We Are Back For Term Two!

After a two week break, we are back at school and ready and raring to go!

Today was the first day of term two and it promises to be another fun and busy time in 3/4C. Everyone enjoyed their holidays and it was great to hear the adventures the students had over the past fortnight.

Miss Jordan had a great break. Over the Easter weekend, she volunteered at the Good Friday Appeal, assisted at the Sheepwash Classic Fun Run and spent time with her family (including her beautiful baby niece, Estelle) on Easter Sunday. She also went to Mount Martha for a few days with friends and visited her parents and brother in Pomonal.


Miss Jordan with her three month old niece, Estelle


The 3/4C students also enjoyed a variety of holiday experiences. Read their highlights below!


What was your holiday highlight?

Which holiday reflections did you enjoy reading?

What would be your dream holiday?

14 thoughts on “We Are Back For Term Two!

  1. Looking forward to all the adventures you have had in the holidays.
    I know Banjo R has had a fantastic journey, and is very proud of his dad,so are we all. He will tell you all about it. Grandma Maggie

  2. Dear 3/4C I enjoyed the holidays me and sunny were super tired waking up at 2.00 am I hoped every one has a nice holiday and a great start to term 2 from Lachlan

  3. Dere 3/4c

    My highlight this holiday was going to Sydney to watch my dad ride on his bike from Sydney harbour bridge all the way back to Barwon Heads bridge. All together they have ridden one thousand km on there trip. My family have been following them the whole time.

    My dream holiday would be going on a cruise ship all the way to America and then getting a plane to Brasilia because in Brasilia everyone plays soccer everywhere.

  4. Dear 3/4C,
    On the holidays I had a really amazing time in Vietnam. I went to Han Oi, Hoi An and Halong Bay.
    All the holiday reflections are really good but some I really liked: Chloe’s and Asha’s because they used really good words such as: softness, fluffed, hot spring sun.
    From Ruby

  5. Dear 3/4c,
    My holiday highlight was going to Vietnam, I went to see Kung fu panda three, went ice skating, and I went to a salon every day that I was there.

    My dream holiday would be to go too Africa I want to see the pyramids and see what a day in Egypt would be like.

    From Bronte

  6. Dear 3/4C,
    My holiday highlight would probably be the Easter fair or staying at my granny’s house 3 times! I also really enjoyed watching the new movie in cinemas, Zootopia. I really enjoyed reading everyone’s holiday reflections with so much detail, especially Chloe’s. Well done! My dream holiday would be going to Disney land for a month and staying in Whales and England for a long… long time! From Charlotte.

  7. Dear 3/4c,
    I really enjoyed reading a few of your holiday writing pieces but the one I want to point out is Leni’s because I really felt like I was there with her and I really felt the excitement of finding my new bike on my birthday.

    I hope you all enjoyed your holidays as much as I did.
    Sencily Chloe

  8. Dear 3/4C,

    I hope you all hade a great Easter and hade lots of fun on the holidays. I love all of the holiday reflections the were great I love how every one used really good agictives. Miss Jordan looks like she had fun.

    From the amazing Valla! (:

  9. Dear 3/4c,
    I hope everyone had a great holiday and Easter.
    It looks like Miss Jordan had a great holiday, I love all the holiday reflections everyone wrote, I like how everyone used great and descriptive lanague I hope 3/4c had a great holiday and are now ready for school.

    From the magnificent Molly

  10. To 3/4C,
    It feels different getting back into the school routene. I am not really exited because I do this every year. Are you exited for term two.
    By Mitch

  11. Dear miss Jordan,
    I am really enjoying the first week back to school. And am looking forward to another great year, and I am making new friends along the way, and I am going to get loads of you can do it’s
    Sincerely Joshua M

  12. Dear miss Jordan
    I was very happy when I got back to school
    Because I wanted to came back to this amazing school with my amazing teacher

    From khy

  13. Hi 34C
    I forgot to tell you that we fand the bird in the sand jones at the surf club.He was so tired and hungry,he fall asleep on my brother jumper

  14. Hi Miss Jordan, my holiday highlight would be going to the Easter Fair where I sang with my singing teacher Sam and my mum ran the Streets ice cream stall. My favourite slide was Chloe’s. It was very detailed. Marnie.

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