Independent Reading

This week, we launched independent reading in our classroom.

We spend part of our daily Reader’s Workshop sessions doing independent reading, to practise strategies and work on our individual goals.

During independent reading, we aim to:

  • begin reading quickly and efficiently
  • read with stamina for the duration of the session
  • choose a good place to read and stay in that place
  • read silently.


After independent reading, we catch up with our “Reading Buddy” to discuss our books. This is a great opportunity to share our reflections, ask each other questions and learn about other books and authors from our peers.


What are you currently reading during independent reading?

Who is your favourite author?

What reading strategy would you like to focus on this term?

Do you have an all-time favourite book?

59 thoughts on “Independent Reading

  1. Dear 3/4C,

    I have really enjoyed beginning independent reading with you this week. I am impressed with the way you have started reading quickly and efficiently and you are developing your reading stamina. It has also been excellent to see you all reading a variety of texts.

    The most recent book I read was an autobiography written by former test cricketer, Michael Clarke. I learnt a lot about him and his life and I really enjoyed it.

    I like many different authors. When I was younger, I loved to read Enid Blyton books. The Enchanted Wood series was my favourite because I could really visualise the characters and their adventures.

    I can’t wait to start reading conferences with you all this year! Well done on a fabulous start to our independent reading program.

    Your teacher,
    Miss Jordan

  2. Dear 3/4C
    I really enjoy Independent reading.
    I am reading footy kids during reading.
    I have got two favourite author’s David Warner and Jeff Kinney.
    I really want to focus on reading fluently this term.
    Again I have got two all-time favourite books The kaboom kid and Diry of a wimpy kid.
    From Flynn.

  3. Hi 3/4C,
    I really enjoy independent reading.

    The book I am reading at the moment is called Gallipoli, and it is one of the books in the series called My Australian Story. It’s about a teenager and he’s desperate to join the army.

    My favourite author is J.K Rowling. I love all the books she writes because she puts so much detail in them.

    A strategy I would like to work on this year is finding out the meaning of more interesting words.

    I don’t have an all time favourite book but I have a favourite book series.That series are the Harry Potter ones. I also like the tales of needle the bard and quidditch through the ages.

    From Chelsea

  4. Dear 3/4c
    I am very excited to be starting independent reading this year and can’t wait to be reading my book more.During independent reading I am reading Diary of a wimpy kid,I really enjoy it.My favourite author would probably be Jeff Kinney, and my all time favourite book is definitely Diary of a wimpy kid,Double down.
    I am very excited to be starting school this year and can’t wait to do more reading.From Sonny!

  5. Hi 3/4C. I really enjoy reading and I love my book Harry Potter and the half blood prince,I’m in a great part in the book I LOVE IT! It is the best.

  6. Dear miss Jordan I have been reading a book about a dog that has the ability to talk like a person but didn’t want humans to know that he could talk. My favourite author is dunken ball, i would like to get a bit better at reading bigger words,my favourite book is a surfing book. From kaia.

  7. Dear 3/4C I have mainly been reading chapter books and novels.moving on my favourite author is R.L stine who rights goosebumps.moving on I would like to not get bored of my book that is my goal.moving on my favourite book is goosebumps from Austin

  8. Dear 3/4C I am so excited to start independent reading this year.
    The bookI’m currently reading is I am still not a loser it is a funnny book it is really interesting.
    I have lots of good authors in mind but my favourite one is Roald Dahl is books are good fit books for me.To always get good fit books from the library I like to get books that are good for me.My favroute book is the twits by Roald Dahl it is really funny from Eli

  9. Hi Miss Jordan,

    In independent reading I’m currently reading a book called Puppy Places Stella. It’s an awesome book and my favourite author is David Walliams. I do like to read ivy + bean sometimes.

    From Sophie

  10. Dear Miss Jordan,
    I love to read right now I am reading soldier dog by Sam Angus it is a really interesting story and it’s actually based on a real story!

    It is about a dog has to work from the other side of the earth in a middle of a war to give a Guys mum a note but that is all I know so far.

    I find reading probly the most funest subject in school because your mind is focused in a book and its like your actually in the book and it’s fun because you can see the pictures in your head but there is no pictures on the page!!

    From Daisy.

  11. Hi 3/4C,
    I really enjoy independent reading because I love reading.

    In independent reading I am reading a book called the Berlin Olympics. It is a dairy of a girl called Eleanor. She loves swimming. She enters the olymPics for swimming her, sister is a swimmer as well as Eleanor but she is much faster.

    My favourite author is Sophie Masson she writes really good books and I really enjoy them! They are very entertaining and fun to read. She and some other authors write a series called my Australian story.

    My favourite book is called road to war. It is an amazing book. It is really fun and entertaining to read. I really enjoy it.

    From Billie

    I would like to read without swinging my legs and getting destracted and not paying attention.

  12. Dear 3/4c I like reading sports books .my favourite author is Andy Griefs. the Kaboom kid. I like to play outside a lot. I really like and my dad play cricket in my back yard.

  13. Dear 3/4c the books I have been reading is boy vs beast
    And is about a boy that battles beasts to save earth. My favourite
    Author is Oliver Jeffers.

