Delightful Division!

This week we have been improving our division skills.

Specifically, our learning focus has been: To apply appropriate strategies to solve division equations mentally.

In order to improve our mental division strategies, we completed a variety of lessons practising several helpful strategies.

Some of these strategies are:

  • Skip counting
  • Counting on from a known fact
  • Using inverse operations (this is the relationship between multiplication and division).

We discussed that all division problems can be solved using your knowledge of multiplication. This is a very helpful method to solve division problems!


Of course, sometimes the number you start with (the dividend) isn’t evenly divisible by the number of groups (divisor). In this case, you have remainders. During the week, students used their times tables and skip counting skills to solve a variety of remainder problems.

During the week, students could challenge themselves by using larger dividends and divisors to extend their knowledge.


The slideshow below has images of dominoes. Try to say or write the multiplication and division fact family using the number of dots on each domino to create inverse operations.


Division can be a tricky process but it has been excellent to see the 3/4C students show a lot of persistence and determination to succeed with this mathematical concept.

It is important to keep practising multiplication and division facts as we use them regularly in everyday life!


What have you learnt about division this week?

How have your mental strategies improved?

Do you have any division tips?

When do you use division in real life?

18 thoughts on “Delightful Division!

  1. Hi Miss Jordan,
    I’ve really enjoyed working out the strategies and things for division! A question is are we doing things about fact families using dominos?

    From Cal

  2. Dear Miss Jordan,
    I’m really enjoying division even though I am very bad at my twos with numbers over 50.
    Ever way I have improved so much I can’t wait to do it next.

    From Jasmine

  3. Dear 3/4C
    Multiplication is my favourite, division well I’m not as good. I think the Dominos is a creative thing by our teacher. I love Maths!

    By Will

  4. Dear 3/4C,
    I have really progressed in division a lot. A week ago I had to work divison question out and it took ages to work out and this week I can work it out in a flash. On some questions I have to work it out.

    From Bruno

  5. Hi miss Jordan
    I have really enjoyed division ➗this year, first when we started division this year I didn’t have a clue What division ➗was and how to work it out
    But ever way I have improved I can’t wait for next year
    From Elisse➗

  6. Dear Miss Jordan
    I have learnt that you have to put the amount that it says secend then you say the how many times it goes in.My mental strategy have inproved a lot.I am starting to get really good,I am 100%.I use it back to front.I use multiple it.I don’t use division in real life.

  7. Dear miss Jordan
    You made my life so much easier with division you explained it so well.
    I know what 2➗2=4 I love division
    From Leni ➗

  8. Dear 3/4c,
    Maths is my 1th favourite subject in school. I like doing money because you get to add the money up and when you have you might have heaps.

    From Marli

  9. Dear miss Jordan,
    My dream holiday is to go to Florida because it’s sunny and there’s a lot to do there. I want to go to Disney land Florida because I want to go on the towere of terror. I also want to go to the water park in Disney land Florida. Because I want to go on a water slide called summit plummet because it has a gigantic fall.

    From Bruno

  10. Dear 3/4C,
    I think I have really improved on division this week. All the lessons on division have helped me with it. I like to use multiplication to help me with division.
    From Ruby ➗✖️

    • Dear Ruby,
      Like you said you’ved improved so much. I m getting better. I’m sure anyone would dream to learn division exactly like we learnt.
      From Jasmine

  11. Dear 3/4C,
    I have got a lot better at division lately. Miss Jordan explains it so well to us. I always draw minnie people when I don’t know an answer and divide the substance.
    Thank you for making division easier for us Miss Jordan!
    From Charlotte. ➗➗➗➗➗➗➗

  12. Ok I admit maths isn’t one of my strengths, but learning devision➗has helped me with multiplication ✖️too. I’m really looking forward to learning about fractions. This is a tip for all those math lovers out there, just use your multiplication to help you
    From Bronte

  13. Dear miss Jordan,
    I have really enjoyed learning about ➗ and I’m getting better and better at it every day. Thanks to your perfect teaching on ➗ I now know bucket loads more about it. I have also really enjoyed doing mathaletics at home for division.
    From Chloe

  14. Hi Bronte’s class! I am Bronte’s best friend Ella and I live in America. I can see on your class blog that you are having fun. Love, Ella

  15. Hi 3/4,
    It’s meg here. That looked really fun I wish I was there.
    This week I have learnt a new fraction this week 32ths.
    From Meg

  16. Dear miss Jordan,

    I have raealy enjoyed doing division I have noticed that I have got better at it since last year. You are great at teaching division because you explane it realy well.

    From the one and only Valla

  17. Dear Miss Jordan

    I enjoyed doing division this week because I don’t know much about division I want to know more.➗

    I love what we have been learning about in division thank you miss Jordan for organising all our lessons they have been very fun. ➗➗

    From Molly

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