Letters to Miss Jordan’s 2017 Students

Today, all students participated in a two hour transition session with their new class and teacher for 2017.

Next year, Miss Jordan is teaching grade three and four again. The current 3/4C students wrote letters to Miss Jordan’s class of 2017, sharing some of their highlights from the year. The letters are below for Miss Jordan’s new students to read!

Enlarge the slideshow above to view the letters clearly.

Miss Jordan would love to receive some blog comments from her new students!

What were your school highlights in 2016?

What are you looking forward to in 2017?

Do you have a learning goal for next year?

4 thoughts on “Letters to Miss Jordan’s 2017 Students

  1. hi Miss jordan its your new student for 2017 Flynn i am going to answer your questions first lets start of with what are you doing during the school holidays? I am going to catch up with my Freinds going to Warnabool for 2 nights and 3 anda half days with my family because we go their every year. Now lets do. What do you in your spare time? I like to play on my iPad. Now lets do. What is your favourite thing you do at school? Recess and Lunch. Now lets do. What did you improve in 2016? Writing. and last question is. What are you most looking forward to in 2017? iPad program.

  2. Hi miss Jordan. I’ve just been reading through the letters that your 2016 class wrote and they are wonderful! It sounds like your class had a great, an awesome time with you as their teacher. Some of my highlights from 2016 are cross country, 3-6 athletics, the trip to science works,3/4 sport, sports day and much more. As you can probably tell, I love sport. Some things that I’m looking forward to next year are grade 4 camp, being able to keep going on and on in 3-6 athletics, making our own math warm up games and many more things. In my free time I enjoy practising netball, playing sport, spending time with my family and riding my bike. My favourite thing to do at school is easily writing. During the holidays I am going to Bright for 3 and a half weeks. From Chelsea

  3. Hi Miss Jordan I am very happy to be in your
    class this year. The things I liked the best
    were writing, maths, enquiry, PE, Indonesian and
    art. I am excited for the i pad program and i am
    revving to do camp this year. My goals are
    to be better at writing and running. from Silas.

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