Education Week

Last week was Education Week!

On Friday, we participated in three fun Education Week experiences:

  • The Life Education Program
  • The Estimation Exhibition
  • Open Classroom for parents

Life Education Program

We visited the Life Education van and our module was titled, “All Systems Go”. Instructor Gaye, and her helper Harold, led us through some discussions and activities about the functions of various parts of our body. We focussed on the circulatory system, respiratory system, digestive system and the nervous system.


Estimation Exhibition

For the past few weeks, classes have been preparing “estimation jars” for our first school-wide Estimation Exhibition. On Friday, all classes spent some time at the Estimation Exhibition in our gym, recording their estimations of the collections. It was fun and challenging!


Open Classroom

To celebrate Education Week, parents and family members were invited into our classrooms to participate in some interactive activities with the students. The activities in our classroom included a variety of mathematical card games focussing on improving ‘mental strategies’, Scattergories and blogging.



Here are some photos from our Fun Friday!


What was your highlight from our special day last Friday?

What did you learn in the Life Education van?

What strategies did you use during the Estimation Exhibition?

What game did you teach your mum or dad at our Open Classroom session?

35 thoughts on “Education Week

  1. Dear 3/4C
    The estimation Exhibition was my favourite and life education van it was so great it was a fab day what did you enjoy and what was your favourite part of the day!
    From Leni

    • Dear Leni,
      I remember the day I went last year I had a blast just like all of you grade threes. It is a great experience to have in our life and that one excursion could of teached a billon pages in your brain with information.
      From Jasmine

      • You are so lucky that you got to go to the life ed van because our class has to go every 2end year so that means you get to next year to what a lucky duck

  2. Dear miss Jordan,
    My favourite part of education week was the van, I learnt so many new things about our diet and how to take care of our body.
    From brilliant Bronte❤️

    • Dear Bronte,
      I agree that the education van was the best. I also learnt a lot of interesting facts about are body and are diet.

      From Bruno

    • Dear Bronte the ‘Brilliant’,
      I also found what we needed for our di t interesting. I loved the ed van too.
      Charlotte. ❤️

  3. Dear 3/4c

    I think that education week is a great week for students and parents to meet at school so the parents can learn what the students are learning in school is good for children to be interactiving with their mum or dad. Over all I think that the Estermation activity,open class rooms and Harold I the van were all great.

  4. Dear 3/4C,
    I loved playing the literacy games with my mum, my dad and my brother. It was really fun seeing our parents for more than an hour, and also to spend lunch with them. I learnt a lot going into the Life Ed van. One thing I learnt was: that when you breathe in the smoke someone else is smoking, it is called Second Hand Smoking.
    Thank you, Gay, Harold and Miss Jordan!
    From Charlotte.

    • Dear Charlotte,
      I also think that open parent hour was great. My favourite part of education week was was the van.

  5. Dear miss Jordan
    I liked when we went into the life ed van and I thought that it is good to eat healthy when you can I also liked to estimate the jars and like having are perents in the class room because it does not happen everyday

    From Khy

  6. Hi 3/4C,
    Last Friday I really liked the open classrooms where parents come in. I also liked the open classrooms because I thought it was great for parents to now where their kids with learning. In the life education van was that if you are standing close to someone who smokes and you breath in the smoke, it’s called second- hand smoking. I thought my mum how to play factor fun and scatorgreis.

  7. Dear Miss Jordon
    My highlight of education week is the life Ed.What I liked about it was learning about our bodies,it was entreating.I learned that white things in your body is fitting for our body when we are sick.If I thought something was around something I would cont the out side of it and if it was over that number I would do a nother number I reached my mum 24 and I did the word game with khy’s mum.

  8. Hi 3/4c,
    This week was education week as you know!
    Education week was about having a go at estimations, measurement ect.
    On Friday we gathered and went up to the gym and did loads of estimations. There were 39 estimations in total for the grades 3-6.
    There were 4 categories! Prep-2s, 3s-6s, teachers and parents. Grade 4A and miss curtain ran the fantastic day. The prizes you could win were $25 rebel gift vouchers.

    Hope you have good luck in the prizes!
    From Calum

  9. Dear Miss Jordan,
    My highlight last Friday was the education van. It was so cool because when we rub the floor then blow up to the sealing and stars will appear. I loved watching Kevin on the tv. My favourite part was acting out where Kevin was told to get a ball on the roof by the mean children.

    From Bruno

  10. Dear Miss Jordan,

    I think that my top character strength is curiousity or kindness. I can’t believe I missed out on education week it must of fun and life ed that would have been fun aswell I love the books they have so much fun activitys.

