Fun at the Cross Country!

Today was the annual Barwon Heads Primary School Cross Country!

The Cross Country event was held at Village Park and all students from prep to grade six were involved.

The conditions were perfect and excitement was high at this year’s event. Many parents and relatives also attended to cheer on the students.

Most students in grade three are in the 9 year old age group and they had to run a 1km route. Most students in grade four are in the 10 year old age group and they had to run a 2km route.


All Barwon Heads Primary School students are in one of four “houses” or teams. Each house has its own colour. Everyone who participated in the Cross Country earned points for their house. The names of the houses are:

  • Jupiter
  • Mercury
  • Neptune
  • Saturn

Here are the 3/4C students proudly supporting their teams in house colours…


Miss Jordan was at a marshalling point on the track for the grade four, five and six events. It was a little tricky to get good photos of the students as they powered past her at full speed! Here are a few photos she managed to get of the grade four students.

It was close event, but Saturn were the eventual overall winners on the day. Well done to all of the Barwon Heads Primary School students for their fantastic effort today! It was great to see all of the students demonstrating persistence and determination as they completed the Cross Country course.

3/4C would like to thank Mrs Kneebone for her excellent organisation of the Cross Country event!


What did you think of the Cross Country?

Do you have a goal for next year’s Cross Country event?

Have you ever participated in a race before?

What character strengths were on display during the Cross Country?

10 thoughts on “Fun at the Cross Country!

  1. Dear Miss Jordan and class,

    It was great to read this post about the Cross Country after hearing about it earlier in the week.

    Congratulations to Saturn and an even bigger congratulations to all the students for trying their best!

    It sounds like you all demonstrated a lot of persistence. What was the most difficult part of the Cross Country?

    See you soon!
    Mrs Morris

  2. Dear Miss Jordan,
    I think cross country is good because it is a good chance to run around.
    My goal is to try not to stop as much as I did this year.
    I have never participated in a race out side of school.
    The charecter strengths that were shown are persistent, curouge and resilience.

    From Emma

  3. Dear miss Jordan

    I really injoy cross country I come thee I was so happy that I was in that place I think that cross country was so fun I won’t stop running.
    I will run more thin before . I will not stop running this time and I will love it more .i have participated before when I wasn running and I tripped and fall but I got back up and I kip running past the grade 3 and I made it .people were being persecuted and not giving up .

    From zarah

  4. Dear Miss Jordan,
    I wish I was there for cross country!
    I love running, gymnastics,swimming,and absolutely love football even though I am not that good !!!!!
    From Alice

  5. Dear 3/4c
    I had so much fun at cross country!
    It was amazing how everyone gave it their best!
    It was a fun and exciting race!
    From Sonny ‍♀️

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