Fun With Fictional Narratives!

We have been studying fictional narratives in class.

A fictional narrative is a made up story. Students really get to demonstrate their creativity when writing fictional narratives, so it is a lot of fun!


We spent last week “immersing” ourselves in fictional narratives to investigate the key elements of a well written story.

We focussed on:

  • The structure of a fictional narrative
  • Thinking of ideas to form a quality narrative
  • Character development.

Narratives can be structured in different ways, but we identified the typical organisation of a fictional narrative:

  • Beginning (introduce the main character/s, describe the setting)
  • Middle – part one (complication)
  • Middle – part two (series of events that occur as a result of the complication)
  • Ending (complication is resolved).


We read a variety of picture story books which are good examples of narratives. Below are some examples of quality narratives that follow the typical structure we are using for our own fictional narratives.


We are also aiming to include some interesting vocabulary in our narratives. We have discussed how the following things can really enhance a story:

  • Interesting nouns
  • Adjectives
  • Verbs
  • Adverbs
  • Sensory details
  • “Show me, don’t tell me” strategy.

Everyone in 3/4C is doing a great job drafting their narratives! Once the drafts are complete, students will revise and edit, and then publish on their iPads! Miss Jordan can’t wait to see how all of the students’ narratives turn out!


What is your fictional narrative about?

What kinds of narratives do you like to write?

What kinds of narratives do you like to read?

How have your fictional narrative writing skills improved?


7 thoughts on “Fun With Fictional Narratives!

  1. Hi everyone,

    Hopefully everyone didn’t have a hard time and would like to continue it!
    From Calum.

    P.S Do not forget to use adverbs!

  2. Dear 3/4C
    I really like all of the Fictional narratives they’d be so good being actull books with all the word choice! My favourite one is Banjo R’s it has a good topic.

  3. Dear Miss Jordan,
    I had a great time doing the fictional narrative and I hope that everyone in the class has the same possitive aditude to this awesome activate of writing. From Josh

  4. I think that writing a narrative is a great writing task because it is a awesome way to share your writing in a different kind of way.

    I love doing narrative and I think so far everyone in the class is doing an outstanding job.cant what to read everyone’s story.

    From your class mate Banjo R

  5. To 3/4C
    I am enjoying the narratives. My story is about dinosaurs. What is your narrative about. Are you enjoying it.
    From Mitch

  6. Dear 3/4C I loved drafting my ideas I can’t wait until we get to publish my fictional narrative I think every ones will fabulous I can’t wait to read them
    from Lachlan

  7. Dear miss Jordan,
    I am super excited that I’ve finished my narrative called the squishy thing and when I read a narrative done by another student it really pulls me in and makes me want to read more.

    During the Easter holiday I enjoyed two party’s and three holidays. One of the holidays was up in Mansfield and it was quite nice up there, we spent 4 days there and we were there for Easter night with our cousins as well. We also went to Sorento for a night with some of our cousins and that was great as well and last but not least we went to Merriks with some friends and we stayed there for 2 nights. It was was sooo fun at Merriks because all of the little kids and me and my friends made 2 big tents out of sticks and branches.

    I hope you enjoyed your Easter holiday as much as I did.
    From Chloe

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