We Love Poetry!

The students in 3/4C are thoroughly enjoying our poetry unit.

Earlier in the term, we investigated poems and learnt about figurative language in poetry. Now, all students have started their own poetry anthology.

Students have written several poems for their anthology, including:

  • Observations in our environment
  • Colours
  • Environmental issues
  • Family
  • Free choice

The poems written by the students for most of our unit have not been of a particular structure, so they have had a lot of freedom with the style, organisation and layout of their poems. However, earlier this week, we did investigate five types of popular poem structures. They are:

  • Cinquain poems
  • Haiku poems
  • Concrete poems
  • Limericks
  • Diamante poems

Each of these styles of poems have specific features and a set structure. They are described below.


The enthusiasm of the 3/4C students during our poetry unit has been absolutely fantastic! Miss Jordan is very proud of all their work!


What is your favourite structured poem?

What do you like to write poems about?

***Please choose one of the structured poems and write a poem in your comment!***

20 thoughts on “We Love Poetry!

  1. Dear 3/4C,
    My favourite type of poem is a diamanté because I like doing writing about opposite. I like to write poems about nature and animals.
    From Ruby

  2. Dear 3/4c
    I am really enjoying poetry my favourite tipe of poem is a diamanté poem. I really like writing poems because you can write them about any thing.
    From Banjo

  3. Hi 3/4C,
    This week as you know we learnt about all the types of poetry and a few weeks ago we learnt about Figuarative language.
    My favourite type of poem is a diamanté because I like the rhythm of it and it also rhymes.

    I know loads of people like the diamanté for some resoan and I have no idea why???
    Please tell me why 3/4C that everybody pretty much likes the diamonates?
    From a student in 3/4C Calum.P.

  4. Hi miss Jordan,
    I loved poetry and happy we’re still doing it,
    My favourite poem tipe is a limerick because it rhymes and I like rhyming poems.

    From Banjo PS

  5. Dear Miss Jordan,
    My favourite structured poem is a diamante. I like diamante poems because they are easy to write. I like to write poems about nature because it sis an important part of our environment.
    From Bunny Loving Asha

  6. Dear 3/4 c,
    I am really enjoying poetry my favorite structure in poetry is diamante because it is quite simple you just think of something that is opposite and write about it. The slide show above tells you all about and how to write poems of all types and what they mean
    From Jasmine

  7. Dear 3/4C,
    My favourite structured poem is a diamante poem. I like it because it is cool how is is opposite. I like to write them about hot and cold. Hear is one…

    Sunny, yellow,
    Sweltering, swimming, sunbathing,
    Burning, resting, snowing, icy,
    Shivering, skiing, snowboarding,
    White, cloudy,
    From Monty

  8. Dear 3/4C,
    My favourite kind of poem is a concrete poem. My favourite poem is a concrete poem because there a poem in a shape like a cupcake or shark. I like to write poems about holiday locations, sharks and memory’s. I also like Limerick Poems as well and hears one:

    There was a sloth called josh,
    Who liked to get boshed,
    He lived in an igalue,
    And sang alalullu,
    And suddenly he ate some moss.

    From Bruno

  9. Dear 3/4C,
    I love writing diamante poems and Limerick poems. Here is a diamante poem.

    Kind, helpful
    Caring, relying, convincing
    Fun, happy, mean, vain
    Bullying, teasing, dobbing
    From Charlotte.

  10. Dear miss Jordan,
    My favourite subject about poetry is a simile because it it is challenging and fun because it rhymes,
    I to write about animals because it is good to write about and it sounds cute.

    By Kayla

  11. Dear miss Jordan,
    My favorite type of poem is a haiku
    And I like to right my poems on the nature and environment
    Sincearly Josh

  12. Dear miss Jordan,
    I love diamantés
    Hot, rock
    Boiling, burning, smoking
    Killing lives, happy thoughts
    Swimming, flowing, freezing
    Cold, wet, crystallising
    Nice, relaxing

  13. To 3/4c
    I love poetry because it brings out feels from your heart me and Lachlan we both like cinqan poems from khy and Lachlan

  14. Dear Miss Jordan,

    I like t write all poems but mostly diamontys they are realy fun and easy to write and it is in a bimond shape I like them because they are opisits.
    From Valla

  15. Miss Jordan we all love poetry well I do I really love writing poems and I am going to now
    Sandy tropical
    Swimming dancing walking
    Happy joyful inspiring greasful
    From leni

  16. Dear 3/4c
    It has been great traveling though the poetry history unit though out the year.My favourite structured of perfect poetry is the diamanté
    I like to writing about my family nature and animals

  17. Dear 3/4c
    It has been a fantastic journey travelling through all the different types of poetry with you and learning about all the different features within. Throughout the last few days I have learnt many things about poetry and have been dealing with many high quality adjectives. I am really enjoying poetry so far and I hope you all are too. So what are you waiting for, get into your poetry machine and start travelling through the amazing world of perfect poetry, it’s just there waiting for you.
    From Chloe

  18. Dear 3/4C, I’ve really enjoyed reading your post about the poetry you have been writing! I lived in Australia for a year and spent a lot of time in Victoria, so I know you have a beautiful environment for inspiration.

    I really enjoy Haiku poems, as I like the challenge involved.

    I’d love if you would visit our blog over in England to see what class 9 in year 2 have been up to!

    Miss Ruff and Class 9

  19. Dear 3/4C,

    It is really cool to learn about different types of poems. We like learning about Poems too. We have been focussing on our senses in Poems because its helps us hook the reader in. Maybe we could get together to share our Poems next week sometime?

    Kind regards,
    Have great week!
    From 1C

    • Dear 1C,
      I was just wondering if you had any examples of your poems with the senses in it to copy and paste onto our blog so my class can see your ways of writing poetry with the sences in it and how you all do it.
      From Chloe

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