A Live Performance in Melbourne

Today, the grade four students enjoyed a trip to Melbourne to see a live stage performance.

The performance was an adaptation of ‘Mr Stink’, a novel written by popular British author, David Walliams.

Excitement was high in the bus on the way to Melbourne…

We arrived at the Arts Centre at 10.15am and waited to be seated…

The hour-long performance was highly entertaining and enjoyed by all. There was lots of laughter from the audience and it was very interesting to see how the book was adapted into a live show.

After the show, we walked to the nearby Queen Victoria Gardens for lunch.


In preparation for the performance, we have been listening to ‘Mr Stink’ on audiobook and sketching what we visualise while we listen. We were aiming for a ‘collage’ style representation of the story. The sketches look fantastic!


 Write a summary of the ‘Mr Stink’ plot.

How did the book compare to the performance?

What was your highlight of the day?

Have you read any other books written by David Walliams?

2 thoughts on “A Live Performance in Melbourne

  1. Dear Miss Jordan and year four ,
    it looks so fun on the bus and you all look like you all had great lunches at the park .
    You put lots effort into your Mr stink posters ,it looks really dark when you are entering the
    theatre .
    looks really fun
    From your class mate Annabel

  2. Hi Miss Jordan and Grade 3/4C,
    How lucky for the grade fours to be able to travel to Melbourne to see such a wonderful play. I think I would’ve liked to see this play as I really enjoy David Walliams’ sense of humour. Many of my grade 5/6 students have already read or are currently reading books by David Walliams. Some of their favourites include Demon Dentist, Ratburger, Gangster Granny and The Midnight Gang.
    If you don’t mind, I’m going to add your class blog link to our class blog so we can visit more often.
    Hope to hear from you soon.
    Mrs Hurley 🙂

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