Our School Year Comes To An End. Merry Christmas!

To celebrate the end of a fantastic year, today we had a special picnic at the beach.

We walked to the local beach park at 11.30am and enjoyed some games and activities in the park and on the sand. The students enjoyed making sand castles and playing cricket on the sand. The playground was also very popular.

Students brought their lunch and enjoyed eating and socialising in the picturesque environment. Barwon Heads is a beautiful part of the country and we are very lucky to have the beach so close to our school!

Here are some photos of the students enjoying their special outing.


Tomorrow is the very last day of the school year. We have had a fantastic year and Miss Jordan is very proud of all of the 3/4C students.

This is a photo from the very start of the school year…


And this photo was taken just last week…


The slideshow below features a photo of each of the students from the very start of the year and the very end of the year. It is interesting to observe how each student has changed!


Miss Jordan looks forward to welcoming her new grade three and four students in 2017. Hopefully the 2016 students continue to keep in touch and comment on our blog!

The 3/4C students, along with Miss Jordan, wish everyone a very Merry Christmas a wonderful holiday break!


What did you enjoy about the picnic?

What has been your school highlight this year?

What are you most proud of?

What are you looking forward to doing on the holidays?

12 thoughts on “Our School Year Comes To An End. Merry Christmas!

  1. Hi 3/4C,
    I have had an amazing year in year 4, I hope you all had an amazing year.
    I enjoyed the picnic because I hanged out with my friends. My highlight this year was grade four camp because I made new friendships. I am most proud of my maths because I have improved so much. I am looking forward to the holidays because I get a break off school and I get to celebrate Christmas.

  2. Dear Miss Jordan,

    I really appreciate your hard work and dedication you have put into this year to make grade 3 possible for me and I can’t wait to see you in the near future!!


  3. Dear miss Jordan,
    This year has been a blast but now it’s time to say goodbye. I will look for you around the school yard and never forget you. You will always be in my heart you are a great teacher and you have made all the highlights of the year better than they already are. But there is one thing I need to say and that is merry Christmas and a happy new year. From Kayla
    P.S the picnic was great.

  4. Dear Miss Jordan,

    i will miss yo lots and lots I have loved being in this class it has been so much fun with you

    The grade four picnic was lots of fun play in the sun with my friends

    From fabulous Valla

  5. Dear miss Jordan,
    I enjoyed play cricket at the beach and eating fish and chips covered in gravy. I also enjoy the walking back and forth from and to the beach.
    Wearing casual clothes it was so fun. I am most proud of improving on my multiplication strategy’s and skills. I am most looking forward to go and see the fireworks on the holidays and I am most looking forward to surfing on the holidays. From Banjo and Banjo

  6. Dear 3/4C,
    I enjoyed playing withi my friends and making sandmen ( snowmen).

    My school high light was being in a composite class, I got to push my self to the limit.

    He am most proud of learning my times tables I now know all of the times table that I need to know.


  7. Dear miss Jordan
    Thank you for taking us to the park I had the time of my life it was soo much fun
    Thanks for the parents to I can not wait for hoildays.
    See ya
    From leni

  8. I have had a very good year this year with my amazing teacher this I am proud to present my
    Teachers name is miss Jordan I have improved
    On so so much this year with my amazing no fantastic teacher she has told us how to solve
    Tricky maths problems and some other things too thank you miss Jordan yes you miss Jordan
    From khy

  9. Dear Miss Jordan and 3/4 C,
    I have enjoyed this year so much I’m really sad its come to an end. This year has been the best year and I have loved having this class and teacher and it won’t be the next year!!

    What I enjoyed about the picnic was just being able to enjoy the sun with my friends and play on the playground and on the warm sand, it was very nice of the teachers to let us enjoy the warmth of the sun and play at the beach.
    ( Thank you teachers)

    My school highlight for this year was having an an amazing teacher Miss Jordan and having a great 3/4 class I will miss you all

    I am looking forward to getting a new basketball ring and also I am looking forward to having my family come for a roast on Christmas Day.

    From Molly
    P.S I will miss having you Miss Jordan as a teacher!!

  10. Gi enjoyed having fun competitive competitions,talking and real axing in the cool shade with my friends and class mates also sitting in the soft sand!

    My highlight this term would be majorly inptoving in small ways with my reading,writing and math activities !

    I’m looking forward to seeing my family and friends in tokeamore,opening up my presents and having a good time on Christmas Day and having a great time in the beach for the summer with all my friends!

  11. Dear miss Jordan,
    You are the best teacher in the world. I wish you were in my grade next year. You are awesome. Me and lachie’s favourite highlight this year was grade three camp. Me and lachie loved sleeping in the same cabin.

    From Bruno and Lachlan

  12. Dear miss Jordan,
    Thanks for an amazing year of outstandingly amazing teaching, I absolutely have no words for how fun it’s been. You have given me so many opportunities this year that I could never repay you in a million years.

    It will be sad to leave this year behind but I can’t wait to go into grade four. You have granted all my wishes for grade three and have been the absolute best teacher in the world.

    I hope you have an amazing Christmas and have lots of fun on the holidays!!!
    From Chloe

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