End Of Year Grade Four Picnic

To celebrate the end of a fantastic year in grade four, today we had a special picnic at the beach.

We walked to the local beach park at 11.30am and enjoyed some games and activities in the park and on the sand. The students enjoyed making sand castles and playing cricket and soccer on the sand. The playground was also very popular.

Students brought their lunch and enjoyed eating and socialising in the picturesque environment. Barwon Heads is a beautiful part of the country and we are very lucky to have the beach so close to our school!

Check out the photos below of the grade four students enjoying their special outing.


What did you enjoy about the grade four picnic?

5 thoughts on “End Of Year Grade Four Picnic

  1. That looks like a fantastic way to end your term – and your year! We’ve enjoyed following your blog this year, and wish you all a Happy Christmas! I don’t think many of us will be going to the beach here in England – or at least not for cricket and picnics – as we had a few centimetres of snow this weekend – I wonder if we will have a white Christmas? Enjoy your last few days,
    Mrs Monaghan
    A Room with a View

  2. Thank you Miss Jordan for your great blogs. It’s good to be part of class even if we are hundreds of miles away.
    Happy Christmas to you all, and a very Happy New Year. Rockers Grandma

  3. Hi Miss Jordan, we are Dalton’s Nanna & Pa, we have enjoyed reading what 4B have been doing during the year. The videos and photos have been great. We have appreciated all the time you have spent doing this for the class. Well done.

    Joy & Richard Keys

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