Term Three Begins!

We are back for term three!

After a two week break, it was great to see all of the 3/4C students again.

To reflect on their school holidays, students had to think of one specific activity or experience they enjoyed during the holidays. Students were required to write at least three interesting clues that described or explained the activity without using really obvious words. It was quite challenging! Students then drew a picture of their holiday memory to go alongside their clues.

Read each student’s holiday clues below. After each page of clues you will see the drawn picture with the answer!


We are all looking forward to another fantastic term of learning and fun!


What did you think of the holiday clues?

What writing skills were required for this task?

Describe your holiday highlights.

What are you looking forward to this term?

What are your learning goals for term three?

11 thoughts on “Term Three Begins!

  1. Welcome back 3/4C,

    Hope you all had an amazing holidays and did lots of fun things. Lots of cool holiday writing texts from all of you!

    Let me know how good your holidays with a rating of 0-10. Mine was around a seven.

    From capable Calum!

  2. Hi 3/4C,
    The clues were very good. My favourite was……………………… everything. I liked trying to guess what they were.
    From Monty

  3. Dear miss Jordan,

    I hade a great holidays I went to the snow twice the first time it was at Lawn then we went to Lake Mountain it was lots of fun I’d love to know what exiting things you did.

    The Holliday clues are great I love seeing the drawings they are fabulous.

    From snowy girl Valla.

  4. Dear miss Jordan ,
    So far I have really enjoyed term three I loved the maths on time I have had so much fun.

    From Jasmine

  5. Dear Miss Jordan,

    It looks as though everyone had a lot of fun on their scool holidays. Everyone’s picture was very detailed and the clues were AMAZING.

    My holiday highlight was going to rollaway with my friend, we had a lot of fun. But the rest of my holiday was pretty boring!

    From Molly

  6. H̤̮i̤̮ 3/4ᑕ,
    ⓌⓄⓌ thats all I have to say miss Jordan sourly told you to use description because in those clues that really sands out so much in those clues. On my holidays I went to santnaned I think that’s how you spell it well I cant speak much longer.

  7. Dear 3/4C
    On my holidays it was my mums birthday the cake was delicious. After that we went to Melbourne on the train for a day and looked around. It was a really fun day in Melbourne and a really fun school holiday. I’m glad we’re back at school.
    From Wonderful Will

  8. Dear 3/4
    Hope you all had an amazing holidays and did lots of fun things. It sounds like everyone did awesome thing I did not do much.

    I really liked the holiday clues I thought the were all great.

    From Banjo R

  9. To 3/4C,
    All the clues were useful.
    They were all hard to guess.
    You needed useful clues. My was watching the footy. I went to halls gap.
    From Mitch

  10. Hi 3/4C,
    This is a post by me and will,
    In the holidays I went to supa tramp but it was to crowded so mum, my brother and I went to the movies to watch ice age collision course!

    Will went to the Movies and saw Independence Day resurgence which was really cool because there was aliens. After that I went to grilled the burger place. It was a really fun day.

    From Wonderful Will and Capable Calum!

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