I.6 and is working undercover as a spy.

    The author is Anthony Horowitz, and a good fact about him is that he was chosen to write the new James Bond 007 book, Spectre (IN CINIMAS NOW!)

    From Rocker,

  13. Hi
    I am a Year 2 teacher in the UK and we have recently started blogging. We love the story ‘The Lonely Beast’ by Chris Judge. It is about a beast who gets lonely on his own, s sets off to find other beasts, He goes on a long journey to the mainland, but people are scared of him at first. Then the let him live in their park, until something happens….

    It is definitely our favourite picture book at the moment in Year 2.
    Please visit our blog if you get a few minutes

    MIss Hathaway and Year 2

  14. Hi all!
    I read Harry Potter because mum started it and when I first read it I loved it.
    I would say my best book this year would be the only one and Ivan because sometimes I like sad books and happy books and the only one and Ivan is sad and happy.

    From your student,

  15. Hi 4B,
    My favorite book I read this year is A New Home For Diggory!
    The genre is a novel,
    The plot is lots of people needed a dog for different reasons but Diggory never got home until one day a man came and he found the write home,
    The characters were a rich man, a runner, spoiled brat, a big man, other dogs and Diggory. I liked this book because it had dogs!

  16. Hi 4b,

    My favorite book would be Geronimo Stilton series their just so adventures and just makes me want to adventure to lands that just have trees and grass. And flowers and just find intresting thing that no other people had adventured befor to the lands far far away. And find artifacts like a old sward and treasure or armur or krowns and stuff so that is why I like Geronimo stiltons books.

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