Power Sentences

This week, we have focussed on writing “power sentences”.

A power sentence contains descriptive information to help the reader make a picture in their mind. Adding interesting nouns, adjectives, verbs and adverbs really brings a sentence to life. In class, we had some great discussions about how to add impact to a sentence.

We started with this simple sentence: The boy went up the stairs.

We all agreed that this sentence doesn’t have any impact and provides very little information. By adding some interesting words to create different emotions and feelings, the entire meaning of the sentence changes.

Here are the “power sentences” we came up with!



Here are some other simple sentences. Try to rewrite them by adding interesting vocabulary and submit your “power sentences” in your comment!

I knocked on the door.

Bob swam in the pool.

The girl ate her apple.

The dog ran away.

Sam hit the cricket ball.

21 thoughts on “Power Sentences

  1. I was wet and tired when I knocked on the dark green door that opened to my touch with a loud creak.
    I found this quite hard and am still not sure I have done this correctly. It’s a great exercise in expanding a sentence to make it more interesting to the reader.
    Grandma Maggie

    • Wow!
      That was a super power sentence!
      I loved the adjectives and adverbs you used in the super power sentence. I especially like creak, wet and tired.
      See you soon,

    • Dear Maggie,
      That was an amazing power sentence. And you certenly did do it right. You are 100% correct when you say it is a good exercise, because it was it was a very good exercise. I am now trying very had to make my writing more interesting.
      From Bronte

  2. Hi 3/4C,
    I like power sentences because it is so much more interesting and has heaps of good words.
    Bob swam in the deep dark pool full of clorean.
    From Calum.

  3. Aoi 3/4C,
    The power sentences were really fun. I will give you a example of Sam hit the cricket ball: Sam was padded up in his gear he thumped the polished cricket ball for six over cover.

    From Mitch

  4. Dear Miss Jordan,
    I loved doing the power sentence activity I definitely helped my poems.
    With the emotions (happy, sad, exited,) I struggled with happy but sad I found quite easy.

    From Banjo

  5. Dear class 3/4C,
    Here I are some power sentences. Sam bowled the cricket ball furiously, making it go as fast as lightning to the back of the bike sheds. The dog shot out of the house like a bullet, its front and back legs a blur. The girl shoved her apple in her mouth hungrily, bits of apple spitting everywhere.
    From, Charlotte.

  6. Dear 3/4c

    I really liked writing power sentences I liked the part were you transformed a boring sentence into a really good one. I slowly dragged my wet and tired body to the front door and forsed my hand to nock on the gloomy door keeping in mind the terrifying things that may lurk in the forsaken place. That was Me transforming the boring sentences “I nocked on the door” into a more interesting sentence.

  7. Dear 3/4c,

    I really enjoy reading and writing power sentences they are so much fun I’m going to try one

    The girl hungry munched down her apple at snack and at lunch she gulped down her sandwich she was staving

    They are so cool so write


  8. Dear 3/4c

    Sam expertly hit the shiny and flashy red cricket ball
    The dog bolted out the creaky wooden door
    The girl excitedly munching away at the apple. I angrley bashed at the old glass door. Bob swam greatly in the new pool from Lachlan

  9. Dear 3/4C
    Here a some power sentences. I slammed on the the silver door and stomped imtaientley waiting for it to open.

    Bob tiredly stroked laps of the big stone pool on the burning hot day. The girl munched and crunched on her apple until she saw the core of the sour green apple.

    The little newborn puppy sprinted across the grass field and left the family what had happened to her. Sam smashed a perfect hit and made the crowd shout out six,six,six!

    From Will

  10. Dear 3/4C

    I slammed on the bright red wooden door

    On a bright summers day bob crashed into the shimmering crystal blue water to cool off his bright red face

    On a boiling hot day a small girl ate a glowing red apple that had no bruises or bumps and took a massive bite out of the big bright crunchy Apple

    An old boarder collie was lazily lying aeound on the ice cold concrete and suddenly sprinted away into nowhere

    Sam was preasured as the quite crowd watched every move and suddenly WACK he smashes the red cricket ball away into the roaring crowd

  11. Dear miss Jordan,
    Here is a power sentence I came up with.

    Sentence:I hit the big red boy.
    Powers sentence:I was climing up the wobbly pegs and I was finally at the platform I took a huge leap and with force I touched the big red boy in happiness.

    I think I am getting better at this but my goal is to write at least 2 power sentences in my pice of writing from now on. ~Kayla

  12. Dear Miss Jordon
    I really enjoyed writing the power sentences.Here are some examples:The 18 year old boy joyfully walked up the smooth step to enjoy a nice dinner with his friends.
    I walked ecsorstedly up the shinny marble steps and slowly mad his way to knock on the wooden door.
    The brown shaggy dog ran away mopping.
    The girl ecstatically swam in the warm children’s pool.
    John went through boxes and boxes of tishous reading the book just shoot me.
    Renee delightedly ate the delicious bright red apple on a beautiful sunny day.
    Those examples were just some of the examples that I did.

    From Kyan

  13. Hello 3/4c,
    Wow those are amazing sentences! I love them so much more than the boy went up the stairs . I have one, I clomped up the shining stairs .

    Your classmate and friend Meg

  14. Hi 3/4C,
    I thought doing power sentences were really fun. When I was typing my sentences I felt the emotion that I was writing it about. I will try to re do these sentences for you.
    As I walked up to the big dark door looming above me I dreaded what was coming next, slowly I raised my trembling hand and did three timid knocks on the door.
    Bob dove smoothly into the transparent water barly making a splash.
    The young girl sat on the bench with a shiny red apple wedged between her teeth.
    The fluffy little puppy ran frightened away with her tail between her legs.
    Sam smacked the whirling red cricket ball away far into the trees .
    From Ruby

  15. Dear Miss Jordan,

    The dog flashed out of my sight and worries ran though my head.
    The girl chomped bites of happiness out of her apple .

    This is still quite challenging even though I’ve had one or two practices.

  16. Dear 3/4C,
    I think power sentences are a much better way to write sentences because a power sentence includes descriptive language, interesting words and great verbs too. Before we learnt about power sentences I had actually never done a session on it. I think it’s a great way to help use interesting verbs, adgectives and adverbs altogether.

    I really enjoyed writing power sentences and changing a boring sentence to a mind blowing sentence because after that I started putting them into my writing to make it sound better.

    Here are some examples of my power sentences, first I will do the boring sentence then I will change it.

    I got into the pool
    As I stared down into the crystal clear water I launched in with a sparkle in my eye.

    I hope you all enjoyed writing power sentences and thank you for reading my comment!
    By Chloe

  17. Hi miss Jordan, I’m one of your old students from leopold primary. I was in 4KM with Miss or mrs Morris. I am currently in year 7 going to Geelong high. I just saw the old blog and thought I’d check your new one. See ya, bye.

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