Amazing Addition!

Last week we focussed on addition strategies in our maths lessons.

We use addition in every day life all the time, so it is important to improve our skills in this area of maths. Here are some effective addition strategies that we used in class:

  • The addition tens and twenties facts
  • Doubles and near doubles addition facts
  • Double doubles (for example, 8+8=16 and 16+16=32)
  • The Jump Strategy to add hundreds, then tens, then ones by jumping on a number line
  • The Split Strategy to split the hundreds, tens and ones and add them separately
  • The Compensation Strategy when a number we are adding is close to a “round” number we can add or take to the nearest 10
  • 100 facts (addition equations that equal 100)
  • Bridging to the nearest 10 as these numbers are easy to add to.

Students enjoyed practising a variety of these addition strategies during our learning tasks and it was fantastic to hear their mathematical discussions and explanations.

Everyone was so focussed and keen to develop their addition skills!


What addition strategies do you enjoy using?

When do you use addition in everyday life?


4 thoughts on “Amazing Addition!

  1. William
    I think I bean really good in addition on our timing thing for addition I liked how well I went in subtraction on our timing thing I wasn’t happy I think I could’ve been better I am now pretty persistent I am pretty mental doing plus under 10

  2. Dear miss Jordan,
    an addition strategy I enjoy and have used is
    counting on,sometimes I use maths resourcs,
    such as counters.
    From Georgia

  3. Dear miss Jordan,
    I really enjoy addition and figuring out equations.
    When using strategy’s I mostly use the split strategie,it is very easy to use when working out sums.I mostly use addition when counting money
    From Sonny!

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