The 24 Character Strengths

Today, we started learning about the 24 character strength traits.

The VIA Classification of Character Strengths is made up of 24 character strengths that are categorised into six different areas:

  • Wisdom
  • Courage
  • Humanity
  • Justice
  • Temperance
  • Transcendence

As individuals, we each possess all of the 24 identified character strengths to varying degrees. Some strengths feature prominently in our characters (these are our ‘top traits’ or ‘signature traits’), but they can all be developed over time.

The 24 character strengths are described below.


In class, we researched and discussed the meaning of each character strength. Once we know more about them, we will be able to identify which “signature traits” feature in our personalities.


What did you learn about character strengths?

Which character strengths were new to you?

What strengths do you think might be your “top traits” or “signature traits”?

Are there any strengths you would like to develop?

12 thoughts on “The 24 Character Strengths

  1. Hi 3/4C!
    How exciting that you are learning about Character Strengths. My signature Character Strength is Honesty which means being genuine, sincere and taking responsibility for my feelings and actions. Another Character Strength that I like is Love of Learning. The strength that I would like to build is Gratitude which means being thankful. Which Character Strength do you think is most like you? I can’t wait to hear!
    Happy blogging,
    Mrs Kebbell

  2. Dear Class I’ve been away so couldn’t reply to the last blog. Now this is a huge,and very grown up subject. Your character strengths will change and grow as you do. You will learn new strengths as you face the challenges that life will throw at you,and you’ll be astounded at the strengths of of individuals you meet along the way. Banjo Rs grandma.

  3. Hi 3/4c,
    My favorite character strength would probably have to be Love of learning. Because its what i do in everyday life and that is what we have to do at school and loads of other places for example: Your home, science works or something like that. One i could work on could be humor because i would like to make people laugh a lot around me! The hardest strength to spell would be spirituality or prudence.
    From Calum .P

  4. Dear 3/4C
    We did the 24 Character strengths yesterday we sat down and tried to guess what the person was descrbing and what they were saying to match it with one of the words.
    I liked guessing and it was very fun, thanks for reading.

  5. Dear 3/4C,
    My top character strength is hope. Hope is my top character strength because when I’m older I hope I will be a pilot and travel the world. I want to go Barbados, Miami and capetown. What is your top character strength? My 4th character strength is creativity. Creativity is my 4th character strength because I’m really creatible and love making stuff like Drawing tornado and sharks and houses. It’s really fun I love art.

    From Bruno

  6. Hello 3/4C,

    I read through this post and was impressed by the notion of 24 character strengths. Checking the link and seeing the strengths, over years of teaching I saw these strengths growing in different degrees in my students.

    Since there is a link to the test, I thought I’d try. Here were my top 6 in order…
    Honesty, Judgement, Appreciation of Beauty and Excellence, Forgiveness, Creativity and Curiosity.

    One thing I always notice in such surveys is those traits rated lower don’t necessarily mean they are weaknesses. We can be strong in so many of the traits and these other strengths can show in different situations. If others who know us were to rate us, we might see a very different picture of ourselves.

    The “secret” is to be the best person you can be, enjoy life, enjoy learning and care about others.

    Well done 2/4c for looking at such an interesting topic.

    Ross Mannell
    Teacher (retired), N.S.W., Australia

  7. Dear miss Jordan,
    I did the survey with my mum and my top five were, bravery, curiosity, creativity, forgiving and apriciation of beauty. I am sure that I can emprove on some of them.
    Kind regards

  8. Dear 3/4c

    I think that learning about the 24 character strengths is a very good thing to Learn about because it helps you to learn a bit more about yourself and what your strong character strength are and what other people’s are. It is all so good because the whole school is learning about it who ever came up with the idea to learn about this amazing subject there character strengths is creativity.

  9. Dear miss Jordan
    we all love the characters strengths well I do a lot I think they are a great way to express your feelings and how you fill about each other I would life to learn more about the character strengths my strengths are creativity bravery and honest
    From Leni

  10. Dear 3/4C,
    I think that my top five character strengths are perseverance, humour, kindness, honesty and bravery. I learnt that everyone has all the traits but some are stronger than others. All the character strengths were new to me, I had no idea that we had character strengths until we started learning about them.
    From Ruby

  11. Hi 3/4C my number 1 top character strength is
    Humour I always make people laugh aspeicaly my friends!

    From Livvy!

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