The Resilience Project

Today, we were lucky to have Martin Heppell from The Resilience Project visit our school.

Resilience Project

Resilience means the capacity to recover quickly from difficulties. If you are resilient, you can bounce back from a situation.  The Resilience Project delivers messages and strategies for a positive, resilient and happy approach to life.

Martin shared lots of interesting (and entertaining!) stories which featured some key ideas that can have a positive impact on your own life, and the life of others. The three main ideas Martin spoke about were:

  • Gratitude
  • Kindness
  • Empathy

He also explained and modelled how music, laughter and exercise can help to ‘flip your mood’ if you are feeling a bit down, upset or frustrated.

We all learnt a lot from Martin and thoroughly enjoyed listening to his engaging presentation!


Define gratitude, kindness and empathy.

What did you enjoy about Martin’s presentation?

When have you demonstrated resilience?

How can you apply Martin’s key messages to your own life?

4 thoughts on “The Resilience Project

  1. Dear 34/C,
    Im glad to hear, you have had such a wonderful lesson in resilience. I think its really important to do some exercise when you are feeling sad or down. Somehow exercise gives you such a positive outlook on life.
    From Paul (Brontes Dad)

  2. Dear 3/4C,
    I enjoyed Martin’s presentation, what I liked about it was that when he spoke he did it very funny way. I learnt what it was like in other countries and what they had for a school. The story about Jeremy and Pierre Van Dum Dum was funny. It was interesting about how Jeremy’s body works! When Martin was doing the diss thing everyone was laughing so was I. I’m grateful for being in 3/4C!
    From Will

  3. Dear Miss Jordan,
    The presentation was incredible, lately I’ve been thinking, because sometimes you forget that you have food, friends, a beautiful home and warm heating. Some people in the world don’t have any of that so we are really lucky to live in this beautiful place.

    It was nice how those two little boys went to offer him to play with them, the boys supported him to give him courage and to have fun.

    From Jasmine

  4. we were not at Martins presentation but we are learning about resilience. and we know that resilience and persistence equals grit. we also know that resilience and grit means keep trying.

    from erik zach Keagan

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