Grade Three Camp!

The grade three students had a fantastic time on camp!

Grade 3 Camp

Coastal Forest Lodge is a great venue in Anglesea and we participated in lots of fun activities and experiences during our three day camp.

It was an action packed three days and the smiles on all of the students’ faces throughout the activities was evidence of the fun they were having!

The highlights of grade three camp included…

  • Cooking damper with Mr Haslam
  • Ropes course with Colin
  • Archery and mini golf with Miss Jordan
  • Hut building with Mr Burdess
  • Nature art with Mrs Kebbell
  • Initiatives with Miss Merrett
  • Bush dance
  • The Eagle Nest Walk
  • Night walk
  • Feeding horses, donkeys and cows
  • Yabbying
  • Mr Roskosch and Ms Booth visiting
  • Doing breakfast, lunch and dinner duty
  • Playing basketball, volleyball, soccer and footy
  • The recreation room
  • Sleeping in cabins with friends
  • Delicious meals

Miss Jordan took lots of photos on camp! Below is a selection of images from each day. Enjoy!

It was fantastic to see the grade three students display excellent behaviour for the entire camp. All students approached the new experiences with a positive and resilient attitude, as well as a keen desire to learn and succeed. Students also showed great teamwork by collaborating, helping each other out and building on their friendships. What an amazing group of students!

Miss Jordan and the other grade three teachers are VERY proud of the campers! It was a pleasure spending time with them all and we hope they made some wonderful memories to reflect upon!


A very big thank you to our wonderful camp helpers…Mr Haslam, Miss Merrett and Colin.


Share your camp experience in your comment!

What was your camp highlight?

Did you learn anything new?

Did you succeed in overcoming any challenges while on camp?

What was your favourite meal on camp?

What character strengths did you display on camp?

26 thoughts on “Grade Three Camp!

  1. Hi Grade 3S,

    Hope you all had an amazing time on camp!
    Can you please tell me your highlight of camp. Mine was dinner because the meals were so good!

    From Calum!

    • Dear Calum,
      I know that I had such a great time on camp and the activities were absolutely amazing and a great adventure for all of us. My camp highlight had to be going yabbying by the lake and feeding the cows. When I was feeding the cow called Chloe miss Jordan took a photo and the cow licked my jumper. I hope you and the grade fours had a great time without the mischievous grade threes around the classroom. From Chloe

  2. Dear 3/4C,
    Camp was SO fun! I especially liked staying in the cabins in bunk-beds with my friends. The grade 3s saw lots of wildlife like kangaroos and even Eagles! We are very thankful for the teachers for taking us. The food was delicious!
    From Charlotte.

    • Hi, Charlotte
      I agree camp was really fun and the food was awesome. I saw heaps of kangaroos. What was your favourite activities? I now mine was archery, ropes course and initetives.
      ~ Ruby

  3. Dear Miss Jordan,

    I got homesick on the firs night so I went home from camp. I can’t believe that asha stayed in the same cabin as I did. I missed out on archery, feeding the horses, yabbying and mini golf. It looks like you jade lots of fun

    From Valla

    • Dear Valla,
      I was in the same cabin as you I remember you getting homesick, bit I did not mind cause all the grade 3s got to spend at least one day together, and by the look of your face you were ovlesy very happy, I loved the dinners, did you? In a way you were very lucky you went home your table setting it was for you, I did not enjoy getting up in the mornings to much. Hope the grade 3s had a great time.

      From Jasmine

  4. Dear Miss Jordan,
    It was unfortunate I dint get go to grade three camp but I was a bit busy traveling Australia! But I hope every single grade three had a lot of fun, and the teachers of corse. And most of all I hope all the grade threes got a lot of sleep but more importantly I hope the teachers got a lot of sleep too! I can’t wait for the grade threes to tell all about camp!

    From Molly

  5. Dear miss Jordan,
    My all time favourite meal on camp was the spaghetti bolognaise. It was absolutely amazing and for breakfast I liked the rice bubbles. I was very grateful for the food that was provided, it was delicious and I am soooo exited to see what happens on grade four camp. Can’t wait.
    From Bronte

    • We missed you Bronte but I can see from the pictures that you didn’t miss us 😉
      Glad it was awesome. You kids are the best.
      Mum xx

  6. Dear 3/4c I loved year 3 camp I was happy and sad to go and leave camp on the first night I was on dinner duty and I got to be a waiter .

