Place Value Fun

We are currently studying place value in maths.

Place value is defined as the value of a digit based on its position in a number.

For example: in the number 946 the 4 is in the “tens” position so it shows a value of 40. The 9 is in the “hundreds” position so it shows a value of 900.

Students have been developing their place value skills using four, five, six and seven digit numbers.


Numbers can be represented in different ways. Consider the five digit number in the place value chart below.

Five digit number

Standard form: 28,362

Word form: Twenty eight thousand, three hundred and sixty two

Expanded form: 20,000 + 8,000 + 300 + 60 + 2

We can also rename numbers in different ways. The number above can be renamed in a variety of ways including:

28 thousands, 36 tens and 2 ones

283 hundreds and 62 ones

2836 tens and 2 ones

28 thousands and 362 ones


Base 10 materials (sometimes referred to as MAB) are a very useful resource to model numbers.

Students have been building their knowledge by participating in a range of individual, partner, small group and whole class tasks. One highlight has been the Base 10 Race!

Students worked in collaborative groups on the basketball court. Each team rolled dice repeatedly and had to collect the required amount of Base 10 materials after each roll. They had to “trade” the materials when necessary. For example, when they had 10 ones, they exchanged for 1 ten. Or when they had 10 tens, they exchanged for 100. Teams kept a record of their number. It was a fun way to develop place value knowledge!


How has your place value knowledge improved?

What place value activity have you enjoyed?

If you were designing a place value game, what would it be?

What is your favourite maths topic?

21 thoughts on “Place Value Fun

  1. Dear Miss Jordan,
    I have improved so much on my place value I think the activity on the basketball court has helped me the most because you need to use your brain as well as run, it’s hard work but super fun.

    I have also enjoyed all the activities I just can’t have a favourite, because place value is so much fun.

    If i were making a place value game it would include running, place value and organising base tens.

    My favourite maths topic is times tables place value is my second favourite.

    From Jasmine

  2. Dear miss Jordan,

    My favourite place value activity so far is base 10 race it was so much fun because I like running to get the base 10 mitirial I hope that we play it again because I loved it.

    My favourite topic in maths is division and place value mostly division.

    It is helpful for me because my mum is a maths techer and she helps me with some maths things. But she dose not werk at this school.

    From Valla

  3. Dear miss Jordan,
    I love multiplication because I love grouping numbers. It’s also fun to do place value. I like using the base 10 materials.

    I have enjoyed the base 10 race. It was a great way to get outside and using the base 10 for maths.

    My place value skills have improved heaps. I’m so happy that I did place value.

    From Monty.

  4. Dear 3/4C and Miss Jordan
    My place value has improved because I have been using base tens so it is clear to see and read.

    I loved playing the running game with the base tens, I enjoyed it because it was a team game and I loved running to swap the base tens to make a larger number.

    My favourite maths topic is expanded notation and renaming,expanded notation is easy for me because I understand it and it doesn’t put any pressure on me I also enjoy renaming because it is harder and I also like a challenge
    From Molly

  5. Dear miss Jordan,

    I am super exited about the next subject
    In maths I am dying to know. I love mathes
    so much I love learning new sratigays in

    Don’t stop loving maths Valla

  6. Hi 3/4C ,
    My place value in maths has improved lots and I have also improved on some of my times tables.
    The place value race I loved the place value race because it was fun and good for our place value in maths.
    If I was to design a place value my one would be a game were you put three cards in a bag and you and your partner would have to pullout a card a whoever got the highest card won an keeps the cards.
    My favourite maths topic is expanded notation.
    From Meg

    • Hi Meg,
      My renaming and expand notation has improved as well as everyone hopefully. And I would like to learn to rename 6 digit numbers and to expand bigger numbers.
      From Calum.

  7. Dear Miss Jordan’s Class

    What a fun way to practise place value – outside in the sunshine.

    We are used to playing this game in the classroom at our desks but you have inspired me! As soon as it stops raining here in the south of Spain, we will go to the plaza across from our school, chalk up our place value charts and get rolling, adding and exchanging!

    Thank you for sharing!
    Mrs Ower
    Year 3 Teacher

  8. Dear 3/4C,

    Have you been enjoying doing place value activities? We are learning about place value as well. You are doing a great job working with such big numbers. When you are doing place value what is the trickiest number you have worked on?

    Have a great week,

    • Dear 1C
      I have really loved doing place value during the last few days of school.I think that the hardest number I’ve worked with is 2,531.we have also been doing some renaming lately and I find it quite fun and mostley easy

      • Dear Chloe
        It was hard reanameing thanks to miss Jordan she helped us and made expander it helped me a lot it probably helped you to
        thanks miss Jordan rom Leni

  9. Dear 1C
    I have found Place Value lots of fun running around and getting the numbers, putting the Base 10’s on our scrapbooks! I have also enjoyed doing some inside maths, my favourite.
    My trickiest number is 10,929 it is confusing.

    From Will

  10. To 3/4C,
    I enjoyed playing the place value game outside.
    The thing I liked about it was running up and down the basketball court and getting the base10.
    Did you enjoy the place value game?
    From Mitch

  11. Dear 3/4c

    In place value I think I really improved on my ability to now we’re the digits in the number will be placed. And I hope lots of people in my class learned something from that lessen in class. If I made a place value game the way to win would be to make the biggest number put in the right column in 2 minutes

    From banjo R

  12. Dear Miss Jordon,
    I really liked the place value game it was fun and was helping us with exercise and mathematics while making us fast at place value, which in my case is a genius idea. I really enjoyed it I felt very happy and it was awesome Kind regards Joshua

  13. Dear Mrs Ower
    It was so much fun doing all the running 100% of the class is now fit your class will dominate. We really love our class this year Thankyou For commenting on our blog!

  14. Dear 3/4C I loved doing the place value race
    I think I know how to make it funnier .
    Why don’t we play with a higher number dice
    I hope we can do it later in the year .
    I hoped this will inspire you for rulls
    from Lachie

  15. Dear Miss Jordan,
    I have really been enjoying the online safety
    because were making posters and I love making posters because you get to colour in and write nice messages. You also get to learn how to be safe online and protect your yappy.

    From Bruno

  16. Dear 3/4c,
    I really enjoyed the place value games even though my team lost. It was also great fun learning about place value and how to rename numbers. I am super happy that I can work with numbers in the hundreds of thousands now. I hope you all enjoyed doing the place value game as much as I did and I hope you all enjoy place value as well.
    From Chloe ➕➖➗✖️

  17. Dear Miss Jordan,
    The fact that you have a great way to teach us place value is such a gift some parents can’t do any of that. I think anyone could just ask you to teach them and after a week they would be a export at place value.

    I have learnt so much I think my head will explode of knowledge if I learn any more but that’s ok, because knowledge is the key to everything.

    From Jasmine

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