End of Term Two – Happy Holidays!

Today is the last day of term two. What a busy eleven weeks we have had!

Highlights from our last week of term two include…

Student/Parent/Teacher Interviews

During the week, BHPS held our annual student/parent/teacher interviews. Students led the interviews by sharing their learning achievements with their parents. The  students created presentations on their iPads to reflect on their semester and shared work samples that demonstrated their learning. Students spoke about:

  • Semester highlights
  • Areas of success
  • Areas for future improvement
  • Reading
  • Writing
  • Maths
  • Inquiry
  • Specialists
  • iPad Program
  • Character Strengths

Everyone spoke clearly and confidently, elaborated on their key points, made eye contact and articulated their learning extremely well. Miss Jordan is very proud of all of the 3/4C students for their outstanding efforts during the interviews!


Genius Hour

Students worked on a Genius Hour project on Thursday and Friday. Genius Hour allows students to explore their own passions and promotes creativity in the classroom. Students are encouraged to think about topics they want to learn more about. The three main components of Genius Hour are:

  • Students think of a “driving question” they want to find the answer to
  • Students research their chosen question and create a presentation (making a movie, slideshow, poster etc)
  • Students share their work with others.

There was a very broad range of topics covered, including specific topics in the following categories:

  • Historical events
  • Different countries
  • How things work
  • Animals
  • Sports
  • Technology


Reading Reflections

Students read novels and annotated their thinking by recording reflections. Reflections they recorded included:

  • Predictions
  • Questions
  • Reactions
  • Inferences
  • Text connections
  • Character descriptions
  • Setting descriptions


School Building Project

A new school building is currently under construction at BHPS. Students completed a real life maths project this week, which involved the following:

  • Designing a floor plan of the building
  • Calculating the perimeter and area of each space in the building
  • ‘Purchasing’ furniture for the classrooms
  • ‘Purchasing’ equipment for student learning



We explored shape with some fun mathematical investigations this week. Specifically, we focussed on

  • Tangrams
  • Tessellations


What a busy, fun-filled week of learning we have had in 3/4C! Here are some photos of our last week of term.


Today was also the last day for Mrs Cross, our amazing Assistant Principal. Mrs Cross is retiring from education. We will all miss her very much!


What was your term two highlight?

What did you enjoy this week?

What are you looking forward to next term?

23 thoughts on “End of Term Two – Happy Holidays!

  1. Hello grade 3/4
    My highlight was that although this term was an extra long one (11 weeks), our wonderful students still maintained their exceptionally high behavioural standards!
    As we all know, the more tired we get, the more cranky we can become. But not at BHPS. Our students are perfect all year round!
    Well maybe not quite 100% perfect….but pretty close.
    Have a great break 3/4 and remember to stay safe and warm.

    • Dear Mr Roskosch,
      Term two was longer than the other terms but we all had a lode of fun. The last week was especially fun my class made monster book marks and had to make a square out of seven triangle it was difficult but a lot of fun. Everyone is nice in the school yard and we are working so hard to save the environment. That is what I love about this school.
      From Jasmine

  2. Hi 3/4c,
    This term has been amazing and I can wait till next term, next termi want to be able to simplify fractions and I’m sure lots of people will want to do different to me.

    In the holidays I will probably be going to the movies to watch teenage mutant ninja turtles with my brother and dad, mum does not seem to keen about the movie. I also might do something else really fun.

    My highlight for semester 1 would probably have to be measurement,
    Measurement is an all day skill and is required for example in cooking, footy, sport and so on.

    From capable Calum

  3. To 3/4C,
    My term highlight was the first Australians,
    In the last week I enjoyed doing the monster
    Bookmarks. Next term I am looking forward to grade four camp. Because we get to do the leap of faith.

    From Mitch

  4. Dear Miss Jordan
    My tearm two highlight was the lobster pot.I really enjoyed learning new things.It was a really fun day that day.I want to go there again.

    I enjoyed…doing the parent/thecher intuvou.
    I liked shareing things with my parent’s.And I enjoyed doing the monster book marks.

    I am looking forward to doing tessellatoin.
    Because it is really interesting to do.
    Hope you have a wonderful holiday.

  5. Dear 3/4c
    Today I have really enjoyed making monster bookmarks me Calum, Banjo and will made a hole collection of them.

    Me favourite thing this semester has been the maths school project I thought it was fun because you got to go on websites and buy aquitment and funetcher.

    Next term I am really looking forward to writing new things like persuasive, narrative and information reports.

    From Banjo R

  6. Dear 3/4C,
    My term 2 highlights were the lobster pot because I liked learning how Barwon Heads formed. I also liked doing our building project because it was fun designing what would look like.

    This week I have enjoyed doing genius hour and my topic was jaguars. I chose this topic because people don’t think much about jaguars and there really beautiful animals.

    Next term I am looking forward to meeting my friends when I get back from my holiday.
    From Ruby

  7. Dear 3/4C
    I found the tan grams really hard but Banjo Ramage did it in about 50 seconds and that was a record. I didn’t end up getting it even when I looked at the whiteboard but I t was time to pack up.

    The monster corner bookmark was really fun I made 2 and helped Calum, Banjo R and Banjo P.S make a family of corner bookmarks. We got to do any pattern and we got that of a cool YouTube clip.

