Parts Of Speech

3/4C students participate in word study sessions each week.

During recent word study lessons, we have been learning about parts of speech.

Specifically, we have investigated:

  • Common nouns
  • Proper nouns
  • Pronouns
  • Adjectives
  • Verbs
  • Adverbs

There are other parts of speech to learn too, as well as a variety of other grammar terms, so we have these posters in our classroom to refer to.


Adjectives and adverbs make writing more interesting to read. Learning about these parts of speech will help our writing skills develop. We are writing narratives this week, so hopefully the stories contain lots of adjectives and adverbs!

When brainstorming adverbs, most of our examples had the suffix ‘-ly’ and described how a verb is performed. For example, quickly, strongly, confidently. But there are actually five different types of adverbs we use in our speech and writing.

Types of adverbs


We discussed that every complete sentence contains a noun and a verb.

Sometimes the verb in a sentence is not as obvious as a clear “doing word”. For example, in the sentence “I go swimming at the beach in summer”, swimming is obviously the verb. But the word go is also a verb.

The words in red below are also verbs:

  • He is good at football.
  • Do you have my iPad?
  • I will go for a run tomorrow.

Verbs can be present tense or past tense.

Past Present Verbs

You will notice a pattern in the verbs above. The past tense verbs all contain the ‘-ed’ suffix and the present tense verbs also have consistent suffixes.

There are some verbs that do not follow this rule. They are called irregular verbs. Do you know what irregular verbs are?


Can you find out what irregular verbs are? List some examples in your comment!

Write a comment containing some interesting nouns, adjectives, verbs and adverbs!

What have you learnt in our word study sessions so far this year?

Do you have any favourite adjectives or adverbs?

What nouns and verbs do you often use in your writing?

19 thoughts on “Parts Of Speech

  1. Dear Miss Jordan,
    My favourite adjective is gobsmacking because it makes part of the sentence exciting and intresting.

    The nouns and verbs I normally yous in my writing is hopped, ran, mum, dad and walked.

    From Bruno

  2. Dear miss Jordan
    I liked doing nouns I fonund it fun I think we should do it later in the year it was so fun when we got to search for noun,proper nouns and commen nouns here are some nouns I am going to list
    Beach pencil gril and boy
    From Leni

  3. To miss Jordan,
    These are some intresting nouns,adjectives, verbs and adverbs!

    • Bruno,
      You are right these are very good nouns, adjectives, verbs and adverbs. Here are some that I thought of: Barwon Heads, books, fast, gracefully, swimming, China and reading.
      From Ruby

  4. Dear Miss Jordan,
    This year in are words study’s I have learnt that making a prediction is when your reading a story it happens to you.

    Also I have learnt in are words study is when you visalize you picture it in your head.

    From Bruno

  5. Dear 3/4C and Miss Jordan,
    I think that these words are irregular words:is,have,will,go. I can not think of any more because I have not worked with them at school yet.

    My favourite adverbs and adjectives are:gracefully,humid,hot,Aqua,cold.I only chose Aqua because it is my favourite colour,gracefully because I am very graceful at dance,humid because it is a great describing word,hot because sometimes I wish it was a hot day and cold because I love love love love ice-cream.

    So far I have leant what commen nouns,proper nouns, pronouns, adjectives, verbs and adverbs mean and I enjoyed it.

    The verbs and nouns I often use in my writing are: jumped, skipped, laughed, danced.

    From Asha

  6. A common noun is a person a object
    A proper noun is a person name,town,
    Event a pronoun is when you don’t say some
    Body name but you say she,him,he,gril,boy
    A adjective is drskriving a thing
    A verb is a doing word like run
    A adverb describes a verb

  7. Can you imagine how difficult it must be if English is not your first language. It’s a very complicated subject.
    The way it’s explained to you is clear,and much easier to understand than when I was at school.
    Well done to Miss Jordan and your class. Banjo R,s Grandma

    • Dear Maggie,
      I think miss Jordan dose an excellent job with explaining everything we do. When your first language is inglish you find it quite clear and easy to understand these things but if your first language was African you would struggle to understand. Thank you sooo much for delivering great comments to our class blog every week and sometimes every day. The whole class loves listening to your comments.

  8. Dear miss Jordan,
    Here are some of the adjectives I like to use in my writing/ narratives at home and school.

    . Dumbstruck
    . Humid
    . Confused
    . Nervous
    . Lazy
    . Heartbroken
    . Skinny
    . Fat
    . Dizzy
    . Dazed
    Thank you,

  9. Dear 3/4c
    It has been great learning about parts of speech and it has also been good doing it because it gives me time to remember what some of them are. Examples of some are: verbs [ doing words ] ,nouns [ people or objects ], pronouns [ she he us ]. I’m happy that I remember all of them now so when I go into higher grades I won’t struggle.
    From Chloe

  10. Dear miss Jordan,
    My favourite doing verb is sprint, don’t ask me why. It’s just the first doing verb that comes to my head first. I would like to know what yours is, so if you have time, tell me because you might not think so, but it is very important that a student knows what there teachers favourite doing word is.
    Kind regards,

  11. Dear 3/4c
    It has been great being to learning about part of speech.and it made my memory remember All about them.some of them are:
    {Nouns are objects or person} verbs is a doing word} adverbs is a word or a sentence that discribe a verbs} and there is many more!

  12. Dear Miss Jordan,
    I really enjoyed doing Nouns and Verbs even though it was quite easy I has lots of fun. I came up with a idea for my story called The dancing potato. It’s silly but I think I wil do a great job same with the rest of the class.

    From Jasmine

  13. Dear miss Jordan,
    Parts of speech is a great learning task to do with all the nouns, common nouns , proper nouns, verbs, adverbs, and all the ather things that there is in parts of speechless.
    From Banjo PS

  14. Dear 3/4C and Miss Jordan
    I like to use adjectives in my writing and my narratives they are great to use because they make your writing interesting and easy to picture in your mind.

    Some of my favourite adjectives are:

    Adjectives are describing something or someone, it’s good to use adjectives.

    From Molly

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