Lobster Pot Excursion

As part of our inquiry topic, the grade three students visited the Barwon Heads Estuary Heritage Centre, commonly known as the “Lobster Pot”.


Maddie, who works at Barwon Coast, met us at the Lobster Pot and shared lots of interesting information about the history of Barwon Heads and how we can help to look after our coastline.

The students were keen to learn and participated enthusiastically in the informative session. After listening to Maddie, students were free to explore the array of educational materials, displays and tanks. It was great to see the students asking questions, reading facts and interacting with each other as they learnt about our amazing town.

Here are some photos from our time at the Lobster Pot.


What did you learn at the Lobster Pot?

Share a historical fact about Barwon Heads that you found interesting.

What can we do to help to look after our town?

What was your highlight?


11 thoughts on “Lobster Pot Excursion

  1. I love the Lobster Pot. It’s full of information,but in an interesting way. I’m sure you all understand how fragile our echo system is,and how we must protect it from pollution.
    You all live in a very special town,and it’s so important to appreciate just how fortunate you are. When you go out into the world as grown ups,you will speak so fondly of the town you spent your childhoods in, and want to return from time to time. Banjo Rs Grandma in beautiful England.

  2. Dear Grade threes,
    I loved visiting the Lobster Pot. It was very fun, and we learned a whole heap of interesting facts than we did before. Maddie told us the history of the Watherang people, which was very interesting. I loved looking at all the different eggs from the animals. I hope we visit the Lobster Pot again, soon. I think we should ad some new bins around Barwon Heads so people don’t litter as much.
    Please pick up your rubbish,
    From Charlotte.

  3. Dear 3/4C,
    I really enjoyed visiting the lobster pot with miss kebbles grade. It was great fun I learnt a lot of interesting facts. Hears two, the snakes around hear are a lot scared of us than them. We may think snakes are venomous and deadly but there more scared than us. Fact two, I learnt that the new bridge was built only six years ago. I thought it was built in the year 1959. I thought it wasen’t true but it was. I loved the puffer fish it was very funny because his mouth went blob, blob. I gigled a bit. I saw this blue toilet which was strange. It was stuffed with hey and glass bottles. Miss kebble thought it might been from the shipwreck. I thought that to. I really want to go back to the lobster pot again.

    From Bruno

  4. Hi GRADE 3s,
    This comment takes me down through memory lane. Because I can remember when I went to the lobster pot. The person running the thing was Maddie. The things that were in the lobster pot was like fossils, rubbish, images and artefacts.
    I remember when Maddie showed us this slideshow on her massive whiteboard. It was about the bluff and how we needed to look after. And hooded plovers, Hooded plovers are birds that are pretty small and what Maddie wanted us to do was to be aware of all the hooded plovers and to be cautious around the eggs. The birds grow up to about 20 centimetres and don’t get big.
    As I was saying that was a trip down memory lane.
    I still remember from the days!
    From Calum .P

  5. Dear 3/4C and Miss Jordan,
    I learnt the path of the albertross. It starts here and makes a loop though out world. The Barwon heads bridge was first built in 1927 and got modified twice and widened once.
    To help our town we can ban plastic bags and put more bins out. I think it would help a lot.

  6. Dear 3/4c
    I learned that the volcano and the ice age formed are land.The top of the bluff was a camp sit for the wauthaurong peaple.
    Ceap our town clean.And pick up your own rubish and other rubbish too.When we saw all of the fish and listing how our land was formed.Listing about interesting facts about our town
    From KYAN/KHY

  7. Dear grade 3

    I thought that the lobster pot was really fun. I hope everyone els liked it to. My favourite thing was the crab that looked like he had a mustash in his nose everyone laft at that. Overall I thought that going to the lobster pot to learn about Barwon Heads was a great idea.

    From Banjo R

  8. Dear 3/4C,
    I think that the lobster pot excertion was great! My favourite part was looking at the puffer fish. I also liked the earl of charlermon. I liked listening to the facts that Maddie said. My favourite fact was how the bluff was formed. I liked feeling the fur of the fur seal.
    From Monty

  9. Dear miss Jordon,
    I remember when I went to the lobster pot and I know that if the grade 3s had the same experience as me they would have had a awesome time at the lobster pot
    Sincerely Josh

  10. Hi 3/4c, I really liked the lobster pot. It had lots of interesting facts about the past of Barwon Heads. My favourite display was all the the things that were found after the wreck of the earl of charlemont. The reason is because that’s the topic that I did my project on! From Chelsea

    I rate the lobster pot 10 out of 10.
    My favourite part of the lobster pot was the puffer fish, it was really cute and funny.
    What was your favourite thing and what do you rate the excursion?
    sincerely elisse

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