    Then we did the tesselation for maths I didn’t understand it was maths it was more patterning but I think it was maths because the shapes. It was more geometry and I really liked it we ha to make a shape and do the same shape the whole way.
    From Wacko Will

  8. Dear Miss Jordan and 3/4C,
    My semester two highlight was the grade 3’S excursion to the lobster pot in term 1. The lobster pot is located near the river café. The grade fours stayed back at school learning (we were learning too). I read the paths of different birds and looked at their eggs.
    This week I enjoyed making the monster or owl bookmarks. They look hard but they are actually they are really simple and easy to make.
    Next term I am looking forward to grade three camp, all the other grade threes are probably looking forward to it aswell.
    From Bunny Loving Asha.

  9. To all the class have a very happy holiday, Miss Jordan have a great rest. And to Mrs Cross who has been a wonderful Assistant Head. I have met her and wish her well. Thank you Banjo Rs Grandma, Maggie

  10. Greetings and hi 3/4c my highlights in the first half of the school year was life ed because all the weird facts about life

    I’ve got anew idea for next term
    Fish or frogs in the class.
    I hope you all have wicked and safe winter holiday from Lachlan

  11. Dear miss Jordan
    I hope you have a great holiday and I hope you had a great team
    What are you doing in the holidays?
    Are you seeing so of your friends ?
    Some of the thinks I am doing on the holidays
    I am going to mt bulla with Chloe and Violet
    From Leno

  12. Dear 3/4C,
    We had a great interview with are parents and me and Khy hope you did to. We all liked everyone’s learning reflections slide show.
    We all did a great job.

    Me and Khy enjoyed genius hour. We all had different passions. But we are different. They were all awesome.

    To have have lots of fun with miss Jordan and the class. Cheers my deers… And have the best the best holiday in history – lets get started.

    From Bruno and Khy

  13. Dear 3/4c
    Throughout the whole of term two I have learnt many new things that I’d never learnt before and have done many extremely fun activities with all of your guys too. It has been soooooooo amazing traveling through the learning journey with all of you and making our little squishy brains even more smarter than they all ready are and I hope you all enjoyed the learning journey as much as I did. I know that I’ve had a fabulous term two and I hope everyone of you did as well.
    Happy holidays and I’ll see you later back in term 3. From chlobow

  14. Dear Miss Jordan,
    It has been a great week and I have had lots of fun.My term two highlight was learning about the first contact and having our incursion, I loved all the activities Miss Jordan planed for us they were lots of fun it was unfortunate Miss Jordan wasn’t there most of the time because she was filling in for Mrs Cross but the activities you planned for us, I learnt a lot

    This week I enjoyed learning about tessellation I was very happy with my work and the activity was lots and lots of fun every one enjoyed it!

    Next term I’m looking forward to grade four camp. And I can’t wait to learn.
    Happy holiday!!!!
    From Marvolous Molly

  15. Dear miss Jordan,
    Jasmines term two highlights is
    1. Making book marks
    2. Poetry
    3. Tessellations
    And Kaylas term two highlights is
    1. The grade for incursion
    2. Genius hour
    3. Reading and learning reflections

    What jasmine enjoyed this week
    2. Tessellations
    3. Writing
    What Kayla enjoyed
    1. Book marks
    2. Tessellations
    3. Blogging

    What jasmine is looking forward to nexet term
    1. Spelling
    2. Reading
    3. Writing
    What Kayla is looking forwards to next term
    1. athletics
    2. New inquiry topic
    3. More fun times
    By Kayla and jasmine

  16. Dear 3/4C
    Thoughout the year I have met new classmates made new friends. I got to go on the big kids play ground and havebeen traveling though the learning process
    And today Miss Jordan’s friend from Leopold and her daughter came in. Her name was Novalie.
    This is the best year ever with miss Jordan
    From Elisse

    • Hi Elisse,

      It was great to be able to visit your classroom yesterday with Novalie. Would you like us to visit again some time? I know Novalie would like to see you and your classmates again.

      I’m glad to hear you’re having such a fantastic year with Miss Jordan!

      Happy holidays,
      Mrs Morris

  17. Dear miss Jordon,
    My favourite thing in term 2 was the interviews and also the maths games that we played,
    As well as the monster book Marks we made in class on the 23/6/2016.

    This week I enjoyed the bookmarks and the inquiry projects that we did,
    And i am looking forward to a awesome term 3

    In term 3 I am looking forward to the games and activetes that we may have in the freezing winter future

    Sincerely Joshua

  18. Hi 3/4c,
    I loved doing the tessalations in maths because it was very fun I think it was super duper creative a good way for us kid to enjoy learning because I know my brother and sister don’t enjoy learning very much.

    I enjoyed doing the monster bookmarks and my unicorn was awesome and genius hour were create a slide show about something.

    I don’t know what is happening next trem.

  19. Dear 3/4C,
    My highlight of Term to was the lobster pot, I learnt so many things.
    I learnt how the earth was formed,
    I learnt about shipwrecks,
    And finally I learnt about how we have to take care of wildlife.
    From brilliant Bronte❤️‼️‼️

  20. Dear 3/4C,
    My highlight of term 2 was Novalie and Mrs Moris coming into the classroom. Novalie is so cute! I hope she can visit again soon.

    In the last week of term two I enjoyed making the corner bookmarks. They are easier to make than they look.

    This term I am looking forward to bike ed and camp.

    From Awesome Asha

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