World Environment Day

Sunday 5th May is World Environment Day!

World Enviro Day

To celebrate, today all students and teachers at BHPS were asked to wear green. Here are the 3/4C students in all of their green glory!

Green Enviro Day

Our school Enviro Team, led my Mr Burdess and Mr Harris, work very hard to promote environmental messages to the students at BHPS.

They also undertake a variety of projects for our school. The latest project the Enviro Team has announced is a a Landcare initiative, where they plan to plant native grasses, shrubs and trees along the fence line from the bike shed. This project will continue the great work the Enviro Team have been doing with our butterfly garden and creating habitats for our local animals, insects and birds.


What do you do to help the environment?

How has the Enviro Team developed your awareness of environmental issues?

Do you have a favourite shade of green?

10 thoughts on “World Environment Day

  1. Dear 3/4C,
    My favourite shade of green is lime. My dad and I usually pick up rubbish on the beach. I think we should provide more bins around Barwon Heads so that people don’t litter as much. I am a proud member of the year Eviro team. We loved to see everyone in green today.
    Thank you,
    From Charlotte.

    • Dear Charlotte,
      My favourite shade of green is lime to. It’s so bright and beautiful. I also see a lot of rubbish on the beach. I know your helping the environment. But I don’t dare touch it because you might get sick.

      From Bruno

  2. Dear 3/4C,
    I help savings the environment by not littering. I like the idea of the borrow and bring-back bags. They are great for the environment because they aren’t plastic bags. My favourite shade of green is Kelly green because I like the bright colour.
    From Monty That is Kelly green.

  3. Dear 3/4C,
    To help the environment I turn water off when I’m not using it. I also pick up rubbishy a home.
    I really like learning about the environment because it is interesting. My favourite shades of green are emerald, kelly, fern and terqouise.

  4. Dear 3/4C,
    I am a proud member of the enviro team and I certainly know how important it is to look after our environment. I am so happy for the people who wore green today it means a lot to the echo warriors.
    From Bronte☘

  5. Dear 3/4c

    I think that today is a very fun because we get weir green on our cloths. I thought that it looked quite amazing when everyone was weir green at snack I wonder if it will look diffident.

  6. Dear 3/4c my favourite shade of green is army green I enjoy environment day because we see lots of shades of green and people who supports environmental safety


    from Lachlan

  7. Dear 3/4c
    Today we are dressing in green to raise awareness for world environment day that takes place on the 5th of June. My favourite shade of green is crocodile green.
    From Chloe

  8. Dear miss Jordan,
    My favourite shade of green is turquoise. It looks so beautiful and nice. I also like lime because it’s bright and I love bright colours there my favourite. Bright colours makes a beautiful world and you could probably find lime leafs and drinks.

    From Bruno

  9. Dear 3/4C,
    To help the environment I plant lots of trees and other plants as well. I think if everyone planted a tree every day we will not have as many breathing problems and our environment will grow.
    No and yes Miss Jordan. I have three favourite shades of green harlequin, Spring green and turquoise. Why I like these colours is mostly because they are bright and I like wearing bright colours.

    From bunny loving Asha

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