Interesting Idioms!

We have been learning about idioms in literacy this week.

Idioms are phrases that have a different meaning to the actual words in the phrase. For example, if something is described as “a piece of cake”, it is an idiom. It means that something is really easy, it doesn’t actually have anything at all to do with cake.

In class, we discussed the literal and the inferred meaning of lots of idioms.

  • The literal meaning is when you imagine the words in the idiom as being the real meaning.
  • The inferred meaning is what the phrase actually means when used in conversation.

Example: To “spill the beans”.

You might imagine someone tipping over a bowl of beans BUT this idiom really means that you have revealed some secret information.


For this learning task, each student chose an idiom they liked. They had to draw the literal and the inferred meaning for their idiom. Check out our work and see if you can identify the idioms!

Learning about idioms is important because authors often use idioms in books, so we need to understand them in order to understand what we read. Since learning about idioms, we also realised that we use idioms all the time in our conversations!


Did you guess any of our idioms?

Do you have a favourite idiom?

What idioms do you often hear people say?

7 thoughts on “Interesting Idioms!

  1. Dear everyone
    My parents and I all use idioms but we didn’t know what they were called but now these days I have being pick up when I say one here are a few of my favourite you spilled the beans or my mums favourite hold your horses or once every blue moon
    From Elisse

  2. Hi 3/4C,
    I really like idioms. My favourite idiom is hold your horses. My mum says it all the time.
    I think all the pictures of idioms were really good. I don’t think I guessed them all though. They are quite interesting things because we say them all the time without noticing.
    ~ Ruby

  3. Dear 3/4C
    I didn’t guess any idioms but my favourite idioms are when pigs fly and oh I slept like a log. I often her people say that was a piece of cake and also in my family, I slept like a log. My favourite is I slept like a log because I think it’s funny.
    From Will

  4. Dear three 4 c

    I thought learning about idioms was really fun my favourite idiom is you let the cat out of the bag. I hope everyone else liked learning about idioms.

    From Banjo R

  5. Dear Miss Jordon
    I did guess some and one was night owl,spill the beans.They are just some of the ones that I guessed.My favourite idiom is probably hold your horses.Spelt the beans,hold your horses
    and I can’t think of any others


  6. Dear miss joardan

    I really love trying to guess everyone’s drawings it is so much fun I love saying idioms and writing them I know I said this before but it’s just so true they are so much fun

    From Valla

  7. Dear miss jordan i am very exited about being in 3/4c with you. I am a very funny Student and also I am not that good at maths but I love reding

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