Grade Three Camp!

We had a fantastic time at our overnight camp to…

Sovereign Hill, located in Ballarat, is often described as an ‘outdoor museum’, because it is like stepping back in time to the 1850s. Sovereign Hill re-creates Ballarat’s first ten years after the discovery of gold in 1851 when thousands of international adventurers rushed to the Australian goldfields in search of fortune.

We saw and learnt so much at Sovereign Hill. We all participated in a 50 minute education session, where we learnt what life was like for men, women and children in the 1850s. We discovered the vast differences between how they lived back then, compared to how we live now. Some students dressed up in the old fashioned clothing, and we learnt the etiquette for behaviour in the 1850s. Students also learnt what school life was like, and they practised writing with pens and inkwells. It was so interesting to hear about a variety of aspects of daily life in the nineteenth century.

Other highlights of our Sovereign Hill camp included…

  • Panning for gold at the Diggings
  • Watching a $170,000 gold ingot being poured at the Gold Smelting Works
  • Travelling underground at the Red Hill Mine
  • Watching a sweet making demonstration
  • Bowling
  • Touring the goldfields cottages
  • Watching redcoat soldier demonstrations
  • Observing how a wheel is made
  • Watching the spectacular ‘Blood on the Southern Cross’ sound and light show
  • Exploring the shops along Main Street
  • Sleeping in the Southern Barracks rooms at the Sovereign Hill hotel
  • Eating meals at the New York Bakery and Sovereign Hill Cafe
  • The beautiful weather!

After a very busy and enjoyable visit to Sovereign Hill, it was a (mostly) sleepy trip home on the bus!

The slideshow below features a selection of photos from our Sovereign Hill camp. Enjoy!


Miss Jordan, Mrs Kebbell and Mr Burdess were very impressed with the excellent behaviour and engagement demonstrated by the grade three students. We would also like to say a BIG thank you to our helpers, Mr Haslam, Miss Ball, Cathy and Glen.


What was your highlight of our camp?

What did you learn at Sovereign Hill?

Were you surprised by anything at Sovereign Hill?

If you were to visit Sovereign Hill another time, what would you do again?

9 thoughts on “Grade Three Camp!

  1. Dear 3/4c,
    I really liked our trip to sovereign hill.
    We had chicken and vegetables for tea and cheesecake for dessert
    I was in cabin 23 with Finn S, Fynn C, Oscar, Charlie C,
    Charlie W, and Hudson and Jordan.
    We went into the brown lolly making and had a taste test it was
    We got to dress up like we lived in the Ballarat 1850s and held a
    massive nugget that was fake .
    From Murphy.

  2. Dear miss Jordan

    My favourite part of the Grade three camp was the gold melting. At sovereign hill I learned that in the past the kids wore very different clothes compared to ours. From kaia

  3. When I go to sovereign hill again I will go to the gold paning the gold smelter makeing gold that is worth $170,000 . I like the photos of the paning and Main Street.

  4. Hi miss Jordan
    Camp was so much fun and the gold mine was great but the Chinese place was a little bit weird. My favourite part of camp was the cabins. Because I had a lot of my friends in my cabin
    I had murph, Finn, Charlie, Fynn, Hudson,Jordan,and Oscar.
    I will never forget this camp
    From CHARLIE

  5. Hi grade 3 (and 4)
    I bet you are all just a little tired today after your camp in Ballarat.
    It looks and sounds though like you had a fantastic time. No doubt you have learnt lots about our gold rush history, and had a fun time as well.
    The night show is particularly good and shows a significant event in our history in a very real and theatrical way.
    I am of course missing you all and your teachers but I know you will be having a great start to the term.
    Please take good care of Miss Jordan – which I know you will.
    Mr Roskosch

    • Hi Mr Roskosch,
      We have been looking after Miss Jordan.
      We had a great time at Sovereign Hill and I hope you have an amazing time in your new school.
      P.S (the stundents will have an AMAZING principal!)
      Go the kangaroos!!!!!!!!
      From Murphy

  6. Hi Mr Roskosch,
    Nice to hear from you …. I am really missing you. I hope you are having fun and experiencing a new life teaching Torquay North Primary School.
    I hope you loved teaching Barwon Heads and every student was welcoming… I hope you had a great Easter!!
    From Daisy and the new student Alice

  7. Dear miss Jordan,
    the highlight of our camp for me was dressing up in old fashioned clothing at the education
    centre. I learned that trying to sit down in a puffy
    dress was not as easy as it looked!

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