Our Classroom

Our classroom is the “yellow room” in the library building of our school.

Below are some photos to show you what our learning space looks like. Enjoy!

Here is the outdoor entrance to our building. The library is on the right.


This is our corridor. There are six classrooms in our building – two grade three classes, two grade four classes, our class (3/4C) and a grade five class. Our classroom is at the very end of the corridor on the right.

The art room is also in our building.


During the holidays, the new building was completed! It is an extension of our corridor and there are five classrooms for the 5/6 grades. It is very exciting to have a brand new learning environment for the senior students!

Each morning, we put our schoolbags in our named lockers outside our classroom. We try to keep this area very tidy!

This is the door to our classroom…

And here is the inside of our classroom!

Keeping our classroom neat and tidy requires everyone to take responsibility and we are working hard to develop our organisational skills. All students have a classroom job and lots of these jobs are related to classroom organisation and management.

We take pride in our classroom to make it a fun and inviting environment. We love learning and working in our classroom!


What is your favourite part of our classroom?

What is your classroom job?

When do you show organisation at home and school?

21 thoughts on “Our Classroom

  1. Dear 3/4C

    My favourite part of are class is the reading corner becomes it is a great place to read. My class room job is the calendar the person I do it with is Angus it is a great job.


  2. Dear miss Jordan I
    My favourite part of the classroom are the reading posters,my job in the classroom is the lunch tub monitor,I show orgnisasion when I get my things ready in time for school so that my parents don’t get angry with me.from kaia.

  3. Hi 3/4c I will answer some of the questions. My classroom job is floors.
    My favourite part of the classroom is the middle room. I show organisation at the start of the day at school and home bye!! :- ..

  4. Dear miss Jordan
    My favourite part in the classroom is the book corner.
    My classroom job is cleaning up the bag area and making it tidy.
    I get organised in the morning by getting my pencilcase out of my tub and put it on my table and get my reader folder out of my bag and also put it on my table with my pencilcase.

  5. Dear Miss Jordan,

    I’m really looking forward to being in a class with you this year and doing fun activities with you and the class this year.

    My favourite part of the classroom is all the colour and artwork.

    My class job is being the white board monitor.
    What the white board monitor does is, when the teacher is finished writing on the white board, you can rub it off when the class and the teacher doesn’t need the writing anymore.

    At home I use organisation by packing my bag for school.

    At school I use organisation by putting all the thing i need for school that day such as, my inderpendent reading book, iPad, pencil case,
    Drink bottle and my reader.

    I can’t wait to learn more with you and the class.

    From Zali

  6. Dear Miss Jordan and 3/4C,

    I have been looking forward to starting the year in this excellent classroom.

    My favourite part of this classroom is the book corner with the comfteble cushions and Leo the cuddly tiger.

    My classroom job is the grade three IPad monitor. I have to put out the grade three IPads out at the start of the day.

    At school I use organisation when l pack my bag ready for home and stand behind my chair or sit on the floor.

    At home l use organisation when l get ready for bed and when l am getting ready for school.

    From Emma

  7. Dear miss Jordan,
    My favourite part of the classroom is my desk, because it is a great place to work.
    My class job is the messenger.
    I use organisation at home by getting dressed, packing my bag and brushing my teeth.
    I use organisation at school by getting out my pencil case and my reader folder.
    From Georgia.

  8. Dear Miss Jordan,
    I love the effort you have put into the class room it is very hard to make it this colour full and you have done a great job!!!

    I am still working on my job just to get the hang of it my job is the back room that is where I Make sure it is clean but if is not I have to clean it

    From daisy

  9. Dear Miss Jordan,
    I’m enjoying class with 3/4c.
    My favourite part in the room is the reading corner because it’s a quiet place to read. At home l’m organised by getting breakfast and I sometimes set the table for dinner. In class my job is clipboards from Sophie

  10. Dear 3/4C,

    My favourite part of the classroom is the book corner because the pillows are really fluffy and comfy.

    My classroom job is messenger and I take notes and messages to teachers.

    I show organisation before school with getting my things ready and also before bed when I need to put my iPad ont the charger.


  11. dear 3/4c I have made some new friends will & dan . my favourite part of the class room is the medel room. my favourite job in the class room is the sports .Im all ways reedy to go .From Freddie.

  12. Hello! We are a classroom of Grade 2 and 3 students from North Battleford, Saskatchewan, Canada. We think your art is really neat! Your classroom is so clean and organized. We have a TV and a white board too. In our classroom, we are all responsible for cleaning the floor and making sure our supplies are always put away. Our school books are organized into bins by color. We also practice organization in our writing. Thank you for showing us your classroom!

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