2016 Rio Olympics Come To Close

The 2016 Rio Olympics have now concluded.

It has been an action packed two weeks of Olympic magic with so many amazing moments in many different sporting events. The 3/4C students enjoyed discussing the various events and results each day in class.

Here is the final medal tally.

Medal tally

Here are some interesting facts about the Rio Olympics…

  • The 2016 Rio Games are the first Olympics to be held in South America.
  • There are 306 Olympic events across 28 sports.
  • There are 6225 male athletes and 5137 female athletes competing at the Rio Games.
  • Organisers prepared approximately 60,000 meals each day to feed the athletes.
  • The Olympic Village dining hall runs the length of four Olympic swimming pools.
  • The biggest team at the Rio Games was the USA (556 competitors), followed by host nation Brazil (469 competitors), Germany (424 competitors), Australia (421 competitors) and China (404 competitors).
  • The smallest team at the Games is the South Pacific island nation of Tuvalu. Their sole competitor was Etimoni Timuani in the men’s 100m (athletics).


Below is a video that captures some of the moments of the 2016 Rio Olympic Games.


What was your favourite moment from the 2016 Rio Olympics?

Do you have a favourite Olympic sport?

Did you learn about any new sports while watching the Olympics?

What character strengths do Olympic athletes display?

15 thoughts on “2016 Rio Olympics Come To Close

  1. I think class 3/4c chose team GB and look how well we did!!!
    We are so very proud of our athletes and their amazing achievements.
    We are only a very small country and a huge investment is made in sport from our lotary fund.
    If I could pick out one group it would be the women’s hockey, who didn’t lose a match,and worked as a team.
    I think Rio did very well in the organisation,but we hope the Paralympics which we enjoyed so much in London will be the same success.
    Perhaps some of you have been inspired to take up a new sport,and one day will compete for your country. Grandma Maggie in GB!!!!!!

    • Dear Maggie,
      Your right rio did do a really good job organizing this event, in 2012 I really enjoyed watching the Olympics I can’t believe that every day for four years they trained no wonder some are beating the world records, and Usain Bolt still has the record. If in went to the Olympics I would compete in uneven bars, but I would need a lot of training first. All the athletes did a wonderful job.

      From Jasmine

  2. Dear Miss Jordon
    My favorite moment of the Olympics was when Kiyll Charmes win gold in swimming.I do have a favorite sport and that is hockey and swimming.They are really fun to watch.I learned a new sport that has fencing, swimming hours riding,running and shouting.It is very bew sport to me.The Athletes show a lot of team work and friendship.

  3. Hi 3/4C,

    The Olympics is an amazing event that happens every 4 years. My favourite moment in the olympics was the Boomers VS USA.
    The boomers did quite well to only lose by 10 point well done AUSSIES! My favourite Olympic sport is the basketball because it is entertaining and it is one of my hobbies. One new sport/ Event I learnt was the one where they have to do Swimming, shooting, horse riding and running. The Aussie won gold for the event. The Olimpians also have to show lots of persistence, Courage, perseverance and loads more.
    From Calum.

  4. Dear 3/4C,
    My favourite sport I like to watch is the pentathlon, the horse riding and watching Bolt run. I learnt about the pentathlon. My favourite moment in the olympics was when Bolt won the 100 m. I think the Olympians display courage and resilience.
    From Charlotte.

  5. Dear 3/4C,
    I think that Australia did amazing in the olympics, and they deserve a spot in the top ten. I used to want to be a vet but now that the olympics have been on I want to be a gymnast, and I don’t think I’m the only one that’s inspired.

  6. Dear 3/4c,
    I just can’t tell you how much I will miss the Olympics. 🙁 but I know that it will be back in 4 years. I was very upset when Germany lost the soccer. But atlest I saw lots of people helping each other out.
    From a friendly classmate

  7. Dear 3/4C
    My favourite moment from the Olympics was Usain Bolt run in the Final in 200m we were watching it live. I have a lot of favourite sports but I had a draw between basketball and swimming. I didn’t not now what the modern pentathlon was but I saw Australia get gold for the woman. The athletes display courage, teamwork, love, honesty and perseverance. I can’t wait for four more years because the Olympics are in…
    From Wonderfull Will

  8. To 3/4C,
    I had six favrioute moments. First when Matt Hortan the Australian swimmer when he won the gold medal. Also when Kyle Chalmers the Australian swimmer came back and won gold medal. In the track and field when Mo Farah fell over in the 5,000 or 10,000 meter run and he came back and won. Also when Usain Bolt was talking to Gaytlin or De Grasse. Also Usain Bolt in the one hundred and two hundred came first in both. My favorite is track and field I like two see who far they through and jump and who fast they go. I learnt what sports you did in the modern triathlon. They use heaps of courage, hope and teamwork.

    From Mitch

  9. Dear 3/4c
    This olympics has been great
    And it is great that Australia
    Came 10th in the olympics
    But we could of gorn better
    And came 7th
    But it is still great that we came 10th
    From khy

  10. Dear 3/4c

    My favourite moment in the Olympics was when two women fell over on on of the races and one of them helped the other one to finish the race.

    And my favourite Olympic sport is the soccer, it was amazing for the men in the Brazilian team because they one the gold medal against the Germans and they lost to them in the World Cup finals.

    Some of the new sports like rugby sevens and soccer a learned a lot about rugby sevens.

    From banjo r

  11. Dear miss Jordan

    My favourite moment was when usait bolt be came the fastest man on the planet.
    My favourite spot was the gymnastics.
    I did not know what Javelin was.
    I think the Olympians showed courage and hope
    It is sad that the olmpics have finished.
    Cant wait in till 2020 hopefully there is netball in the olmpics in 2020
    From Leni

  12. Dear Miss Jordan

    My favourite Olympic sport is probably shooting, hurdles and archery I love watching the shooting I think Olympians display bravery perseverance enthusiasm and teamwork. I am very annoyed because I have an ear infection and I can’t listen to music or the video and I have a sprained ankle and had to go to hospital to ge a x-Ray and an ultrasound it was realy boring in hospital I had to wait and wait and wait.

    From Valla

  13. Hi 3/4c
    My favourite moment in the 2016 olmpics was probably when the women’s realya freestyle team got a gold medal my favourite sport was the swimming and running i did not know they had butterflie in the olympics
    Kind regards Jemima

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