Investigating Language!

3/4C students participate in word study sessions each week.

During recent word study lessons, we have been learning about parts of speech.

Specifically, we have investigated:

  • Common nouns
  • Proper nouns
  • Pronouns
  • Adjectives
  • Verbs
  • Adverbs

There are other parts of speech to learn too, as well as a variety of other grammar terms, so we have these posters in our classroom to refer to.


Adjectives and adverbs make writing more interesting to read. Learning about these parts of speech will help our writing skills develop.

We are currently focussing on narratives in writing. Today, we completed a narrative investigation about ‘language’. We read the picture book, Who Goes There? by Karma Wilson.

We stopped to discuss the interesting common nouns, proper nouns, pronouns, adjectives, verbs and adverbs. We recorded them on big charts.

Students then selected a picture story book from our class collection to investigate the language. They recorded the nouns, adjectives, verbs and adverbs on their iPads as they read.

By the end of the lesson we had many, many words on our language charts!


Write a comment containing some interesting nouns, adjectives, verbs and adverbs!

What have you learnt in our word study sessions so far this year?

Do you have any favourite adjectives or adverbs?

Have you discovered any interesting words you will try to use in your writing?

15 thoughts on “Investigating Language!

  1. Hi 3/4c I have leaned about adjectives and verbs the most this year and my favourite adverbs are winter and wind.

  2. Dear miss Jordan this is Freddie.
    I like to read and right about my dad,s cricket .
    Mum is a great kook, she kooks cakes .
    I like cricket and dog,s from Freddie.

  3. Dear 3/4C,

    Some of the nouns I found include chair, hat, dog, cat, Chelsea, Billie, Smiggle, me, him, her and more. Some verbs are running, swim and walk. Some adverbs are quickly, slowly, cheerfully and wholeheartedly. And finally, some adjectives are bright, colourful and plain.

    Some things I’ve learnt in word study are how to spell more words.

    I don’t really have any favourite adverbs but I like the adjective funny.

    I can’t really think of any interesting words I’d like to use in my writing.


  4. Hi 3/4C,

    I really enjoy learning about parts of speech and hope to do a lot more of it this term.

    My favourite part of speech is common nouns. Common nouns is anything really besides names of people and places

    This year I have learnt all about nouns. A lot more than you can think of.

    My favourite adjective is clumsy because I can be very clumsy.

    I have discovered lots of interesting words that I will youse in my future writing.

    Parts of speech rule
    From Billie

  5. Dear miss Jordan
    I have really enjoyed learning about nouns proper nouns pro nouns adverbs verbs and adjectives this week with you. My favourite out of all verbs and adverbs is probably verbs because they are the easiest.

    I have learnt quite a lot of new words the past couple of weeks I have also learnt more for all the ful suffix our trigraph and /au/ making e sound.
    From Alby

  6. Dear Miss Jordan,
    I love learning about parts of speech my favourite one is verbs pro nouns and COMMAN nouns !!

    The easiest one is probably comman nouns and I love to do the ones that are challenging but not to hard

    From Daisy

  7. Hi it is me Austin the great I’m back so far I have not lerned many good adverbs or verbs I’ve learnt more better words and adverbs verbs
    Nouns pro nouns and so on yes I have found
    Interesting words from word study


  8. Hi 3/4c I am really enjoying parts of speech
    I thought the word hunt was fun and also I
    Lots of words because I think I might’ve
    Picked the right book I think the most
    Popular noun is common noun because
    They make basically everything I like
    Nouns because they are really fun to learn
    From Joel

  9. Hi 3/4c
    I thought it was really fun the hunt I found lots on my book who goes there.There is so many verbs in there and nouns and adjectives and eaven some adverbs it is the best book ever

    My favourite adverb and adjective was for the adverb it was quickly and adjective was drifted they were my favourites

  10. Dear miss Jordan,
    I had so much fun learning about nouns,adjectives,verbs and adverbs. In word study this year I have learnt the differences between common nouns,proper nouns and pronouns. I have so many favourite adjectives that I don’t know what to choose but I do like astonishingly. I haven’t found many interesting words but I will keep trying to find more of them
    From Sonny

  11. Dear 3/4c

    In word study I have learnt that adverbs describes a verb and adjectives describes a nouns. My favourite adverb is fast and quick and my favourite adjective is high. Mot eany yet but I will get one soon.

    From Angus

  12. Hi 3/4C

    The I enjoyed the word hunt it was very very fun and interesting

    I learnt how adverbs describe a verb

    One of my favourite adverbs is fast because you can use it lots

  13. Dear miss Jordan
    I learnt that verbs is a doing thing and a noun is a name place and a thing
    My favourite adverb is quickly and my favourite adjective is blue

    From Charlie

  14. Dear Miss Jordan,
    My favourite part of speech is an adjective because they are very interesting and you can get it mixed up with adverbs. My dad has not had that kind of education in so long that I had to explain all the parts of speech to him over and over again!

    From Eliza

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