BHPS Olympic Opening Ceremony!

Today, the 31st Olympiad begins in Rio, Brazil.

Olympics Logo

To celebrate this significant global event, yesterday BHPS hosted its very own Olympic Opening Ceremony!

Each grade represented a different country. 3/4C represented Great Britain.

Union Jack flag

Everyone looked fantastic dressed up in red, blue and white!



Our school oval was transformed into a spectacular display of colour, cheering, music, flags and joy. Each country marched in the traditional parade of nations and we then listened to several Olympic speeches before the games of the 31st Olympiad were declared open!

The Olympic torch made an exciting entrance on a motorbike and a former Olympic cyclist (and grandfather to one of our grade one students), John, lit the Olympic cauldron. John was a member of the Australia Olympic team in 1972. He was a cyclist in the road race competition in Munich. Symbolic pigeons were then released.

What a fantastic celebration!

Here is a slideshow of the colour and fun that was the BHPS Olympic Opening Ceremony!


After recess, students in grades three, four and five participated in a Mini Olympics. The grade six students did a fantastic job organising a variety of events and the students enjoyed themselves immensely!

It was great to see lots of parents attending our ceremony to join in with the fun. What a wonderful day we all had!


What was your highlight of our opening ceremony?

Which event did you enjoy most at the Mini Olympics?

What interesting facts do you know about the Olympics?

What sports will you watch during the Olympic Games?


23 thoughts on “BHPS Olympic Opening Ceremony!

  1. What an absolutely fantastic day you all had. You all entered into the spirit of the Olympic Games. So colourful,and I’m so glad the class represented Great Britain. Let’s hope it’s a fair and good games with lots of medals,and records broken.
    How I wish I could have seen you all. Grandma Maggie, Banjo Rs grandma

    • Hi Maggie,
      The opening ceremony was so fun. It would of be awesome if you were there. I bet you are cheering Britain as they go. I wonder how Britain is going.
      From Monty

      • Dear Monty how nice to hear from you. Yes team GB have missed out on a few medals, but once the athletics get started we should get a few. Miss you all Maggiexx

  2. Dear Miss Jordan
    My highlight was when the pigeons went out and when we did a lap around the oval.The event that I liked most was the one were you throw the been bags at the points on the peice of paper.An interesting fact I learnt about the Olympics is that the Winter Olympics is on two years after the summer Olympics.But the Winter Olympics has four years apart as well.When I watch the Olympics I will watch the hockey, basketball , swimming and soccer.Because there ones I only watch.

  3. Hi 3/4.c
    The Olympic ceremony was faintactic to see everyone in there contrey colours my favourite thing about it was when our class whas marching around the ovle.

  4. Dear 3/4C,
    The real Olympic ceremony had some competition because our school one was the best. There was so much effort going in to it and it was all worth it. It was so much fun and seeing miss booth on a motorcycle was a once and in lifetime experience.
    From brilliant Britain Bronte

  5. Dear Miss Jordan, Miss King and 3/4C,
    My highlight of the Opening Ceremony was when Miz Booth’s partner rode in on the motorcycle as torch barrier. It was really funny how Miz Booth was on the back aswell.

    I would’ve enjoyed the gymnastics the most but since I didn’t get to do the gymnastics I think my favourite was Bat Mintin. It’s so much fun hitting the ball when I do it but usually I don’t hit so I was laughing a lot.

    I know that in the olympics gold medals are first, silver medals are second and bronze medals are third.

    Awesome Asha

  6. Fabulous effort BHPS for an unforgettable opening ceremony! Thought it couldn’t get much better, the the pigeons were released and Ms Booth on the bike! What a great sport she was.

    I hope you all enjoy the next two weeks of the Rio Olympics. Follow the medal tally’s and maybe you can make some of your own predictions on how each country might do versus the size of their teams and countries populations! Real Maths problems.
    Have fun,
    Katie – Banjo R’s Mum
    and three way National: Bahamas, Great Britain and Australia!!
    Who will I cheer for?????

