Growth Mindset

As part of our Positive Education approach at BHPS, we have started learning about Growth Mindset.

People with a fixed mindset believe their basic abilities, intelligence and talents are just fixed traits. They believe they have a certain amount and that’s that, they can’t keep improving and developing.

However, people with a growth mindset understand that through effort and persistence you can change and grow your brain to achieve success. The more you try, the brainier you will become because the brain has the ability to grow and change. It is good to make mistakes because mistakes enable us to improve and learn. Instead of saying “I can’t do it”, people with a growth mindset say, “I can’t do it yet.”

We want to instill a growth mindset into all students at BHPS!

We have enjoyed watching the “Growth Mindset” series of video clips. These short videos were put together by Carol Dweck, the lady who developed the idea of growth mindsets to help children to learn.


Why is it important to have a growth mindset?

When have you displayed a growth mindset?

What are some growth mindset thoughts/phrases that will help you grow and develop as a learner?

7 thoughts on “Growth Mindset

  1. Dear 3/4C
    I really liked doing the growth mindset and fixed mindset topic. A growth mindset is when you want to learn and keep trying to do something. A fixed mindset is when you don’t want to try and do anything else. I’m a growth mindset Barwon Heads want every person here to be a growth mindset. I loved the activity.
    From Will

  2. Dear Miss Jordan
    It is important to have a growth mindset a growth mindset because if you don’t try something new your brain is not growing.I have displayed a growth mindset when there was a really hard sum in maths and I had a try at the sum.A phrase might be that if you never try something new you will never achieved something greater.
    From Kyan

  3. Dear miss Jordan,
    Growth mindset is positive stuff and fix mindset is not positive. I think that it is a great thing to learn.

    When I showed growth mindset:
    When my dad asked a tricky aquattion I said I can’t do it YET.

    From Bruno

  4. Dear Miss Jordan’s Class,
    You have a nice blog because you have a lot of cool information. We saw all the Growth Mindset videos in our Grade 4 class in Canada too! The videos helped us a lot with Growth Mindset by helping us to stay calm. We know that it’s important to have a Growth Mindset to help our brain grow and it makes us learn more. We did a Back to School Breakout game that was very challenging and helped us to use a Growth Mindset. Here’s a saying that helps us: There are no shortcuts to anywhere worth going.
    Mrs. Cathcart’s Grade 4 Class
    in Barrie, Ontario CANADA
    (We are just starting our blog today!)

  5. Mrs.Jordan class i love your video’s they really teach you to have a growth mindset. Never say you cant do it you have to say i cant do it yet!

  6. Hello Mrs Jordan & class, I am a student from Canada, I liked your blog, I had fun watching the growth mindset videos with the rest of the class, they really helped, and now everyone is getting their work done.

    From N**** & S*****

  7. Dear miss Jordan,
    I really liked your blog because you have a lot of neat information. I saw the growth mindset video too with my class in Canada.
    It is important to have a growth mindset because that way your brain can grow wen you make a mistake.

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