All About Mass!

Yesterday we started a measurement unit in maths.

Our first lesson focused on mass. Mass is defined as the quantity of matter in an object. Mass is measured in grams and kilograms.

Our learning focus was:

  • I am learning how to estimate and record using grams and kilograms.

Our success criteria was:

  • I can make estimates about the mass of an object using grams and kilograms.
  • I can make conversions between grams and kilograms.

Students were presented with a variety of supermarket items. They had to estimate the mass of each item and record their estimations. We also had lots of weights in the classroom so students could make informed estimations.


Today, we discovered the actual mass of each supermarket item. We compared our estimations and reflected on how close or distant our estimations were.


How did you go with this estimating task?

What was challenging about this task?

How can you practise your estimating skills?

When do we estimate in real life?

3 thoughts on “All About Mass!

  1. Hi 3/4C,
    Hope everyone loves the topic mass.
    I know I do. Can you please tell me what your favourite thing is too weigh. We estimate in everyday life for example when when you are a grown-up you might estimate how much a bill will cost.

    From Calum!

  2. Hi 3/4C,

    Looks like to are enjoying weighing mass of the objects! I estimate the mass of my suitcase before a fly to a destination.

    Keep up the great work.
    Mrs H

    • Hi miss h,
      I am really enjoying mass, I think it brings happiness to the world and I experiments to,
      I think it’s a great idea to estimate the mass of your suitcase I think I’ll start that on my next holiday.
      From Jasmine

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