    • Dear mum
      First of all I think you should cheer for Britain because it is one of the underdogs I this competition.

      I also thought that are opening ceremony was great and could not get any better. My arms a still killing me with pain.

      From Banjo

      • Hi Banjo
        I don’t think Team GB is an underdog. Could you find out how many competitors there are for Great Britain, Australia and then the Bahamas. Then work out which one might be the underdog. Answer by the end of the week please. Lol.
        Also; please don’t try weight lifting if you struggled with the flag in the pole!! He he, stick to football ( soccer). From Mum – Katie

    • Dear Katie,
      I agree because I didn’t think it could get much better when they released the pigeons and then Miz Booth on the motor bike!!! WOW!!
      I have been watching the Olympics in Rio and last night I watched the USA beet Australia in tennis. The best tennis player in the world verse Australia but there was no way Australia was going to win. I would vote: GO AUSTRALIA!!
      Awesome Asha❤️❤️

      • Hi Asha,
        I think the Aussies are doing well so far. How many medals have they won at this stage? Do you know? See if you can find out.
        Katie, Banjo R’s mum

  7. Dear 3/4C
    My highlight for the Olympics was Miss Booth coming in on the Harley Davison moter bike holding the Olympic torch. I also liked the pigeons flying out of the cage, and also the big Rio flag. The march was really fun our class was Great Britian and we were so colourful. It was so noisy, in the real Olympics I’m watching the basketball and swimming. I’m looking forward to the running My favourite runner is Usain Bolt.
    From Will

  8. Hi 3/4c I loved the opening ceremony and a special thanks to all the mums dads and more who could make it GO AUSTRALIA
    From Lachlan

  9. Dear 3/4c

    My highlight was when the pigeons went out and when we did a lap around the oval. I also loved being the flag barer, I thought that the drummers were amazing and had a very good and simple routine which was good for the grade preps and ones.

    From Banjo R

  10. Dear 3/4C,
    My favourite sport in the mini olympics was the hockey. I loved seeing the pigeons being released from their cage in the mini opening ceremony. My family watched the swimming and we are going to watch the rugby on our T.V. From Charlotte.

  11. Hi 3/4C,
    I enjoyed walking the lap in our country Great Britain also the painting of the statue in Rio.
    In the mini Olympics i enjoyed doing the obstacle course in the gym because the mini tramp. A interesting fact was that the rings represent countries. The green represents Australia. I like watching the athletics also the swimming and rugby sevens.

    From Mitch

  12. Dear Miss Jordan,
    What a incredible day it was, I can’t believe the preps/ grade ones had there own medals almost all the classes had a flag and we did Olympic sports activities it was a amazing day, Mr Haslem did a great effort moving the decoration thing thank you to Mr Phillops for making the decoration and Teara for doing the confetti guns it was a great day. I thank all the teachers in the school for running this awesome event. The march was amazingggggg, I am sure all the students and teachers had a great time. Thank you to the parents who came and dressed up for switiland and marching. We all had a great time.
    From Jasmine

  13. Hi 3/4c,
    That looks like so much fun!!!!!! Now I wish I was there. All the sign and flag bearers looked so fun.
    From your fellow classmate Meg

  14. Hi Miss Jordan,
    The mini olympics was so much fun, thank you all the teachers and parents that helped out with the opening ceremony because it was a massive effort and everyone had a great time.
    It was a lot of in general but it made it even better because I was the torch barrier for every grade four student, by the way thank you Miss Jordan for picking me to be the torch barrier!
    My highlight w when they released the pigeons and they where flying in the air together as a flock they where increadbly cute! In class when we have been researching about the olympics and i have learnt that the olympics goes for 16 or 17 days.

    From Molly

  15. Dear 3/4C,
    I super duper loved the Barwon heads opening ceremony for the Barwon heads olympics. It was interesting to see the different classes representing the different country’s. I loved being the sign barer. We represented the country I was from. It was Great Britain.

    From Bruno

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