Book Week Parade!

This week is Book Week!

Book Week

The Children’s Book Council of Australia (CBCA) 2016 Book Week theme is “Australia – Story Country”.

The CBCA runs Book Week each year, and our school always enjoys celebrating this national event. Books play such an important part in our learning, and to commemorate Book Week, our students are participating in the following activities:

* Dress up parade – students dress up as a book character and participate in the whole school parade.

* Borrowing competitions – students need to return their books in their library session to be in the draw for a prize.

* Book Fair – students and parents have the opportunity to buy books from the Book Fair in our school foyer.

* Donate a book – students can buy a book from the Book Fair and donate it to the library.


Today was Dress Up Day and we all enjoyed seeing the costumes students and teachers wore for the occasion.

Here is 3/4C dressed up in all their glory!


And here is the BHPS staff photo!

Staff Photo

The parade in our school gym was fantastic!

Here are some photos of the 3/4C students in their fabulous costumes!


Thank you to Ms Browne for organising another fun-filled Book Week!


Who is your favourite book character?

Did any costumes stand out at the whole school parade?

Which 2016 short-listed book was your favourite and why?

7 thoughts on “Book Week Parade!

  1. Dear Miss Browne,
    You are a wonderful librarian especially for school, the book parade was incredible, you did a great job running the parade.

    My favourite book character was Mr. Huff I liked the book because it was telling you that if you get upset and you keep thinking about your anger or sadness will just stay with you.

    From Jasmines

  2. Dear 3/4C
    Today was the book parade I really liked it I was Ned Kelly, my dad made me a helmet and armour like Ned Kelly. I saw everyone’s cool costumes I had a really good day. The topic for our costumes was Australian Story time.
    From Will

  3. Hi 3/4c,
    How are you going? That was full of exitement;)
    I enjoyed every single detail of the each and every costume:) can’t wait to see every one next week

  4. Dear Miss Jordan
    My favourite character is germino Stilton.The ones that stranded out the most where the ghost busters wily wonkier.The book that I like is the cow tripped over the moon because it was funny and enjoyable to listen to.


  5. Dear miss brown,

    Thank you so much for your hard work and effort it all payed off because book week was such a success. I thought all the costumes and book characters looked amazing.

    My costume was fuzzy doodle I thought will’s costume was awesome I also liked the two piranhas looked great a big thanks to all the parents for helping their kids make a costume and also a big thanks to the teachers and especially miss brown for making it all possible.

    From Banjo R

  6. Well said Fuzzy Doodle!
    You were a gorgeous scribble and your class mates did a great job too. Loved the Queen of Hearts and Khy’s dog character.
    The whole school made a massive effort.
    Katie, Banjo’s Mum

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