Mathematical Problem Solving

Today, our numeracy coach Mrs Hillbrick visited our classroom for some mathematical fun.

We started our maths lesson with one of our favourite warm up games – Hit the Target.

We then worked on a problem solving task with Mrs Hillbrick.

Our learning focus for the lesson:

We are learning to find multiple solutions to a problem.

Our success criteria for the lesson:

We can:

  • Read the problem in our head
  • Share our understanding
  • Use guess, check and improve
  • Check for accuracy
  • Reflect as mathematicians

Mrs Hillbrick posed the following question…

My telephone number has 8 digits. When I add up each of the 8 digits, I get a 2 digit number. When I add those 2 digits together, I get a number less than 4. What could my telephone number be?

To break down the problem, we had to:

  • Circle the numbers
  • Put a box around the key words
  • Underline the key question

Students then had a go at finding solutions to this problem.

At the conclusion of the lesson, we reflected on the success criteria to determine how we went with this task.

Did you achieve the success criteria?

What skills did you need to use to complete this problem solving task?

In your comment, have a go at coming up with a solution to the problem!

10 thoughts on “Mathematical Problem Solving

  1. Hi everyone,

    I loved solving problems with you today!
    You are all very successful mathematicians!

    See you next time,

    Mrs. H

    • Dear Mrs H,

      I really enjoyed the maths with you on Tuesday. I really enjoyed working out the phone number with you.I learned a lot about how you work it out and what mathematicians do to work it out.

      From Kyan

    • Dear Miss Hillbrick,

      I really loved the maths lesson with you. My knowledge is building up really quickly. The maths sentence I thought was going to be really hard. But when you showed us, you made it look simple. When I went to my math book it was easy. It was one of the best math activity in the hole world. I really, really want to do the fun task with for out the year.

      By Bruno

    • Dear Mrs. Hillbrick,
      I know I had a wonderful time in maths with you yesterday and I also know that the rest of the grade had a great time too. I think that the phone number activity we did was a really fun investigation problem because it really got you thinking about it lots. While we were doing the phone number activity my knowledge was building up lots and I also learnt some new things like the thing where one areas phone number would start with 52 and another would start with 64. Thanks for a great maths lesson.
      From Chloe

    • Hi Mrs H,
      Here are some phone numbers.
      52 343 440
      7 10 8
      7 is the first one.
      53 244 430
      8 8 7
      5 is the second one.
      54 234 430
      9 9 7
      25 again.
      7 is the last one.
      Thanks so much for a great lesson yesterday.
      From Monty

    • Dear Mrs. H,
      I loved that maths lesson I loved it so much I went home and did it the almost a hour when you first learn how to do it your like what is this it is making no scene, but once you have done it a few times your like wow what a challenge it was but now it’s natural for you here’s a example:
      52 415 112 = 21. 2+ 1 ( which together are 21) = 3 it is under four so this is a answer that will work

      From Jasmine

  2. Hi 3/4C,
    I know you guys know I love my maths,
    Yesterday we had to have a phone number starting with 52. And we had to add it all up and then add the two digits of the number. To get our overall answer, It was actually really easy.
    From Calum!

  3. Dear Mrs Hilbrick,

    You’re a great maths teacher, I learnt a lot yesterday when you came in. I did about 10 phone numbers, it was so fun. I was the checker and I had to check if Miss Hillbrick’s sums were right, because ‘Monday and Tuesday isn’t a good maths day’ for her.

    From Wonderful Will

  4. Hi 3/4C,
    I really enjoyed doing that. Figuring out them phone numbers. I used addition a lot.
    I predict under 4

    52 542 298
    7. 11. 19
    By Mitch

  5. Dear Mrs h
    I loved the lesson with you it great fun. My phone number did not work all 7 did not work. I wish you could come back
    From Leni ➕➖✖️➗

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