Grade Three Visit To The Lobster Pot

As part of our inquiry topic, the grade three students visited the Barwon Heads Estuary Heritage Centre, commonly known as the “Lobster Pot”.


Maddie, who works at Barwon Coast, met us at the Lobster Pot and shared lots of interesting information about how we can help to look after our coastline.

The students were keen to learn and participated enthusiastically in the informative session. We discussed the different types of rubbish that can affect our local environment’s flora and fauna. We investigated how we can:

  • Reduce the amount of rubbish we use
  • Reuse some items of rubbish instead of throwing it away
  • Recycle appropriate items of rubbish.

Here are some photos from our visit…

The Lobster Pot is a wonderful resource for Barwon Heads, with lots of learning opportunities available for all members of the community. Thank you to Sophie’s mum, Shara, for walking with us…we luckily avoided the rain!


What did you learn at the Lobster Pot?

What can we do to help to look after our town?

How do you reduce, reuse and recycle?

18 thoughts on “Grade Three Visit To The Lobster Pot

  1. Dear Barwon Heads,
    Your post was very interesting we loved to learn about your trip and about rubbish and recycling we are a primary school in Tasmania, Australia called Montague Bay Primary School and we are loving your work

  2. Dear miss Jordan,
    I wish I could have come to the lobster pot. I’ve never been there before because last year I want there. Hope you all had fun.

  3. Dear miss Jordan I really injoed going to the lobster pot I no i was a bit naughty but I learnt a lot about the sand dunes and sea creatures and how they live from Eli

  4. Dear Grade Three’s,
    I hope you all had an awesome time at the lobster pot and learnt tons about reduce,reuse,recycle.
    From Sonny ♻️

  5. Hello I hope you had a good time I see you cleaned rubbish into piles looked at how you can save the sea. you can reuse by picking up rubbish and you and do art and craft. And you can recycle by taking rubbish into the bin when you leave home and finally help refuse plastic bags and other things.

  6. Hi Miss Jordan,
    I really enjoyed visiting the lobster pot last year.

    My favourite thing was the charlemont display. The charlemont was once a really big ship, but it sunk in a reef very close to shore. If you go up to thirteenth beach you can just see the reef. The display is full of things that were found after the charlemont had sunken. People have found things like old hats, shoes and guns and given them to the owners of the lobster pot. Don’t worry, the guns don’t work! I’m not sure if it’s still there, but I’m pretty sure it is.

    We found out things about the ice age and lots of other amazing things.

    From Chelsea

  7. Hi 3/4c ,
    I learnt that some drinks can not be –
    reclyclyed and have to put in the bin.
    And if we destroyed the sandunes the sea w-
    outdoor be at our doorstep!
    And finally we have to ruduce , reuse,
    And recycle some things because
    From Murphy

  8. To the lovely one and only Miss Jordan,
    I really hope that all the grade 3’s enjoyed like when I did when I went when I was in grad 3 and I hope you and Sophie’s mum did just as much as they must have.

    From our one and only Ashli Matthews!!!

  9. Hi 3/4c ,
    I learnt lots of things at lobster pot The that l like to learn about was how we were putting the containers in the groups. I think if you see any body throw rubbish on the ground tell them that will heart sea life also this something you can do just in case the rubbish goes in the do you know what the plastic thing that holds cans together you can break it and then tie it a not pretty cool rite . I think reduce reuse and recycle is just to put your rubbish the bin
    From your classmate Annabel

  10. Dear Grade 3’s
    That looks like a heap of fun!!
    What was like all rotating places and how much activeties where there at the lobster pot??

    I wish I could go there because i was away in the gold coast when my year level went so I wish I went!!

  11. Dear 3/4C,
    When I first went to the lobster pot I was really excited because before that day I never went there.
    I learnt that the 12 apposals crumbled up and went to sea.

    Pick up 3 pieces of rubbish each day.

    Pick up rubbish and ask if any one wants it.
    I hope you had a great time at the lobster pot.
    From your classmate Flynn.

  12. Dear miss Jordan

    Irealy enjoyd going to the lobster pot it was really fun and there was a lot to look at it was like a tiny museum.

    At the lobsrar pot we lots and lots of new things we got to sort out a howl lot of rubbish and luckily we had gulfs on.

    It was a nice walk down but it was freezing it good on the way back and while we were inside it started to poor so we were lucky we weren’t on mid way there.

    I really enjoyed it and I thank you a lot for it.

    I learnt that the sand dunes may Calaps if they get to steap
    don’t use plastic and don’t litter and reduce reuse and recycle ♻️
    make shaw you put stuff in the right bin!!!!

  14. Dear miss Jordan,
    l really enjoyed going to the lobster pot. I thought it was a great thing to do for sustainability. It was a fantastic and fun opportunity to learn about our environment. Things got a bit messy when we picked up the rubbish! l still loved it though. I personally think that looking in the fish tanks was really cool.
    Thank you so much for taking us.
    From Georgia

  15. Dear miss Jordan

    I learned that over a thousand bits of rubbish end up in the ocean every year , if everyone picked up 3 or more pieces of rubbish every time we go outside , to reduce All we have to do is bring your own bags to the shop when ever we go to reuse all we have to do is make something out of rubbish to to recycle all we have to do is put our recyclable objects into the recycleing bin ♻️From kaia

  16. Hi 3/4c
    I really enjoyed it a lot and I learned a lot of stuf about are place and how much we really do thing bad to are place its bad for are animals to live if we are not cearful with are stuf the animals will bi instead and then we won’t have animals were we live .

    That we have to be cearful were are rubbish go and were it end at and were we find some you have to pick it up and you just save 100 animals in and out of the ocean .

    We could use good bag that’s is good for the animals and do not yours plastic bags it is bad for the animals and we are the bad peoples macking it happened and it not good so pick up the must rubers you can see . And you just save lots of animals and take three for the sea .

    You could put them in the right bin and it won’t stuf up the truck and it will not stuf it up.

  17. Hi miss Jordan the lobster pot was really good and helpful because Maddie told us how we can look after are environment and what we can do to help are community and to reduce,reduce and recycle

  18. Hi, my name is Ivy. I go to St Aloysius in Vic. My favourite book is A Thousand Pieces of You. The author is Claudia Gray. I like it because I can see some new things that I haven’t seen before in the book. I recommend this book to 11 and 12 year old boys and girls.

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