  14. Dear 3/4c,

    I love doing independent reading it is grat .
    Do you like independent reading?

    I been reading bfg
    Books .
    Bfg book are the best books for kids to read at nighttimes.

    Miss Jordan is the best techer ever.

    From zarah

  15. Dear miss Jordan
    I really have enjoyed independent reading with you this week.
    My favourite author is Jim Davis because he draws really funny pictures and he writes really good and interesting and descriptive books.

    I really like and think it is my all time favourite book is I’m not a looser.

    From Alby

  16. Dear3/4c

    I have really enjoyed reading Geronimo Stilton books.

    At the moment I m reading The hunt for secret papyrus.
    My favourite authors are David warner Geronimo Stilton Aaron Blably Olliver Jeffers.

    I would like to focus voice and sentence fluency.
    My favourite book is David warner no 5

  17. Dear 3/4C

    I am looking forward for a great year with all of my wonderful class mates and my great new teacher.

    I have loved independent reading I mean who wouldn’t love it

    The book I have been reading is the kaboom kid. My favourite author is Anh do. My favourite book is the bad guys

  18. Dear 3/4c,
    I’m looking forward to continue independent reading this year.

    Right now, I’m really interested in the “Clementine Rose” books because there’s always a mystery that you can solve in everyone of the books.

    There’s a lot of authors that I like but my favourite writer is Jeff Kinney because he writes really funny books like “Dairy of a wimpy kid.”

    This year I really want to focus on going back and reading.

    My all-time favourite book is “Dairy of a wimpy kid dog days” because I think that one is the funniest one out of all of them.

    I can’t wait to continue learning with you this year.

    From Zali

  19. Dear miss Jordan.
    I have been reading a book about a dog that can talk like a human,my favourite author is ducan ball, I would like to get a bit better at reading bigger words.
    From kaia

  20. Dear Miss Jordan,
    One of my favourite hobbys is independent reading. Last year I managed to finish a 13 series called the floods by Collin Thomsan. There these great books about a family of witches and wizards who go on this great journey to travel back to were the mum and dad come from while meeting new people, growing up and fighting with terrible arch enemy’s. I would recommend it for people with a good sense of humour but enjoy a long lasting story full of squeals and cries with an emotional twist of growing up. There are even some things in the book that send shivers up your spine. I would definitely recommend reading the series. From Eliza.

  21. Dear Miss Jordan,
    In independent reading this week I have really had my head in the book I borrowed from the library it’s about my favourite person in the world Bindi Irwin.

    My most favourite book is probably Ruby Red Shoes because it has beautiful words and stunning pictures
    Your student Ashli

  22. Dear Ms.Jordan,
    during my independent reading,I have enjoyed
    improving my fluency in my head while enjoying
    my book.My goal is to start improving on my
    reading stamina.
    From Georgia.

  23. Dear Miss Jordan and 3/4C,
    I’m really excited to continuing independent reading this year.

    In independent reading I am reading Clementine Rose and charlottes web.I have lots of favourite auothers but I like Enid Blyton and E.B white.
    I would like to start focusing on not getting destracted.

    I have lots of favourite books.
    I’m really looking forward to having a great year.

    From Emma.

    • Hi Emma
      I really like charlottes web too because wilbur makes a new friend which is a spider called Charlotte who saves wilbur.from your friend kaia.

  24. HI3/4C

    I have been reading lots of novels lately like captain underpants and ook and golk Kung fu cave men from the future.

    During independent reading I been reading a variety of books such as diary of a wimpy kid

    My favourite is DAV pilkey because he writes the captain underpants books

    The reading strategy l have been using is the split strategy


  25. Dear Miss Jordan,
    I am focusing on trying not to talk, keeping my eyes in the book, wondering about and consentratining on my book.

    My favourite author would probably be Roald Dahl and I have a reason for that and it would be because he has some really funny stories, humorous words, cool funny and interesting characters and a pretty good imagination.
    Kind regards from Ashli

  26. Hello Miss Jordan’s Class!
    What a great blog you all are participating in! I am very impressed. I teach 2nd grade in Ohio and I have been thinking about starting a blog with my students. During my research I happened to find you guys. You definitely make me want to start our blog tomorrow! I am also impressed with how much you all are reading. Keep up the good work!
    I hope you have a wonderful school year.

    Mrs. Sowards

  27. I’ve loved reading this year I like reading the Simpsons comics and books also I liked reading diary of a wimpy kid searies I have been reading those books in class I like diary of a wimpy kid searies because the mane person is Greg the middle brother and I’m the middle brother he has 2 brothers called Mannie and Rodrick his brothers really annoy him and has a weird life

    The Simpsons I like the Simpsons because it is funny and is weird and unexpected plus everyone is crazy sometimes actually when you think about it they are basically always crazy
    I think out of the whole family is Maggie the baby serously not Homer when you think about it he is stupid crazy weird funny and ausome Lisa is pretty smart and annoying.

    From Will

    • It’s been entertaining and interesting reading about the students favourite books, Will can probably relate to some of the Simpson family dynamics !! I did find it particularly humourous that William find Lisa the smart and annoying one in the family….classic! As for the youngest Maggie, yes she conveniently flies underneath the radar.
      Great work class 3/4C

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