Learning About Place Value

We are currently studying place value in maths.

Place value is defined as the value of a digit based on its position in a number.

For example: in the number 946 the 4 is in the “tens” position so it shows a value of 40. The 9 is in the “hundreds” position so it shows a value of 900.

Students have been developing their place value skills using four, five, six and seven digit numbers.


Numbers can be represented in different ways. Consider the five digit number in the place value chart below.

Five digit number

Standard form: 28,362

Word form: Twenty eight thousand, three hundred and sixty two

Expanded form: 20,000 + 8,000 + 300 + 60 + 2

We can also rename numbers in different ways. The number above can be renamed in a variety of ways including:

28 thousands, 36 tens and 2 ones

283 hundreds and 62 ones

2836 tens and 2 ones

28 thousands and 362 ones


Base 10 materials (sometimes referred to as MAB) are a very useful resource to model numbers.

Students have been building their knowledge by participating in a range of individual, partner, small group and whole class tasks. One highlight has been the Base 10 Race!

To play this game, students worked in collaborative groups outside. Each team rolled dice repeatedly and had to collect the required amount of Base 10 materials after each roll. They had to “trade” the materials when necessary. For example, when they had 10 ones, they exchanged for 1 ten. Or when they had 10 tens, they exchanged for 100. Teams kept a record of their number as the game progressed. It was a fun way to develop place value knowledge!


How has your place value knowledge improved?

What place value activity have you enjoyed?

If you were designing a place value game, what would it be?

What is your favourite maths topic?

17 thoughts on “Learning About Place Value

  1. Dear Miss Jordan,
    I loved the game where we had to go get the amount of numbers that we rolled on the dice.
    It was so fun but a little confusing because everybody was going in the wrong order and constantly swapping the amount!
    I love place value and can’t wait to learn more!

    From Eliza

  2. Dear miss Jordan ,
    My place value knowledge has improved because I’ve been confirdedent about it
    I enjoyed the BASE 10 race a lot.
    I would design a game like the BASE 10 race because it was very fun but instead of base 10 they would be cards.
    Tests or C.F.A.T. are my favourite I think.
    From Murphy .

  3. Dear 3/4c

    I have inprove on saying bigger words.
    I’ve enjoyed every single game. My favourite maths topic is addition. I would make one with base ten materials

    From Angus

  4. Dear Miss Jordan,
    I love to do place value in maths !!❤️

    That game that we did was the funniest maths came ever I really would like to do that game again sometime in maths.

    I would love to learn more about our maths stragey I find it really fun it was also really great that my team one with a score of 252 blocks!!

    From Daisy

  5. Dear miss Jordan,
    a place value activity I have found fun is the
    out door place value race. I enjoyed playing this game. My place value skills have improved
    well and nicely because I get good advice from
    teachers and can work with friends.my favourite
    maths activitys are making graphs and playing
    fun dice games with.partners.
    From Georgia.

  6. Dear Miss Jordan,
    I think I have learned a lot more place value.
    My favourite maths topic is well I like place value and graphs because place value you can rename it and it’s pretty fun creating with the bass ten and for the graphs I like collecting info
    From Sophie

  7. Dear 3/4C,
    I really enjoyed learning about place value.

    My knowledge for it has improved a lot.

    My favourite place value activity was the one that we played outdoors.

    If I had to create a place value game it would be something like the one we played outside but I would make the distance to run furthur.

    My favourite math topics are fractions, addition, multiplication and subtraction.


  8. Hi Miss Jordan
    I love maths .
    if I could make my own place value game it would be a race so you make two groups and you show the first two some place value and then it is a race for who can count the right value of what you showed them and if it was right and the fastest they would win but if they weren’t right they would not win.

    From Dan

  9. Dear miss Jordan,
    I really enjoyed playing the base 10 race,it was a lot of fun!
    My place value knowledge has improved a lot and I am very excited to be doing more of it.
    My favourite place value activity has been the base 10 race,it was awesome!
    If I was designing a place value game I would do something similar to the base ten race!From Sonny➕➖➗✖️

  10. Ih 3/4c this year I have been having fun .
    I like cricket and I’m good at it .
    my favourite team in the BBL is the stars and the RENEGADES.
    I have four people in my family.
    at the BBL they have FMX and I love it.
    From Freddie

  11. Hi I’m back on the blog an I think that my place value has increased by 50% lm now working in tens an hundreds of thousands I have .my favourite activity was the outside highest number activity it wasAwesome and cool I would probably not be designing a game yet I’ll think about it. My favourite topic is probably division subtracting adishon and times,by this maths test was not bad from Austin

  12. Dear Miss Jordan,
    I have had lots of fun in place value l have learnt lots to.ln Mathletics l played a game about place value . In the first place l strugeld in the first place but then l started to get what l did wrong .ln maths l struggle the most but l keep trying and l get better at it .
    Hope you liked reading
    From Annabel✌

  13. Dear miss jorndan
    I loved the place value run my team got 129 points .
    I would pike a place value game it would be run grab run .‍♀️

    My favourite topic is number line i loved the active we did it alltogether .
    I have enjoyed is the place value run it was fun I had a grat time doing it .
    I have learned a lot more now then befor .

    From zarah ➕✖️➗➖

  14. Dear chealsea,
    Good job on your post to Miss Jordan on glad you like place value l like it to it is so much .l think your really smart well that’s all l know because l sit next to you
    From your class mate Annabel

  15. Hi Miss Jordan and class,
    I found your blog on Mrs Yollis’ class blog. I noticed that you are focussing on place value as are we. I would like to show my class you playing the game and I hope you don’t mind, but we’d like to borrow your idea if that’s okay. It seemed a great way to learn the real value of the numbers. My year three’s would get a kick out of playing it. We have done a few things too. Check out our blog “Ellen’s Class Blog”

    Cheers Ellen and year 3’s at Grange

  16. Hi miss Jordan I’m from 3B my name is Ethan your website is awesome I love the koala that talks it’s a great way to atract more people to coment and possibly convince parents to In roll their little children in Barwon heads primary school.

    • Hi Ethan haven’t seen you since year two hold on I have seen you. But it’s been A long time since I’ve seen you well bye Ethan

      From Charlie

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