    I enjoyed archery and mini golf with miss Jordan

    I hope any younger people will enjoy camp

    From Lachie

  7. Dear 3/4C & Miss Jordan,
    My camp highlight was by far feeding the animals (especially the donkeys). But I also enjoyed nature art with Mrs Kebbell, the night walk and the eagle’s nest walk.

    My favourite meal on camp was definitely the roast beef and vegetables. Everyone enjoyed the roasted potato chips, some people on my table even had sevenths!

    While on camp the character strengths I displayed were courage, self-control and creativity.


  8. Dear 3/4C,
    Camp was SO FUN! My highlight was the low ropes course. I loved it because of all the obstacles. I learned that Yabbies are like lobsters. My favourite meal was the roast. The people in my cabin were Banjo and Kyan. I displayed corage in archery.
    From Monty.

  9. Dear grade three’s

    I hope you all had a wonderful camp like me I thought the teaches and staff from the camp did a great job on looking after all of us.

    My highlight of camp was going on the ropes cause with Hamish’s dad Colin who came on the camp to. I learned lots of new things on camp some of them were learning how much to fish for yabbies, making dampa with Mrs. Haslem and also learning how to us a bow and arrow with Mrs. Roshcosh and miss Jordan.

    My favourite meal on camp was the second breakfast we had toast and cearal. On each meal there was a duty group there job was to be a little bit of a waiter. The duty groups were also your group that you did all the activities with there were six activities there was ropes cause, shelter building, initiative cause, bush art and golf and archery.

    We also did lots of other things like going on a bush walk a night walk, yabbing and feeding donkey, cows and horses.

    I would like to thank Ionia the camp manager, the teachers and the other adults for making it all possible.

    From Banjo R

  10. Dear grade 3’s
    I can remember when I went on grade 3 camp,
    It was so excited when we got there l couldn’t wait to find out who l was staying with,
    I loved the bush dance even though we had to dance with boy’s.
    When we made damper with mr haslam it was delicious we got to put it ether jam or honey on it did you?
    The bush walk and night walk were amazing,
    When we did the night walk it was skerry at start but then it fantastic.
    And what about the food,dinner was ginormous,
    I hope you had a great time ҒᎡᎾᎷ ᏃᎪᎡᎪ

  11. Dear miss Jordan
    I had the time of my life
    It was the best three days of my life and I hope the grade 3 had too wish I we got to stay there for a week it was that fun. I think I showed gratitud,appreciation,zest and courage. If you think why would you put courage on it it is because I do not like cows and houses

    I hope you had the time of grade 3s
    From Leni ⛺️

  12. Hi 3/4C,
    I thought grade 3 camp was AWESOME. My top 3 highlights were archery, initiatives and the ropes course. I learnt how to build a hut from sticks and bark, how to do archery and cach yabbies. My favourite meal was the beef. The chips were really yummy. The character strengths that I showed were teamwork in initiatives and self belief in archery, hut building and the ropes course.
    From Ruby

  13. We have really enjoyed looking at the photos of camp. It looks like you all had an amazing time. Thank you to Miss Jordan and all the other Grade 3 teachers.
    Rachel (Charlotte’s Mum)

  14. HI 3/4C, Monty had a great time on camp, but came home exhausted. He was so tired that when I asked him a question on Wednesday evening, he said, “Do I have to talk?”. From Sandi, Monty’s Mum

    • Dear sandi, we were all so tired but obviously mostly Monty. As soon as I got home I had a nice bath with clean water and I put my new cented bath bom in my bath, I was so relaxed.
      My mum was sooo exited to see me she said that it was super boring without me.
      From Bronte ⛺️

  15. Dear grade 3s,
    It looked like you all had a fantastic time at grade 3 camp you need to tell me all about it because I didn’t go to grade 3 camp I had to go on holiday but I hop you all have an amazing time

    From Käÿłä

  16. Dear Miss Jordon
    My camp highlight was the archery and mini golf,hut building and having breakfast and dinner in the dining room and lunch out side.
    I learnt how to make damper and how to make a hut made out of wood and bark.A challenge that I succeed was the rope course manly most of the rope course.My favrite meal on camp was the roast beef.It was delishesh! I think I despised gradetuide and enthusiasm.


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