The Wonderful Students in 3/4C!

Miss Jordan is really enjoying getting to know her 26 new students!

All students have settled in beautifully and they are doing a great job getting back into the routine of school life.

This week, we have commenced our reading, writing, maths and spelling programs. We have also started using our iPads in class, which has been exciting. Our weekly specialist subjects (Art, Indonesian, Art and Science) are lots of fun and enjoyed by all.

Back on our first day of the school year, Miss Jordan took photos of the students. Check them out in the slideshow below!


What has been your highlight of the school year so far?

Have you made any new friends?

What do you hope to achieve this year?

14 thoughts on “The Wonderful Students in 3/4C!

  1. Learning new things and getting to now people better trying new things I can’t wait to learn more things.
    I am still gettting to now people better and I now a couple I will now other people though the year.
    To be stamina with my reading and a bit of maths and writing. From Eli

  2. Dear miss Jordan,
    I am very excited to be starting the school year and can’t wait to get to know more about the students.

    My highlight of the year so far is the first day in 3/4C.

    I haven’t made any new friends yet but I’m looking forward to making more.

    I hope I can achieve to get more better at activities in the classroom, such as reading writing and maths.

    It has been a great start to the year and can’t wait to do more activities
    From Sonny

  3. Dear 3/4C,
    I have really enjoyed the start of the new school year.

    My highlight so far is making the pastel portraits and getting to know my new classmates.

    I haven’t really made any new friends so I’m just hanging out with my old ones.

    The thing I would like to achieve this year is learning and finding out the meaning of more interesting words.


  4. Hi 3/4c
    My highlight so far is probably sience oh and doing slide shows on keynote they are so fun.

    I have 6 new friends and they are eli,joel,lb,silas,Murf,William they’re very nice to have as a friend I know that this year is going to be fun!

    I hope I will achieve to active travel most days and read quietly and transition eficently and learning all the time and that means listening every minute of every hour of every day.

  5. Dear Miss Jordan,
    My highlight of the year is starting the iPad program.
    I have made new friends with Charlie Eli and Joel.
    Reading fluently with expression.
    From Flynn

  6. I’m Austin the great hi 3/4sport and PE they’re so fun!!! we do the best and most fun! Actives I have made friends dan Angus and Fredy I hope to achieve forming my letters right from Austin your friend

  7. Hi miss jordan

    I having a grat year with you . I like it with you here in this class room . I wish a grat year with you .

    My highlight this year is learning about things I haven’t learned about things .
    I have made 4 friends . Now I feel good now with them.
    I want to achieve this year is writing and spleeing words.

    I love being here.

    From zarah

  8. Dear Miss Jordan,
    I have really enjoyed being in your class. I have also met lots of new people. And l have learnt lots of things with technology like blogging and online safety
    Hope you like my comment
    From Annabel

  9. Hola miss Jordan,
    I have had lots of fun in your class espeshely today l loved doing that maths game and l really love doing silent reading.

    From Annabel

  10. Dear Miss Jordan & 3/4C,
    I have really enjoyed being able to make new grade 3 friends, learn new maths games, getting to now Miss Jordan better, pushing myself to learn more about being CYBER SAFE on the internet and doing lots of reading.

    The goals I really want to work on this year is trying to be able to read silently, write neatly and listen better when we’re on the floor and your talking to the class
    Kind regards from your student Ashli

  11. Dear miss Jordan I have loved being a good friend and I have made heaps of new friends this term,I would really like to get better with my big numbers
    From kaia

  12. Dear Miss Jordan,

    I’m super exited to be in this class with you this year.

    I’ve made friends with Emma,Chelsea,Billy and Ashly.

    I really hope I ach

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