Fun with Perimeter!

We are currently learning about measurement in our maths lessons.

Today, we focussed on perimeter.

We set up ‘perimeter stations’ around the classroom. Some of the shapes were regular shapes and some were irregular shapes.

Students worked in pairs to complete the ‘perimeter stations’ challenge. They recorded their work on their iPads in Google Sheets. To complete the task, students had to…

  • Make educated estimates of each shape.
  • Carefully measure the actual perimeter of each shape using centimetres.
  • Calculate the difference between their estimation and the actual perimeter.

Some of the regular shapes were quite easy and students estimated correctly, and some of the irregular shapes were quite challenging!

It was fantastic to listen to the mathematical language and conversations the students had as they estimated and calculated the perimeter of the different shapes.


How has your measurement knowledge improved during this unit of work?

Calculate the perimeter of something and tell us the answer in your comment!

One thought on “Fun with Perimeter!

  1. Dear 3/4c,
    It looks like fun you are having there with permiter,

    I have been having a great time in the snow it has been going off and on and today is my last day in the snow then I am going to Tokyo, I have been on skees a lot

    From Daisy ❤️

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