Fractions In Real Life

We have continued our fractions work in maths this week.

Students were required to complete a homework task showing how fractions can be seen all around us in real life. Everyone did a fantastic job!

Check out the fraction examples the 3/4C students located, captured and annotated for their homework task.


Which “fraction in real life” examples did you like?

What did you enjoy about this homework task?

Do you have a favourite “fraction in real life” that you regularly see?

36 thoughts on “Fractions In Real Life

  1. Dear miss Jordan,
    I really enjoyed the home work task it gave me a idea of what fractions in real life are and it gave me something to to at home.
    From Bronte.

  2. Dear Miss Jordan
    I liked the milk one.It makes sence to me.I enjoyed taking the photos around the house.I nomly see toust cut into quarters.A lot coast I have toust for dinner sometimes.


  3. Dear 3/4C,
    I have enjoyed finding pictures for the homework task this week. I regularly see halfs, which can sometimes be [ toast, fruit and squares]. I liked seeing everyone’s peices of the homework task, and some of my favourites are cupboards, toast, fruit, nail varnish and sweets.
    From, Charlotte.

  4. Dear 3/4c
    I thought that everyone had very creative ideas in the real life fractions slide show. I especially like the one with the pool and the blow up Swans. I thought doing fractions really help me remember what fractions is all about and how to make them. My favourite thing in fractions was mixt fractions that was quite easy for me.

    From Banjo R

    • Hi Banjo R,
      I agree!
      Your fraction photos were awesome! I liked the one with fruit and the table. They were so cool!
      From Monty

  5. Dear 3/4C,
    What I liked about the homework task was cutting the pizza in to a quarter and the oranges in to fifths and the crumpet in to halfs. The lolly pop was already a half so I left them.

    From Bruno

  6. Dear 3/4C,
    Everyone had great creative ideas. I liked the one with the wooden thing to help the vine climb. I also liked the one with the swans in the pool.

    From Monty

    P.S. You forgot to put some of mine in.

    • Dear Monty

      I agree with you that everyone had amazingly creative ideas I also thought that the one with the pool and the swans.

      From your class mate Banjo R

  7. Dear 3/4C,
    All of the slides look amazing but the ones that I thought were really good are the tiles, eggs, pizza, sour strap, fence, drawers and the milk. I enjoyed when we had to find the fractions and label them. My favourite fraction in real life is a cake.
    From Ruby

  8. Dear class
    Your real life fractions are outstanding I love them all they are so cool I have to say the best one is everyone and I love your fraction pizzas I am very proud of you from the girl how the loves the fractions In real live and pizza Leni

    • Dear Leni
      You are right the pizza, real life fractions and the play dough fractions are outstanding. I am very proud to. Love your fractions there great

  9. Dear 3/4c,
    I have to say that you’ve all done an amazing job on your fractions in real life homework task. It’s really cool how everyone came up with individual ideas for the photos and they all look really good. When I fist looked at my house I thought that there was no fractions around but when I dug in deeper it was full of fraction surprises.
    From Chloe

  10. Dear miss Jordan
    I have to say that you have done an excellent job on the real life fractions homework task.well done miss Jordan

    From Elisse

  11. Dear Miss Jordan,
    I like everyone’s slides even though some were hard to read. Other than that the slides were amazing a specially 1/125. I think it was exciting and really improved my fractions knowledge.


  12. Hi 3/4c,
    Great job on the homework task!
    Did you find the activity easy or had?
    I found it easy because all you had to do was take a photo of 2+ objects and make a fraction with that picture, then we had to put an equivalent fraction well I know I did!
    From Calum

  13. Dear 3/4C
    With the fractions I’m finding it fun, my favourite thing we’ve done yet is the Fractions Pizza. We had to put the ingredients on the pizza. Like 1/2 of the pizza had tomato. I’m looking forward to the next activities were doing!

    From Will

  14. Dear 3/4c,

    My favourite fractions in real life was
    the pizza one and the milk. I really
    enjoyed doing the homework task it was
    lots of fun. I usually see tiles and food as fractions.

    From the awesomely amazing Valla

  15. To 3/4C,
    I enjoyed looking at the real life fractions.
    I did a door shelfs and draws. Like it because it finished in no time. My favourite fraction is a pizza because it’s my favourite food.
    From Mitch

  16. Dear 3/4c,

    I love all the fractions everyone did,this homework task was so much fun thank you miss Jordan for organising it. I think food was the most common thing for fractions!

    From Molly

  17. wow That was incredible grade 3/4.c
    I really injoyed that because they all were not the same thing as everyone else.

    I thought it was entutaneing and different. I really hope we can do it again soon.

    By Kayla

  18. Dear miss Jordan
    Those fractions in real life where amazing
    I didn’t know how many fractions there were.

    From Byron

  19. Dear Miss Jordon,
    In the slides I saw a lot of toast and cupboard fractions, that reminded me a lot of things I saw in my life, I also enjoyed the pool one with the flamingos, which reminded me of my pool.
    from Josh

  20. Dear Miss Jordan,

    Hi so nice to see you are still running a blog. It’s Olivia Sinkinson who you taught in grade 4. I have started up my own blog just recently but there is nothing on it at the moment. I am in the middle of writing a post about my first year at high school! It’s so crazy and I can’t believe that it has happened all so fast. Today is my birthday which was awesome and I got lots of nice presents from my family.

    I love learning about fractions, that was probably my favourite topic in primary school. In fact we are studying fractions now in class.


    Which “fraction in real life” examples did you like?
    I like the one with the Pizza because it was easy to understand.

    What did you enjoy about this homework task?
    I didn’t do it. 🙂

    Do you have a favourite “fraction in real life” that you regularly see?
    Yes, Curtains because I love the look of them when they split into two.

    Well it was nice that I could find your website and I will look on it again soon.

    Kind Regards,
    Liv 🙂

  21. Dear 3/4C,
    The the look of the cheesy pizza looked delicous. I wish I ate it. I also liked Jazmines photo it was funny because Willows head was in the photo.

    From Bruno

  22. Hi 3/4c, I have one fraction that you can use in everyday life. There are thirds on a netball court and there are quarters in a netball game. You can probably tell that I like netball! From Chelsea

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