    From Valla

    • Dear Valla,
      It is so unfortunate that you missed out on education week, the van was lots of fun and I’m sure you would have had a great time in the education van. I don’t know that you can last another week without seeing Hareld!

      Magnificent Molly

  11. Dear 3/4c
    I love ❤️doing poetry even the writing wone
    I love ❤️ that won that’s probably my favourite
    Wone sea u mates

  12. Dear miss Jordan,
    I had a great time last Friday I loved the estimation exhibition, I had a great time estimating what was in the jar. It was lots of fun but super hard at the same time, it was mostly fun though.

    I enjoyed the open classroom and I think it is good to have the Mums and Dads in the classroom and for the kids to interact with the parents.

    From Molly

    • Dear Molly it must have been fun it sounds like you had a great time I thought it might have been a bit hard. Did you like life ed?and learning about our body’s?
      From Valla

  13. Dear Miss Jordan and 3/4C,
    My highlight from special Friday was the education van because I knew some of the things so it made me more advanced in those things.
    I learnt that inside your your body it’s like a football team. With all the different systems.
    The strategies I used were pretty simple really all I did was compere the one that I was doing to the biggest on that table and got my estimate from there.
    The game that I explained to mum was 24, was easy to play and she got the hang of it really soon.

  14. Dear, monty
    I agree that the open class room was
    fun,l enough playing skatgres with my mum and sister.❤️
    From Zara

  15. Dear miss Jordan and 3/4C,
    I learnt a lot going into the Life education van, I learnt a lot about your body and the different parts and systems in your body. I loved the life ed van and I don’t think I can last a whole year to go in it again!

    I really enjoyed having the open classroom, I had a lot of fun playing literacy games with Mum, showing her my classroom and telling her all the things we have learnt about.

    The estimating jars were so much fun I loved guessing how much was in the jars. There were some very big jars and some hard jars but it was lots of fun!

    From Molly

    • Dear Molly,
      I wish I was there with you I am so jealous that I wasn’t there you guys must have had so much fun at the open classroom,education week and last but not least life ed. I know that you love seeing Harled the giraffe.

      From the one and only VALLA

  16. Dear Calum
    I think you might have got one of the answers right at least because some of them we could count. I could get one right too, Life ed was fun I really like it because I learnt a lot of new things when I was there. I learnt that my bottom is called Glutius Maximus. Pretty Cool Huh!

    From Will

  17. Dear Miss Jordan,
    On Friday just like some students said was a very lucky day to have because we got the life ed van and the estimation jar thing I’m not sure if I got any write but I had a great time and in my opinion that is the best thing. I congratulate any body who got a lucky win. Not just did I have fun estimating it teached me. That I don’t know how to say but everyone if they were to have a go would learn by participating.
    From Jasmine

  18. To 3/4C,
    I enjoyed education week. Liked Harold the giraffe. In the can I liked watching the video and how your body works. When we did the estimating I think I would of done quiet well. I don’t think I will get the $25 rebel voucher. I will be happy if I do. Then I will have a $25 and $50 rebel voucher. My parents didn’t come to the open classroom. They were looking after my 8 year old brother. I still enjoyed doing the fun games and activitys.

    By Mitch

  19. Dear miss Jordon,
    I had a really good time and learned a lot and I really enjoyed seeing Hareld the giraffe and watching the video and the open classroom was educational and I think I did really well in the guessing thing were you have to guess how much is in the jar
    Sincearly Josh

  20. To Banjo R
    I loved hanging out with you in the classroom last Friday Banjo. Thanks for teaching me some maths games. I also really enjoyed looking at those intriguing portraits that the class did in art with Mr. Phillips. Wow, they are freaky, but in a good way! Sounds like you’re doing some great things in Art.
    From Mum (Katie)

  21. Dear 3/4C,
    I kind of liked the estimation assessment task . I hope I win the 25 rebel voucher. If I do, I would get a basket ball ring. It might not be 25 bucks, but I mean a mini one. I might want to get a basket ball because I haven’t got one

    From Bruno

  22. Dear 3/4c
    I had a really good time and learn a lot I really enjoy see Hareld the giraffe and watching Hareld and the Alains I also enjoy the open classroom and most of all I enjoy the estimation exhibition I did really well at guessing the things that were in the jars
    From Elisse

  23. Hi 3/4c, I had lots of fun in the life ed van. It was really fun learning about all the different systems in our body’s and I enjoyed playing guess who. Open classrooms was really fun too. The parents got a good opportunity to find out what their children were doing with their classes. My mum and I had a great time estimating with the estimation table that some of my classmates set up. We also played a few math games, posted comments on 3bs blog and I showed her some of my work. I had a great time! Chelsea

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