Our Eco Exhibition!

Today 4A, 4B and 3/4C hosted an Eco Exhibition!

This special event was a celebration of the knowledge gained and work completed this term during our “Eco Warriors” inquiry topic.

Usually our classroom looks like this…


During our Eco Exhibition today, it looked like this…

And then this!

Each student had a stall containing lots of work from the term. Students each chose an environmental issue to investigate and a lot of their work focussed on their individual issues. Work samples at the Eco Exhibition included:

  • An information report
  • A picture story book
  • A mascot
  • A poster
  • A homework task from earlier in the term
  • A slideshow

Nearly every class at BHPS visited the Eco Exhibition, and it was fantastic to see so many parents attend as well. As classes, parents, grandparents and teachers walked around the exhibition, the students shared the knowledge they had learned, discussed environmental issues facing our planet and showed off their fantastic pieces of work. Check out the photo slideshow below!


Miss Jordan is very proud of all the students for their hard work during our “Eco Warriors” unit and the enthusiasm they displayed today at the Eco Exhibition!


What did you enjoy about the Eco Exhibition?

What skills did you need to demonstrate to engage people in conversation during the exhibition?

Were there any particular stalls that impressed you?

Can you share some facts you learnt during our Eco Warriors unit of work?

18 thoughts on “Our Eco Exhibition!

  1. Dear miss Jordan,
    I enjoyed whene lots of people came to my stand,

    Whenever people came to my staned I toled them facts about the Great Barrier Reef,

    I think Chloe’s lennies and ellises stall inpresed me,

    That the Great Barrier Reef is 344,400m long

    By Kayla.

    • Dear Kayla,
      I hope you had a fabulous time at the Eco exhibition and lots of fun showing people your stand,props and prizes.

      Thank you very much for commenting on our stands. That prize box was a awesome thing to do. My prize box wasn’t as good as yours but it was still ok.

      Thanks for a great day yesterday we think yours was great and so did Th other people.

      From leni and Chloe candy

  2. Hi 3/4C,

    Will and I enjoyed the expedition because it was something new to us!

    Persistence, courage, kindness and so many more.

    The stall that impressed me most was isiah norling’s.

    That the great white shark weighs 2350KG!

    From Will and Calum!

  3. Dear Miss Jordan,
    I enjoyed my parents visiting because they could see all the work that I had done for the past term.

    I needed to speak loudly and clearly because it was very noisy and it was quite distracting.

    I liked Chloe’s stall because it was very bright and it was very bold when I walked in to the class room I was instantly atrackded to Chloe’s stall.

    Did you know that the worlds population has increased four times larger over the past 100 years.

    From environmental friendly brilliant Bronte.

  4. Dear Miss Jordon
    I enjoyed when people came around to read my work and that I did.I also enjoyed doing all the work for the exhibition.I also enjoyed making the mascot for art.
    I had to bring people and like persuade them to come to my table.
    Well Brontre and charlottes when impressed me the way they set out there table and how the spoke.
    I learnt about that solver panels have mini micro solvers in it the solver panels.


  5. Dear 3/4C,
    I enjoyed my showing people all my work (including my parents). I had put a lot of effort into my work and I was very happy with how it had turned out.

    I needed to speak clearly and loudly so that people would hear and I needed to be enthusiastic with my work too. Instead of did you know for every bit of information, I used different words to start with so people wouldn’t get bored.

    Chloe’s stall was fantastic because she had different things from other people. She was very creative with her work and put a lot of effort into. Molly’s and Valla’s were by far the best with presentation. I also recommend Kyan’s because of his cool mini game he had.

    My fact is that cold places are the worst place to be infected by global warming. The animals that suffer most to global warming are polar bears, a series of fish, frogs and coral. A frog called the Golden Frog is already extinct due to global warming.
    From Charlotte.

  6. Dear Miss Jordan,
    What I really enjoyed about the Eco Exhibition was when people read my picture story book all I got was really nice comments about my writing/text and positive feedback about my illustrations/pictures.

    I think that to get people engaged was telling them interesting facts that they didn’t all ready know and talk very positive.

    I was very impressed at Chloes stall because it standed out and she was very ingageing when she was talking and most of all she put a lot of effort into her stall.

    I learnt that without greenhouse gasses Earth as we know it would not exist!

    Fro Marvolous Molly

  7. Dear 3/4C,
    The thing I enjoyed most was showing people what I had learnt about my topic solar power. I think I did a great job.

    I liked Chloe’s, Leni’s and Banjos stalls. I think they presented there topic well. They were good at talking to people.

    Did you know solar cells are also known as photovoltaic cells? Did you now that while solar panels are becoming more efficient it only provides a small fraction of the worlds energy supply?
    From Ruby

  8. Dear Miss Jordan,

    I felt awkward when younger kids came to my stall because some of them don’t know how to read or some just understand the topic and I had to explaine then more and more would come.

    It was lots of fun having Molly next to me because I would sometimes go out to look a outher people’s work and Molly would say to them that I am closed for a bit even know I had a sign.

    I think that it was really fun and interesting

    I loved learning about deforestation and telling my finding outs to outher people because they would just go “wow I didn’t know that” and I felt like I was teaching them facts.

    From Valla

  9. Dear Grade 3/4C,
    Your Eco Warrior presentations were fabulous. I really enjoyed reading your story books, viewing your presentations and your models. Everything was so well researched and presented.
    Well done!
    Charlotte’s Mum, Rachel

  10. Dear Miss Jordan,
    What I enjoyed about the Eco expo was sharing my imfomation with the young ones.

    Dear miss Jordan,
    Sharing a table with Molly and sharing my knowledge with everyone that came.

    Dear miss Jordan,
    I know I wasn’t here but it looked awesome!

    Dear miss Jordan,
    I don’t know what it was but I thought that it looked amazing.

    From Molly, Charli, Tilly and Valla

  11. Hi Miss Jordan,
    My enviro topic was preventing tropical fish in captivity (like Finding Nemo). I found the Eco exhibition real fun when people asked me about my topic.

    I think Hazel’s stall impressed me the most because she had a booth where you answer true or false questions about her information report while being timed. I did it and it was real fun.


  12. Hi 3/4C,
    Your stalls were amazing. Sorry I didn’t get to see them all. But the ones I saw were fantastic! My favourite mascot from your class was probably Banjo’s. They were all really good though. Hope you all learnt a lot about your topic. I know I learnt a lot!

    Zane 4A

  13. Dear 3/4C,
    your exhibition was amazing.
    I thought will’s mascot penguin was very good.
    There was also a lot of other great mascots,slogans,company names and logos.
    I know that you all put in lots of time and effort with everything.

  14. Dear 3/4C
    I loved the Eco exhibition, it was amazing I loved how every one put in so much time a effort. My stall was on solar panels, I liked to look up and see lots of people learning new things. All of the mascots we’re very creative and amazing. I can’t wait until next year, I bet they will all be awesome and amazing like this year.

    From Archie 4A

  15. Dear 3/4c,
    I loved the eco exhibition, my topic was global warming. I thought you all worked really hard and it showed in your work.
    I thought all the mascots were amazing.
    I hope you all enjoyed it.


  16. Dear miss Jordan,
    The Eco exubition was great because we got to make are own mastcots which was fun. My mastcot was a shark, the sharks name was called Shaun the shark. Sharks are my best animal.

    From Bruno

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