The Power of Persuasive Writing!

We have been working on our persuasive writing skills for the past few weeks.

Persuasive writing is a type of non-fiction writing used to convince the reader to agree with the author about an issue. The author expresses their opinion using personal beliefs and factual information in this argumentative writing style.

We have investigated a variety of persuasive texts and learnt more about:

  • The structure and organisation of a persuasive text
  • Types of arguments and reasons used
  • How to turn factual information into a persuasive argument
  • Word choice (emotive language, technical terms, rhetorical questions, powerful verbs, strong adjectives)
  • Linking words.

Students have been investigating a variety of persuasive texts to identify the key components of persuasive writing. Everyone has enjoyed discussing, analysing and annotating persuasive texts to determine the effectiveness of each piece of writing.

Students have written several persuasive texts themselves and it has been fantastic to see them using the knowledge gained from our investigations to further develop and refine their own writing skills.


Think of something you would like to persuade others about. In your blog comment, write a persuasive paragraph to convince other blog readers to agree with you!

Remember to use persuasive language, interesting verbs and adjectives and rhetorical questions. Don’t forget to edit your comment before you submit!


How has your persuasive writing improved?

Where do you see persuasive writing?


12 thoughts on “The Power of Persuasive Writing!

  1. Dear year 4,
    That looks really really fun. l love persuasive texts they are so fun. l loved practicing yesterday and l know Daisy loves highlighting the persuasive texts! l love highlighting and writing persuasive texts. They are the best and my favourite thing in writing. Anyway I hope you loved doing your persuasive text. Miss Jordan plans the best activities.
    From your class mate Annabel

  2. Persuasive texts are so good they are very easy and you will love them they make you smart and happy and you get lots of time to finish

  3. Dear miss Jordan
    I have really enjoyed doing persuasive text this week my persuasive text was about dolphins are the best animals in the world one of my paragraphs was about…

    The world’s best animal shoul be fun to play with enjoy doing lots and lots and of things with and hang out with them for as long as you possibly ever could.

    From Alby

  4. Why cats are the worst pet ever
    Cats the bad pet a reason is they kill native animal such as birds fish And mess up other peoples stuff and property and are so lazy


  5. Dear Miss Jordan

    I have improved on my writing a lot. I hope that you like my next piece of writing.
    From kaia

  6. Dear year4,
    You all look like you are doing the funnest writing task the persuasive texts look like there has been lots of effort put into it well that’s what l have seen for the last 2 days they are very nice and colour full l think most year 4s like it well l learnt from Daisy my partner on wensdays l think you did the best writing activities are mostly given from miss Jordan

  7. Dear miss Jordan,

    I loved doing persuasive writing and I hope we can do it again. I improved a lot with you this year in persuasive.

    From Billie

  8. Hi Miss Jordan,
    My persuasive was about take 3 for the sea.
    Here’s some of my introduction:
    “Can you hear that squaking and moaning? Is that what I think it is….? Yes, it is! It’s the sound of dying marine life and birds. We can’t let that happen, can we? But, the sad thing is that we’re the ones killing these poor animals. The reason is because of all the plastic we’re leaving on the ground. At the moment, the only people who are trying to help are take 3 for the sea, an organisation that’s trying to help marine animals by asking everyone, I repeat, everyone to pick up 3 peices of rubbish, plastic or any sort of litter every time you go outside.”

    I hope you liked it,
    From Chelsea

  9. Dear Miss Jordan,

    I really enjoyed the persuasive writing and loved writing about climate change. It was great fun!

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