Scope IT

The grade 3/4 students at BHPS are fortunate to currently be involved in the Scope IT Education program.

The Scope IT sessions focus on teaching students the foundations of coding. Coding is used to create computer software, apps and websites.

We have had two sessions so far. After an explanation from our instructors, Marita and Jess, students work in pairs to practise their coding skills on MacBook Air laptops.

So far, we have learnt about:

  • Algorithms
  • Creating code to give directions and instructions
  • Pixel art

The slideshow below features photos of the 3/4C students enjoying their Scope IT sessions!

Grade 5/6 students are also participating in the Scope IT education program. They are focussing on 3D printing, which is also an extremely interesting process.

A big thank you to Mr Steven who has organised and co-ordinated the Scope IT program. We look forward to continuing to develop our coding skills!


What have you learnt about coding so far?

What has been your favourite task in the Scope IT sessions?

Have you had any other experiences with coding?

What character strengths have you displayed during the Scope IT sessions?

2 thoughts on “Scope IT

  1. Dear miss Jordan I am really in joining scope I.t
    It is interesting how they make the games. The games are extremely excellent from Eli

  2. Hi 3/4s and Miss Jordan (and Mrs Morris!)
    This looks like an amazing program to be a part of. What has been your favourite part of learning to code so far? I love trying to make computer games using Scratch and a program called Stencyl. What program are you using to code? Have you seen some of the 5/6 creations yet? I wonder what their 3D printing is looking like.
    From Mrs Hurley 🙂

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