More Fun With Problem Solving!

Today in maths, 3/4C enjoyed another problem solving session.

Our school numeracy coach, Mrs Hillbrick, joined in the fun and participated with the 3/4C mathematicians.

Today’s lesson was called “Plants” and was adapted from the NRICH site.

Watch the presentation below to see how the problem unfolds.

The students did a fabulous job of using problem solving strategies. The main strategy the students adopted was “guess, check and improve” and some students moved on to “working systematically“.

Here are the 3/4C mathematicians using counters and Venn diagrams to solve the problem.

All students experienced success by finding multiple solutions. The highest amount of solutions found was 16!

How many solutions to the plants problem can you find?

Did you achieve the success criteria for this lesson?

What strategies did you use to solve the problem?

What are the benefits of problem solving activities?


7 thoughts on “More Fun With Problem Solving!

  1. Dear Miss Jordan,

    I had a great time during our warm up this morning, it was lots of fun. Mrs Hillbrick is a great math coach!

    During the maths activity I worked with Elisse and we got 7 solutions. That activity was so so so so much fun.

    From Molly

  2. Dear 3/4C,

    You are amazing problem solvers!
    You are able to:
    – Read and understand the mathematics in the problem
    – Use the strategy of guess, check and improve
    – Explore multiple solutions
    – Talk about your reasoning.

    Thank you for the opportunity to problem solve with you!

    Mrs. H

    • Dear Miss H,
      When you came in and did the plant activity with us I (Will) got 4 done and Calum got 18 done. Calum and I really like the cubes acronym, we think it’s a great way to learn. What is your favourite part of maths and why?
      How many other schools do you work with? I (Will) think that you are a great maths coach and we are inspired by you. We really want you to come back to our school.
      From Calum and Will

  3. Dear 3/4C,
    The activity with Mrs Hillbrick was really fun. I love problem solving. The problem solving activity that we did yesterday was especially fun. I hope we do more activities on problem solving later in the year. Thanks to Mrs Hillbrick who helped out in our class with the activity.
    From Charlotte.

  4. To 3/4C,
    Khy and I had around 10 solutions on sharing the 10 plants. I could share my understanding because i understand it alot. I used division quit alot. This activity was so much fun. I really want to do it again.
    From Mitch

  5. Dear 3/4c

    I had I really good time learn the steps of problem solving. I thought it was really challenging but evenculy me and Bruno came up with 8 combinations

    From Banjo R

  6. Dear 3/4c it was a great math lesson with miss hillbrick me and Will had a great time together we got 4 solutions

    I hope we can do it again !

    By Lachlan

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