Fantastic Fractions!

We have been learning about fractions in maths.

We know that a fraction is an equal part of a whole.

Our learning this week has focussed on:

  • Understanding numerators and denominators
  • Identifying and naming a variety of fractions
  • Using and understanding a fraction wall
  • Recognising equivalent fractions
  • Using fractions in problem solving.


To introduce our fractions unit, students used play dough to make and label a variety of fractions.


Today, students enjoyed making paper “fraction pizzas” to demonstrate their learning. Students could choose to make a pizza in quarters, eighths or sixteenths. They then added a variety of toppings and labelled the fraction of each ingredient on the pizza.


We are looking forward to continuing our fractions knowledge next week. We will be focussing on:

  • Putting fractions on a number line
  • Comparing fractions and identifying fractions that are greater than/less than other fractions
  • Identifying fractions in a collection of objects
  • Understanding mixed fractions and improper fractions.


What have you learnt about fractions during our maths lessons this week?

How has your fractions knowledge improved?

Do you have a fractions tip for other students?


4 thoughts on “Fantastic Fractions!

  1. Hi Miss Jordan and 3/4 C,
    My name is Ted and I was in Miss Jordan’s class last year. I remember Learning fractions with play dough and the pizza fractions. I think that putting fractions on a number line is a good Idea. Have you done any games on it yet? You could do footballers for example, and work out the fraction of how many times they register a disposal against the whole team.
    From Ted

  2. Dear 3/4C,
    I have enjoyed fractions at school and doing my homework task at home was fun. I liked the play dough experiment and also the fractions on the number line. I am loads more confident with fractions than i was when i started! Thank you Miss Jordan!
    Thank you,
    Charlotte. xxx

  3. Hi 3/4c
    I have really enjoyed doing these hard fraction I am very stressed out this week and can’t wait to get home tonight to go to sleep.
    Fractions e.g: Say I score a goal in football and want to half a goal the answer would be 3!
    From Calum!

  4. Hi miss Jordan and 3/4c,
    I really enjoyed fractions I think I have improved since the start of the year, I also think factions is my favourite thing to do!
    From Meg

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